Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Twist On a Nursery Rhyme...

Little Bo-Peep has had no sleep
And doesn't know when she'll get any
When she left home
She forgot her comb
Now she has tangled hair of mahogany!

With compliments from Lee!


  1. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Gidday Lee, ah forming an allegance with Peter, hey, okay next time you have a roast dinner count me out...sob
    As for the possums your's is nothing compared with mine when they decide to either get randy and one says yes and the other says no and then it's on for young and old, or they decide to just have a "blue" for no reason and they race up and down inside the roof cavity. Sounds like a herd of wild buffalo gone bonkers.
    As for vegemite....yeeeech never did like the stuff (or the vegemite either).

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    That Wazza just has no taste at all Lee, your advice to just ignore him was sound.

  3. Hi Lee,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

    It sounds like Ms. Bo Peep is made of wood.


  4. Thanks,Wazza, Peter and Janice for stopping by... :)

    Those city people only raise mini-possums! Us mountain folk know a possum when we hear one! :)