Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Breaking News....

It was just announced on "Sunrise" Channel 7 Breakfast Show, that word has come through...Vegemite is not banned in the States!

Keep your eyes on this post...further updates will follow on this breaking story!!!!


  1. LOL! There's hope for the me yet. It sounds wretched by the descriptions I've read but I'm going to look for that place in S.A. and get some when I'm there then. :-)

  2. G'day Robbie...just make sure when you use it, you don't put too much on the cracker, bread or toast. Just spread it lightly at first until you get used to the taste. It really is nice! lol And it is good for you.

    Try it as I said in an earlier comment, on very fresh bread with thin slices of a green apple...yummy!

    All the best with your Vegemite trials! You may become a "Happy Little Vegemite" before you know it! ;)

  3. "Banned" is such a strong word, perhaps "detested" is more appropriate....

  4. lol Rorschach...I admit it is an acquired taste to you 'aliens'...;) but then there are things you eat that are foreign to our tastes down here, too! ;)