Monday, April 27, 2020


The Irrepressible Dylan Alcott
Acrylic paintings painted by me

Another chapter in my Book of Life...the title is self-explanatory....



Laughter...  (including being able to laugh at myself...which is often!)

The sound of children laughing

Joy and wonderment on a child’s face...the sparkle in their eyes...their smiles...unbridled excitement, expectation...the lack of embarrassment


Never losing the power to dream...

Inspirational people...those who inspire others.  For instance, Dylan Alcott, OAM...
our Australian world champion wheelchair basketball player and tennis player, radio host, TV sports commentator, and motivational speaker.  Dylan was born with a tumor wrapped around his spinal cord, and was operated on during the first few weeks of his life.  The tumor was successfully removed. However, it left Dylan a paraplegic, relying on a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  Dylan’s parents, his rocks from when he entered this world,  are to be greatly admired. They, too, are inspirations.

Selfless actions and in spirit

The sound of rain falling on the roof

The smell of dust being settled by rain

Walking in gentle summer rain

Sunny, mild days

Queensland winters

Heroes...and the unsung heroes...for their bravery in the face of adversity... their sacrifices for the sake of others...for freedom


Those who stand up for others...for the underdogs

A sense of humour...good humour and fun, but not at the expense of another/others




Animals...domestic, farm, native/wild

The glorious feeling of climbing into bed just been made with clean, fresh sheets and pillow cases

Good manners

The beauty and wonder of Nature

Living in a democracy

Ocean views...beach views

Views of mountains and valleys



A star-filled sky

Elderly folk who display a joi de vivre...a zest for life...(and anyone else of any age who express an enjoyment of life)

Sensitivity to the feelings of others...solicitude

Good, fun, interesting, enlightening conversations

Inane, insane (harebrained), light-hearted, laughter-filled chats just for the fun of it

No matter how humble it may be...having a roof over my head and four walls to surround me

Those having strength of spirit when in stressful situations...having the ability to overcome difficult win...

Remy and two furry roomies...

Being an Aussie...

Knowing I, and my two furry mates, will never starve...and the knowledge I will always have enough toilet paper...pandemic or no pandemic

Music...where do I begin?



Old friends...good friends of long-standing...


I am sure there are many more things I love and like...and like many pennies dropping from Heaven, they will drop....landing on my head and in my mind...after I’ve posted this...

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Foreshore Newry Island

Me Behind the Bar ...not in front of the bar...Newry Island
Me Driving the Newry Island Boat...(Image posted previously)..and fun in the sun
Balmy Newry Island Days.

When living and working on both Hinchinbrook Island and Newry Island I treated visitors to the islands...guests and day-trippers if they were guests in my own home.  In fact, they were guests in my home because at varying times both islands were my home.  My staff members on Hinchinbrook Island were urged to behave similarly, and they didn’t need their arms twisted to do so.

On Newry I lived alone.  Well, not quite “alone” two cats, Pushkin and Rimsky were with me, but they preferred to remain aloof from the island visitors.  

Often, after a few days had passed without another human having set foot on the island, when one dared do, Pushkin, my ginger cat, would huff, puff and growl under his breath as he stomped back upstairs to where the three of us hung out after hours.   

Actually, Pushkin and Rimsky hung out up there whenever “people” were milling around downstairs in the bar, dining area, and the outside surrounds. 

Pushkin and Rimsky weren’t very sociable, preferring their own company...and mine when I was that of strangers.  Momentarily, their aloof personas were lifted the evenings when I fired up the barbecue.   

Being a couple of very smart, perceptive pussies they knew “barbecue” meant “seafood”.  Knowing what it meant for them, the lure was too tempting to ignore...the aroma of the fish, prawns, and crabs on the grill was not to be ignored. 

While the humans were occupied elsewhere, mingling and enjoying a few pre-dinner drinks, discussing what they’d done, or not done, during the day, my two furry mates, who always exhibited good manners, sat quietly and patiently at my feet, in the shadows at the side of the gas barbecue. They had first pickings from the barbecue. Their dinner was cooked before I began cooking for my guests.  The humans were second cabs off the rank.  Once sated, Pushkin and Rimsky scampered back upstairs to discuss the strangeness of human behaviour, and then went to sleep.  They’d read all the “Tom & Jerry” comics a thousand times over, so sleep was more enticing.

