Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Easy To Pass the Buck!

Tragic though it was, the loss of three young lives earlier this year...three young boys aged 11, 9 and 8 years, killed on railway tracks near Goodna, a suburb of Brisbane earlier this year, can not be blamed on the driver operating the train.

Those young boys had been away from their homes from early morning, ending up miles away from, roaming from one place to another all throughout that day. About an hour before the horrific accident, the boys had been cautioned by police for standing too close to the edge of the railway station platform. Earlier that day, the boys had been seen throwing rocks at a train near the Redbank Station. Now, these are things kids do...they've been doing such things since the world began, but I think it's wrong for the parents of these lads to blame it on Queensland Rail.

Surely, the parents must bear responsibility for the whereabouts of their children. These young fellows had been away all day long, from early morning. I know I would have been concerned for their welfare if they had been mine.

I'm not passing judgement...maybe I am...who knows...but nothing is going to bring these poor little boys back. Let's just hope others learn from mistakes made.

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