Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Thousand Words....

has been said many times words can paint a picture
Allow me to paint a landscape of my lasting love for you
Please do not be embarrassed by my personal disclosure
From each stroke of my brush much you may construe
Remembering always my heart is yours forever I ensure
My breathless yearning is as fresh as the morning's dew

Readily you are swayed by immediate attention of others
I fade from view hidden deep in the caverns of your mind
In far reaches of your heart dust upon my presence gathers
I am tossed aside like a worn toy why must you be unkind
You are indifferent to my tears that fall like spring showers
After all these years to your apathy I should now be resigned

Fruitlessly time and time again I have turned to run away
I pretend I see you in a crowd often I hear your name spoken
Lost in my midnight dreaming you come to me and you stay
Taking me gently in your arms my heart is no lo
nger broken
I pray in reality we could remain this way but it all goes astray
Once more alone with nothing of you as a reminder nor token

Verse by Lee in between painting! (I needed a break!)

PS....does anyone know how I get rid of all this wasted space below me? I guess I could keep writing...but I've run out of things to say...for the moment! ;) So if anyone can help me with my dilemma, I would be very appreciative...Ta!


  1. Lee,
    The blank space is presumably where Blogger thinks there is code, but there is none.
    It's probably a bit complex to explain here, but if you MSN me or something ( I'll help you removing it.
    - Aurelius

  2. Thanks for your kind offer, aurelius...much appreciated. I've sent you an email. :)


  3. Commendations, awards, medals and lots of beers and good cheers to aurelius for helping me out. So greatly appreciated...thank you for your assistance. :)