Monday, October 26, 2020


View from the upper level of our house in Sunshine Beach

Circa 202o Street-level view of the property...the mango tree on the right was planted by 1981!

For quite a while I was without a printer because the one I had went on strike...called it a day, refusing to lift a finger...figuratively speaking.   (And, a couple of weeks ago, my electric kettle, which I’ve had for over 22 years, went out in sympathy.  It decided to pull the plug!  It had belonged to my late brother, Graham.  For that reason, I will not throw it away.)

Having no desire to battle the hustle and bustle of the nearby Gold Coast, or the city of Brisbane, I never go off the mountain, preferring to shop locally.   I’m the perfect “lock-down” candidate.  You’ll get no complaints from me about having to remain within my own, by personal choice, boundaries.   

My “footprint” on this earth is very small, indeed, even if I do take Size 11 in footwear.   Well, I am... or used to be...a fraction less than 5ft 9-inches tall.  If my feet were any smaller, I’d topple over!   As happens, with the passing years, and with me, naturally, getting older because of those passing years, I’m sure I’ve shrunk in height a little.  My feet haven’t shrunk in length, though,

If I’m unable to purchase what I need locally, I jump online. My fingers do the driving and walking.  I don’t literally “jump on line”.  That would be careless.  If I jumped online, I would then need a new keyboard.  Jumping on one’s keyboard is not advisable. It’s destructive.  If I tried, I’d fall off my desk, for sure!

A few weeks ago I purchased a new, competitively-priced printer from always friendly, helpful Brendan, and his crew at our local Post Office, which is situated in North Tamborine..a lengthy.4.4kms from where I dwell! 

I’m very pleased with my purchase.  In addition to my satisfaction with my new printer, to purchase it I didn’t need a border pass, nor was I required to have my Visa extended. ..pluses every which way!

How things have changed over the has the exterior me!  

In late 1979 I was in awe of my new-beaut electronic word processor.  My then husband, now late ex, Randall, began his/our real estate agency, a business we operated from our office, which we set up on the lower level of our Sunshine Beach home.  He was the salesman – and a damn good one - while I attended to the secretarial duties, and property management.

 My newfangled, fancy-dancy word processor was the ant’s pants. The modern technology was exciting.  Daily...and into the evenings, I was content to be glued to my word processing typewriter with a memory bank almost as good as mine...almost! 

The word-processor was a huge...a massive...leap forward from  the manual typewriters on which I’d learnt to type at high school when I was doing my commercial (shorthand, bookkeeping and typing) course.  When I commenced working as a legal secretary the law firm’s typewriters were about on par with the ones as those at high school...maybe a little more modern...just a little.

In April, 1998, I relocated to Gympie after 33 years living and working in various areas throughout Queensland...south, north, east, west, and central. 

My first computer entered my life in mid-1998.  Some would, and could say, I was a “late starter”.  Actually, I needed a fair bit of convincing re the computer.  

During one of my visits to my ex, who was living on the Gold Coast...I didn’t mind driving distances back then, day and/or night...and, I often did... he insisted on giving me his computer, telling me that I “had to get with the times!”  

Randall had purchased a new one for himself.  Rather than sell his older, but still good PC, he ignored my protestations. He packed up the computer, put it in my car, and back home it went with me.  I was glad he won that argument.  

I no longer had need for my portable typewriter that had travelled far and wide with me.  It had been my constant companion.

I’d be lost without my computer, and the Internet, the memory bank of which is by far more extensive than mine!  But, then, in all fairness, my computer is much younger than I am!   

It’s not the same one I was given in 1998, in case you’re wondering.... 

Brown Sugar Glazed Ham Balls: Preheat oven 175C. Pulse 454g cubed ham in batches in processor until finely ground. Add 454g ground pork, 1c milk, 1c crushed cornflakes, 1 large egg, 1/4c packed brown sugar, 1tbs ground mustard and 1/2tsp salt; process just until mixed. Shape into 1-inch balls; place in single layer on greased 15x10 inch rimmed baking pan. Glaze; Stir 1c packed brown sugar, 1/4c vinegar and 1tbs ground mustard in saucepan over med-heat until sugar dissolves. Spoon over balls; bake 30-35mins, rotate pan; carefully stir halfway through; serve warm.  

Onion Tart: Line un-pricked, 9-inch pastry shell with double thickness of foil. Bake at 230C, 8mins. Remove foil; bake 5 mins longer. Cool on wire rack. In small pan, sauté 2 thinly-sliced white onions in 2tbs olive oil until tender; cool. In processor, process until smooth, 3 large eggs, 1/2c crumbled feta, 1/2tsp salt, 1/4tsp ground pepper, 1/8th tsp nutmeg and 1/8th tsp hot pepper sauce. Gradually add 3/4c cream and 1/2c milk; process until blended. Brush inside of pastry crust with 1tbs Dijon. Sprinkle 6 thinly-sliced green onions, 2tbs minced chives and sautéed onions over crust; pour over the egg mixture; top with 1/3c grated Parmesan; bake at 190C, 30-40mins or until a knife inserted in centre comes out clean.

Lemon-Coconut Bars: In processor, process 1-1.2c plain flour, 1/2c icing sugar, 1/3c toasted blanched almonds and 1tsp grated lemon zest; process until nuts are finely chopped. Add 3/4c cubed cold butter; pulse just until crumbly. Press into greased 13x9-in. baking pan; bake 175C, 20mins. Whisk 3 large eggs,1-1/2c sugar,1/2c shredded coconut, 1/4c lemon juice, 3tbs plain flour, 1tsp grated lemon zest and 1/2tsp baking powder; pour over the hot crust. Bake until light golden brown, 20-25mins. Cool; dust with icing sugar. Cut into squares. 


Monday, October 19, 2020



Where do I begin to tell of its wondrous beauty

Romantic misty hazes shrouding languid valleys

Colour variations not unlike variables in moods

Brazenly the sun performs its debut in the east

For a brief moment energetic waves are stilled

Birds begin to soar and sing in a joyous chorus

Paying homage to the fiery golden orb’s arrival

Copious euphoric symphony of supreme energies

Farewell the elegant serene mistress of the night

As her silver sphere disappears in silent descent   

Having bowed in honour of the new day’s birth

Day’s determined dawning interrupts the peace

Bringing with it a potpourri of hopes and dreams




A layered curtain slowly falls upon another day

Reluctantly the sun performs its farewell dance

Kaleidoscopic raiment intriguing and beguiling

Delaying its departure a spectacle of brilliance

Rapid hue changes cause gasps of wonderment

Cobalt to grey merge gently into amethyst fringes

Rose tinges blend with crimson and vivid orange

A harmoniously intense pastiche a unique medley

Birds in final flight wending their way homeward

On the horizon the final glimmer of the fiery orb

Descending darkness encompasses land and sea

Softly an afterglow openly teases a final remnant

Once radiantly aglow now engulfed in dusky light

A moment’s depression when day waves farewell

Soon bygone the heavens become magically alive

Sparkling phosphorescence dances merrily above

Day sleeps as the mystic mysteries of night unfold



Paintings and Verses by Me...aka...Lee