Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Irregular Visit!

I admit to the error of my ways! I've been missing in action! I apologise for my absence and thank you all for your good wishes in the meantime, and thanks to those who passed on your very nice comments for my birthday. I had a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend, actually. A friend came to visit for a few days and I had a group over on the day for a long, leisurely, totally misbehaved birthday celebratory lunch! We grazed over a table laden with delicious fare, tossed words and laughter back and forth. Food and wine, however, wasn't tossed around other than down our respective throats! I certainly proved I was still alive and kicking as did my guests!

Time has been my enemy. I've been busy with this and that and a bit more of that.

I'm working on a fairly large painting at the moment that needs constant care and attention. Together with answering the call of my creative juices, many other important chores have needed my attention.

The mountain has received some much welcome rain over the past few weeks. Daily I gaily watch as my vegetable plants reach out for the sun, their stems and leaves growing stronger by the minute. All are looking healthy with the promise of future home-grown, healthy produce to be heartily and thankfully consumed. Nature is an awesome phenomenon. It's so humbling.

David Beckham visited our fair shores this past week and proved what a wonderful young man he is. Some of our footballers, of all codes, would be well-advised to take a leaf or two out of his book. I'm definitely a fan of his. His professionalism and good manners during interviews and his behaviour when mingling with the crowds were impeccable. With all the pressures of his "celebrity-status" and the football field upon him, he stands tall.

The above painting and drawing were done for fun.

Thanks again, everyone....I must away to the woods. Duty calls!