In previous posts I’ve described Newry Island resort, and its origins, which began way back in 1934.  The original operators, Fred and Marcelle Wooster set foot on the then leasehold island four years before the area became a national park.  They lived on the island for 20 years. Marecelle’s sister was Annette Kellermann...who became a well-known, vaudeville artist, international swimmer, along with other notable achievements. At the age of 19 she made her first attempt to swim the English Channel.  She made the attempt three times.  Kellermann often visited Newry Island to spend time with her sister.  During her visits she didn’t give up swimming.  Daily Annette swam to Outer Newry Island, as well as to Seaforth.  The 1952 movie “Million Dollar Mermaid” starred Esther Williams, who played the role of Annette Kellermann.

The lessee of the island’s resort when I managed it was an avid collector of Kellermann memorabilia.  He, the then lessee, at the time lived mainly in Northern New South Wales. In 2001 (I was then living and working in Gympie) the run-down resort closed, and was taken over by Queensland National Parks and Wildlife. Ruins of the original buildings reminders of days past...

In my previous post before this one I listed human behaviour that annoys the hell out of me...behaviour I am sure annoys most other people, too. Some may think I am an intolerant person. Yes...freely and honestly, I admit they are correct. There are instances when I am intolerant to certain human behaviour. 

I don’t suffer fools, nor do I suffer perpetrators of domestic violence, paedophiles, or sexual abusers of any age...of any age.  

Does that help clear up any confusion...answer any questions you may have about me; who I am, and how I feel?

A family arrived on Newry to stay in one of the cabins overlooking the beach and ocean for a few days...father, mother, daughter and two sons.  The boys were aged 11 and 10 years.  The daughter, who was blossoming into a lovely young teenage girl was aged 14 years. Sadly, mentally, she was around 12 years of age, or that of her younger brothers.  She was an innocent, sweet, pretty lass.

After settling into their cabin, the family gathered on the beach out front of the main building.  I wandered down to chat with them.  The young daughter was wading in knee, thigh-deep water...dipping under the small, gentle waves every now and then.  Her younger brothers were playing together on the beach as I sat talking with their parents.

A couple of hours earlier a trawler had anchored out in the channel, as trawlers frequently did before they headed off to the Mackay Harbour where they unloaded their catches. Most of the trawlers spent three weeks or so out at sea.  Newry Island was their only and last port of call before returning to the mainland.

The skipper from the trawler moored out in the channel between “my island” and Outer Newry, was a nice, quiet fellow whom I’d met a few times when he’d called into the island for a drink or two at the bar before heading off to Mackay.  He and one of his “deckies”, whom I'd not previously met...rowed ashore.   

I told them to go up to the help themselves to a beer; that I would be up in a while.  I trusted the skipper would pay for what was drunk...there were no concerns regarding payment etc.   After a brief exchange, alone, he wandered up to the bar.

His mate strolled down to the water’s edge...and then into the ocean where he struck up a conversation with the young girl. this day, I know not what...put me on high alert.

Not wanting, at that particular moment, to draw the parents’ attention...particularly the father’s...nonchalantly, I excused myself, telling them I was going to go and wet my feet. 

I wandered down the beach to join the deckie, a stranger to me, and the young girl.

She was blushing and giggling as young girls do.  The stranger was standing close to her.  He was so involved in his own self, and his “charming” of the lass, he’d not heard, nor had he noticed my arrival, a step or two behind him.   

I could hear everything he was saying to the young girl.  Innocently, she was lapping up the slimy bastard’s attention...his sly, cunning, softly-spoken words.

He was still unaware when I silently moved to his side. 

He almost shit himself when I said, quietly, but with conviction; “I know what you’re up to!   But, I tell you here and now, mate...what you have in mind is not going happen on my island...not on my watch!  Move on, you!  Get back into that dinghy. Go back to the trawler, and do not set foot on this island again...ever again!  My one and only would be in your best interests to heed it!  If you do set foot back on this island, your voice will go up a few octaves! I advise you to leave right now, before I tell this young girl’s father what you have in mind!  I assure you, you don’t want me to do that.  I assure don’t want me to take matters into my own hands, either!  Get the f*** off my!”

