Thursday, April 28, 2022






I'm being lazy a couple of poems I wrote, and a painting I did...both of which I believe I have posted previously...


 Moments in Life

              Foolish words are oft times uttered words we regret

              Many are the moments we pray to become invisible

              Puerile silly misunderstandings over which we fret

             Our battered tainted emotions no longer concealable

             Endless angry silences their reasons we soon forget


            Progressing to games of cat and mouse of hide and seek

            Hearts and minds held by ransom emotional blackmail

            Hours pass slowly bleak nights dim days become a week

            Frail sensibilities in disturbance as if buffeted by a gale

           An eternity precious time wasted over something oblique



Faceted Love

                      A lover’s caress in moments of despair

                     A friendly smile when none seem to care

                     Simple understanding to listen to share

                     Never-ending devotion feelings so pure

                     Melodic inspiration forever to endure