Friday, October 20, 2006

It Can Only Get Better!!

I arose before around 4.30am...came to my computer and right then, my monitor decided to die! I manoeuvred, with some difficulty, from up high, my older, smaller monitor to my desktop. (I wonder why I stored it on top of that cupboard??) I feel like I need a pair of binoculars to read the screen, now!

The day can only get better...can't it?


  1. "(I wonder why I stored it on top of that cupboard??)"

    Because you never thought you would need it again - you were just leaving it there to gather dust?


  2. Hahaha! Well, I'm going to be equally silly and put it back up there again, later as I picked up a 'new' second-hand one a few minutes ago! I never look in the 'Weekend Shopper' but today I did and there was an ad for a 17" monitor for sale for twenty bucks up here on the mountain. So I rang...showered quickly, grabbed some cash from the ATM and now I've got the monitor ready to plug in. I don't want to disturb Herr Cat! He is curled up here on my computer chair, with me hanging on by about one inch of it!

  3. I know what you mean about needing binoculars to read the screen. I was over at my aunty's on Thursday, and she only has an old mini monitor ... I'm going back Tuesday (with my binoculars LOL). I have been overwhelmed with typing these past weeks ... both paid and freebies (for my Chicky's school, and other stuff I do out of the goodness of my heart LOL). Hope the new monitor does the trick.
    Have a great weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  4. Thanks, Meow...I'm now using my new monitor...said furry mate decided to move long enough for me to transfer from the smaller screen to the larger screen, so I've put the binoculars away!

    Good to hear you are keeping those fingers busy with all that typing! Maybe I should run my ad., again! You've got me thinking about it!

  5. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Ah the joys of computering. Last week-end my printer died. I went on line to Canon and was directed to a phone No. I rang and was told I had to bring the printer in for repairs.
    Nah, today I went out and bought a new and better Canon printer for $79.00

  6. Wow! That's a good price. I need to get myself a new printer, well as a scanner. I'm wondering if it's better to buy them separately or get myself a printer/scanner.

    It's worth getting them fixed...cost more than a new one. My printer is dead in a cupboard...not sure when I'm going to bury it! I really need one as I'm a frequent user...of printers, that is! I had one on loan for a while but it's now gone back to its rightful owners!

  7. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Lee you left another comment on my Brisbane blog but I think you posted it on the wrong blog as the comments are for lz blogger.
    Also I obtained the printer at Office Works. It's a Canon Pixma MP170 and it prints, scans and copies.
    I mainly use the printer as a scanner & copier and sometimes as...a printer.
    I've tested it out and it seems to do everything okay.

  8. Yes...that comment was meant for your blog, Wazza...even though I was referring to Iz blogger's comment about the beer...he probably will come back to read your original comment.

    Thanks for that information regarding the printer/scanner/copier. I'll have to look into that next time I get a chance to go down the coast. I need it for printing and scanning mostly. Scanning for my drawings and paintings...but at the moment the paintings I've done and the one I'm presently working are too large to scan, I'll have to pick up a digital cam one day. I've got a good Pentax camera but either forget to buy films or get them developed! Absolutely hopeless! ;)