I’d not brought attention to the situation.  No one other than the creature standing in the water beside me heard the words I’d spoken.

I had told the girl it was almost lunch time, for her to join her parents.  The parents sitting further up the beach had not heard a word.   

When the skipper noticed his deckie had stepped into the dinghy, he, the skipper came down to the water’s edge.  Without further ado, off they went back out to the trawler.

As dusk was approaching that evening, I saw the dinghy on its way from the trawler back to the resort.  I recognised who was rowing the boat. 

That was like waving a red flag at the bull...the bull was me!

The tide was out...and further out from the sandy part of the ocean floor it was very muddy, as the ocean floor led to the deep channel drop-of.

Again, without drawing my guests' attention to me, I picked up my heavy-duty land and sea Dolphin torch/flashlight.  As I passed my own little dinghy resting high and dry on the foreshore, I grabbed one of its oars. 

Purposely and determinedly, I strode out to the water’s edge...beyond the solid, wet sand base, onto the muddy flats near the channels edge.  As I reached that area, the dinghy carrying the repulsive clown I had banned from ever setting foot on the island again was readying himself to get out of the dinghy.

Even though I was ankle-deep in mud, I knew I had the upper-hand,    

He had to step out of a rocking boat...and would be unbalanced.  (He was unbalanced!)

“Make one more move, and I’ll take your head off!” I said, in a tone that left nothing to the imagination.  I wasn’t fooling around.
In my right hand the oar was raised in a threatening manner; likewise, in my left hand was the heavy, bulky flashlight.

At that moment in time, what I felt was white anger.   I’d gone from black anger to white...and I believe white anger is more powerful, more potent than black anger. 

Not lowering my gaze, I stared the worthless, despicable excuse for a human directly in his eyes throughout.
Like the cur he was, without a uttering a word, or making a move to alight, he turned the dinghy around, and rowed back out to the trawler.

I waited until I saw him climb aboard the trawler before going back up to the main building.

The evening proceeded at normal...I served my guests drinks and dinner.  The parents were none the wiser to what had occurred that day, and at sundown.  They continued to enjoy a pleasant, peaceful, uneventful holiday break.

Yes...I am intolerant when it comes to the behaviour of some within our society...

I give no apologies for being so.

On a lighter note...

One day two day-trippers arrived.  A husband and wife, aged in their mid-sixties, at a guess...they were a lovely couple.  The three of us sat outside at the table near the barbecue area...looking out to the ocean.  Over coffee we chatted at length. They planned to walk the track across to the other side of the island to view Rabbit Island over the back of Newry.

As they rose to leave, they asked me if there was anything they had to be aware of during their walk through the track bordered by trees, shrubs and long grasses.
I’m the worst, and the last person to whom that question or similar should be asked!
Open the gate, and I will bolt at high speed right through it - taking no prisoners as I gallop!

Straight of face, in all seriousness, I said to them, “Yes, there is!  Be careful of the Killer Koalas!”

The blood ran from their faces...turning white, they gasped, “Killer Koalas?  My goodness!  We had no idea!”  

They were serious...I, on the other hand, of course, was not!

Immediately, I burst out laughing.  I’d not thought they would believe my insane statement, but they had!

Fortunately, the couple had a sense of humour...a sense of the ridiculous.  

Joining me in the laughter, they said, “Oh! Dear!  You really got us going on that one!”

Off they went for their walk...still laughing as they left....

They returned, Killer Koalas were spotted that day.

Everywhere else had "Drop Bears"....I had the Killer Koalas on Newry!!

PS....There actually were koalas on Newry Island  (and, no doubt, still are)...but they were harmless!!   (It was me who was the worry...the danger!!)

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Listed below are a few human traits and actions I find very annoying, and anger-making...I’m sure there are more....

Never fear!  Freely I admit I’m not exempt!  I have traits that annoy others, of that I am certain.  Hey! I have traits that annoy me!  And, if given a chance, I’m sure Remy and Shama would add their two bobs worth!

