Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good Out of Bad....

The young fellow who burned the Australian flag during the Cronulla riots in December last year, has been taken under the RSL's wing. Firstly, he was made to apologise to the Returned Servicemen's League for his actions. Now, they've persisted with this young, misguided lad to the stage that at next year's ANZAC Day parade, he will be a bearer of the Australian flag in the march.

Personally, I think it's very good the way they, the members of the RSL, have guided this young man and taught him what the Australian flag means. Instead of penalising this kid, they've given him the understanding of what it is to value one's country and flag. They've taught him pride and dignity...lessons he will carry through the rest of his life. Well done!

Follow-Up....twenty-four hours have passed and things have changed...already! Many people have protested over the above plan and it looks like it won't go ahead. I agree that what the teenager did was atrocious but he has been shown the error of his ways and appears to be truly sorry for his thoughtless actions on that day of the riots. Continued vilification does no one any good. He confessed. He apologised. Youths make mistakes. Can any of those 'casting stones' at him admit they are guiltless of youthful misdemeanours? Don't misunderstand me, I think the burning of one's flag is a diabolical act but I think, also, those threatening disruption of the ANZAC Day March are equally diabolical!

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