Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm A Happy Little Vegemite!

Today was spent with two good friends of mine. We had a wonderful time. The drive to and from Ipswich as I mentioned the other day is one I very much like. At this time of the year all the jacaranda trees are coming into bloom as are the silky oak trees, so the countryside, though very dry, looks magnificent with the lavender and golden blooms.

I was thrilled pink when I was at the home of my friends. The other day I gave them two of my paintings which they have since had framed. I gasped when I saw my paintings hanging on their walls. They look so great. And I feel very proud of what I have done. It's amazing how much good frames 'make' a painting. They now have three of my paintings hanging in their home and I feel honoured. Sounds crazy, I guess...but it's a nice feeling having others like what you do. Plus, it motivates me to continue with my painting...it's just something I do for my own pleasure.


  1. I have no such talent, and doubt I could paint something worthy of a refrigerator door.

    Congrats on your burgeoning fame!

  2. You have many talents...far more than I have. Thank you for your kind words.