Sunday, October 29, 2006

This is a graphite drawing done by me a year or more ago, of David Gulpilil, Australian Aboriginal actor, starred in such movies as 'Crocodile Dundee', 'The Tracker', 'Rabbit-Proof Fence', 'Storm Boy', 'Mad Dog Morgan' (with Dennis Hopper), 'Walkabout', plus many other movies and television movies/series.
The poem I just wrote now to go with my drawing.

Outback Stockman

The stockman's face glistens under the torrid outback sun
Weather-beaten wiry and worn his teeth tobacco-stained
Alone he rode o'er the dusty dry land his day never done
His love of the vast brown land remains forever ingrained

Parched by day the unforgiving copper luminary beyond
Unrelenting in its punishment upon all that wander below
As if obeying the devil's command it does eagerly respond
Silence is broken by bellowing cattle and the call of a crow


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    that drawing is really excellent Lee, was it posed or done from another illustrasion?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Peter. :)

    I used a picture as reference for my drawing of Gulpilil. I think he has a very interesting face. It would be closer to two years ago, that I did the drawing. I've been mostly painting (acrylics) and my drawing has been put aside. I've got a couple of drawing I MUST complete one of these days!

  3. Wow. You mention paintings by you framed by your friends on previous topics. Any chance you can post copies of those?

  4. Unfortunately, I can't gtotracker as I don't have a digital camera (just a normal pentax for which I keep forgetting to buy film!) and it would do no good as my scanner is dead. I've got to get myself a new one, one of these days. However, if you track back through my blog, I have posted other paintings and drawings...usually one every week or so.

    Thanks, gtotracker. :)

  5. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Lee, you have really captured the character in David Gulpilil's face. What a wonderful drawing and poem.

    My cousin is a wonderful artist, too. I remember a graphite drawing of his of an old man with all the corded tendons, muscles and sinews painstakingly drawn in. You have the same talent that captures the essence of your subject.

    Just wonderful!

  6. Thanks, Robyn...I'm glad you like it. I'm quickly running out of my drawings and paintings stored in my computer! Will have to begin 'regurgitating' them again in a while! lol I've got many here but not stored on my computer. I'm in the middle of a painting at the moment...well, I lie...I'm at the beginning of a painting at the moment. Tomorrow, I intend spending some time on it. I had other things to do today!

    I just teach myself as I go along and have fun with it. It's pretty relaxing to do most of the time except when you think you're going to stuff it up! Paintings always go through an 'ugly' stage and that's about where mine is at the moment.

    I've run out of walls, here! ;)

  7. The detail is awesome. You've captured the glisten. His face has a glow.

  8. Hi, Robbie...nice to see you. I enjoyed doing this was a bit of a challenge, not the least the angle of his head. Thank you for your comment.

  9. That is a great piece of work and really captures the old David...I have seen him recently and he a shadow of his former self.
    I have justv started drawing again recently and as my daughter asked me to teach her. She is eager to capture her surroundings. I wonder why I ever stopped. It is so relaxing and tranquil when I get outside with my sketch pad and pencils ~sigh~

  10. What a shame about David Gulpilil...I think he had problems with the demon alcohol at one stage, didn't he? I guess he's getting a bit on in years now, too.

    I'm glad you've taken up drawing again , Scorpy. It is very relaxing and once you get back into the motivation again, you find you want to draw or paint everything, plus you look at things around you in a different light and through a different vision. You live in an interesting and beautiful area, so there is a lot around you to capture your imagination. Grab hold of yourself some canvases from the 'cheapie' stores like "Crazy Clark's" and similar...some tubes of student acrylics and there will be no stopping you! I buy all my canvases, pre-stretched, this way...and I only use the student acrylics as I can't afford to go dearer. I'm happy with how they operate and friends of mine have three of my paintings, framed and hanging on their I'm pretty happy with them. I've just started on another painting for another friend, but I've been slack lately...I intended to do some more on it today...but.....! Tomorrow...I'll get motivated early!

    Thanks again for comment. :) I'm glad you liked my drawing.

  11. By the way, Scorpy...I'm just teaching myself as I go along...I'm not a 'group' person and don't like joining clubs, art classes etc. You can pick up a lot through the Net. Try looking

    This is a tremendous site...they cover all art, from digital to graphite, coloured pencil, pastels, oil, name, that site covers it. And the members are more than welcoming and helpful in the forums. There are some wonderful artists amongst the members and they don't hold back in giving you good advice. I've found it to be a tremendous aid.