Friday, January 12, 2024




And, this is what I’m trying to do at present…look at life from both sides.   It’s been a very difficult time, but, sadly for many others, it’s a much more difficult for them.  Too many suffered great losses, their homes, their possessions, and it will take years for them to recover.

I live very quietly and humbly in an equally small humble dwelling, which is actually a rather small shed that was converted into a cabin.  Nothing fancy, not a threat to Buckingham Palace.  Somehow this little, unassuming, shabby abode withstood the ferocious, unforgiving onslaught of Christmas night’s tornado.  Its four walls and roof still, intact, surround me.

I think all of us in this area a suffering PTSD to some degree from the “event”.  I know I am.  My anxiety levels are through the roof and beyond…my nerves are shot to pieces…to smithereens.  I jump at the smallest unexpected sound.  And that is not the “normal” me…whatever the “normal me” is or was.

Finally, power was restored.  Until it was there was no electricity, no refrigeration (I lost all contents of my fridge and freezer), no phone, no internet, and no water (which meant no flushing toilet, as well).  We here on the mountain are reliant on our own water supply/tanks, and septic.  No power to operate the pumps to the septic tanks and water outlets.  Such fun it has been!

My television blew up so I’ve had to purchase a new one that was delivered yesterday, Friday, 12th January.  It won’t be installed until Monday or Tuesday this week ahead.  I need and miss watching television.  I need to dull down my over-active, non-stop mind.  My mind is running out of control like an out of control kaleidoscope.  When I do eventually fall asleep, my dreams a vivid and active.

I never, ever thought I’d say this, but I’m sick of reading!!  So far since the horrendous event and its aftermath I’ve ploughed through six books, and am now on my seventh.  Other bits and pieces have added to my reading material, as well.  I love doing puzzles and buried my head in those, too, but I had to cut down on doing so.  I found when I tried to catch some very elusive, evasive sleep, when I closed my eyes all I could see were squares, letters and numbers.  My brain was constructing its own cryptic crosswords!!

I’ve been feeling like shit, but hopefully all that will pass soon, too,

Once communications were back on line, back in working order, I have been sincerely humble and overcome by the generosity of so many…of the goodwill and care shown.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…..Take very good care, each and every one of you.