Monday, October 09, 2006

Still Angry!

With all the very serious and sickening things going on in the world at present, I'm also so extremely angry over the 'waste of space' guys who are preying on women in Brisbane (and elsewhere). These clowns should be gathered up and put into the forces...if they want violence...good...send them to Iraq or Afghanistan, East Timor...or maybe, North Korea!

It would be difficult, I know, deciding into which category they could be enrolled as they're not men...and they're definitely not women...perhaps a new category can be created for them!

I wonder what goes on in their minds...if anything? They obviously have no consciences. I also wonder if they've ever done anything worthwhile in their lives, or if they ever will!

Life is a gift...they should treat their lives and those of others with respect and dignity. I guess they can't even spell 'respect' and 'dignity'!


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Lee, you have echoed my sentiments exactly. Both about the dropkicks who prey on women and North Korea. They are both bullies and suffering from inflated ideas about themselves (although I think the low lifes that prey on women are lacking balls!)

    Kim il-Jong is a megalomaniac who delights in holding the world to ransom and needs taking out big time. Wonder if the CIA can do something?? They've done it at other times.

  2. I wish, Robyn...but it seems the days of 'taking someone out' are gone, it seems...unfortunately. I'm for getting rid of the little freak. Man never learns from past mistakes apparently...Hitler should have been taken out before he was allowed to continue his reign. So many have followed in his footsteps and horror has ensued. It's time for actions, not talk. Diplomacy is not working!