Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My God! Three Posts In One Morning!

I was up at 2.30am this morning re-working this poem...I hope the end result is to your liking!

Dear You

When others neglect fail and abandon you
You know you can always depend on me
Come the end of the day true friends are few
If allowed my love it would set you free
A love which shall remain through and through
Though without thought you can make me blue

So many the times you have broken my heart
Through all the years since the day we first met
Every time we grow close you soon draw apart
For some reason to you I appear to be a threat
I wish you could be as you were at the start
Instead a rocky road on my heart you did chart

I know there are some others you have preferred
While I stood by confused in tears and in pain
I have cried out often and yet you have not heard
From your selfish acts what is it you seek to gain
Sometimes my image of you becomes so blurred
Very often I think our relationship never occurred

Entwined in the arms of ardent lovers I have lain
Many I remember though some I choose to forget
They are in my past I have no reason to explain
My everlasting love my need of you I do not regret
Others may consider my yearning childishly insane
My devotion which I cherish shall forever remain

Poem by Lee


  1. bravo! bravo!

    As for the 2am inspiration, gotta get it down when it hits, or it's gone.

    [loved your joke, thanks]

  2. Thanks Della...glad you liked both the poem and the joke.

    I hope I'm not up wandering around again tonight with a mind working in overdrive!

    Blogspot is really slow tonight!

  3. I'll say thanks, southerntragedy just in case your 'wow' meant you liked my poem! ;)

    Thanks for visiting...it's nice to see you. :)