Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Sun Also Rises...So Do I!

After finally going to bed and sleep around 3.30am or shortly thereafter, I was up and wide awake again at 6am! It seems I've had my share of sleep as I don't at all feel tired. Maybe I needed the late night/early morning to do some filing in the system of my mind! It's a a bit like doing a 'defrag' on my computer, I guess, putting everything in its right context and pigeon hole, throwing out unused, not required data etc.

Sunday is well on its way. I've made no plans other than to relax here at home, contemplate my navel, prepare something nice to eat later...a big pile of garlic prawns comes to mind...and hope I don't get any visitors! I feel like being alone with my own thoughts and activities to amuse me. As I was trying to get to sleep earlier this morning with my mind doing cartwheels, a couple of ideas for poems snuck in and fell off the I might write a little poetry later. If I do, I may post whatever tumbles out upon the keyboards from my adled brain...and then again, I may not!

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