Wednesday, May 10, 2023



Where to begin…sitting at my keyboard, I guess this is as good a place as any to start. Below I’ve expressed some personal thoughts in three poems I penned… 


                                       A mother’s enchantment at baby’s first cry            

                                      Wonderment at the new life expelling a sigh

                                      Contentment profound as it suckles her breast                 

                                     The grasp of her hand as she lays baby to rest

                                     Witnessing smiles first words tentative steps

                                     Calm warm assurances when tears are shed

                                    Curious eager anticipation for what lies ahead

                                    A love so complete impossible to be compared



                                            A lover’s caress in moments of despair

                                           A friendly smile when none seem to care

                                           Absolute understanding to listen to share

                                           Heartfelt devotion feelings ever so pure

                                          Profound emotion shall forever endure



Brilliant sunsets merit worshipping

 Balmy refreshing showers of spring

Invigorating environs as they pass

  The sweet scent of freshly cut grass 

On a bright warm summer’s morn

Tender green leaves proudly adorn 

Majestic trees standing in waiting

To welcome a new day’s dawning

  Gossamer clouds skies of azure blue

 Awakening within a sense of déjà vu