Here I go......

People who say they are going to do something, and then don't follow through without a valid, believable reason.

Snobs, whether they be social, or intellectual

People who rudely talk over you (me) when you’re (I’m) speaking.  The persons more interested in hearing their own voice, rather than listening to what another is saying.  Wait your turn!

Similar applies to those who interrupt and finish off your story for you...even though they never played a role in the actual incident. Those who interrupt the story-line as if they actually were present when the event, the subject of your story occurred.




Bad hygiene

Ill-mannered people....

Bad table manners

Insensitivity...thoughtlessness all its forms.  (Witness the behaviour of some at buffets!!!!)

No sense of sense of the ridiculous...not being able to laugh at one’s own self...all of the before-mentioned!

Abuse of others...mental/emotional and physical

People who say, for reasons known only to them, they never watch television, and yet, can quote verbatim sections from various programmes!



Being taken for granted


Anyone, for his/her own pleasure, who tries (and/or succeeds) to belittle another

Unnecessary vulgarity

Predators of the human variety






Cruelty to animals


Self-righteous smugness

People who treat you as if you know nothing

Unnecessary, unwarranted sarcasm

My impatience with myself annoys I’m not let off the hook, by any shape or form!  Being far from perfect, I admit there are blots on my own copybook that I shan’t divulge here and now!!  I refuse to encourage you!!!

Being the weird creature that I am (I’m allowed to say this)...I am a creature of certain habits...e.g...I always start at the same end of the the green-grocery section...finishing up at the pet food section, which is down the far end...the opposite end.

I hate shopping in large, bustling shopping centres, and haven’t done so for 16 years or more...give or take.  

Living here on Tamborine Mountain (for 18 years as of 13th April) is great because shopping locally has a 'village-atmosphere"...familiarity...which I love.  I have no desire to battle the madding crowd of the Gold Coast, or the city of Brisbane. 

It’s the way I am...the way I feel...who I bet it.  I’m too old...too lazy to change....

If and when I need to purchase something that's not available here on the mountain, I let my fingers do the driving and walking...I shop online.  My purchases are delivered to my door by very pleasant local couriers.  In most instances, whatever it is I’ve purchased arrives within three or four days of ordering, which suits me fine.   

Last week, when delivering a parcel to me, I gave a pile of chocolates to one of the couriers to share with another (for their kiddies).  It was a joy to see her eyes light up, sparkling like stars at night, and her wide smile.  Her reaction...the look on her face...brightened my day.   

It’s that kind of human interaction and reaction, which makes living worthwhile, in my opinion.  It’s fun!

Each to their own ways, of course...friends of mine who once lived here on the hill used to think my choices...very weird. They loved going down to the Gold Coast to shop...about 40ks each way.  They would drive to the Coast’s large shopping centres at least once a week, but more often than not, three or four times a week! That is not my style at all! I’d go crazy...crazier than I already am! I couldn’t stand doing that...I couldn’t sit doing it, either!

We’re all different, with different habits...different quirks.  Different strokes for different folks...and I am different...this I do not shy away from admitting.

Another thing that is weird about me is I'm not fond of being out at sea in a boat.  (Going on a cruise has never been on my bucket list; nor has it ever been a dream of mine).

And yet, during my life I’ve lived on two islands...Hinchinbrook Island and Newry Island where travelling by boat to and from the islands was inescapable.

On Hinchinbrook Island I never had to drive a boat.  Bob, the skipper of the contracted “Reef Venture” based at Cardwell on the mainland, took care of all the guest transfers, and provision drop-offs etc.  Some of my male staff members were in command of the island’s smaller 5-metre Abalone aluminium boat, named, ”Lady of the Island”....”Lady” for short.

However, when I lived on Newry Island, I drove the island boat to and from the mainland.   To reach the resort’s 21-foot De Havilland Trojan, every time I needed to shoot off to pick up guests and/or provisions, it was necessary for me to row a little dinghy to the Trojan’s mooring, which was out in the deep water of the channel between my island and Outer Newry Island.

Being the skipper was different to being a passenger.  Even though I'd never driven a boat before I lived on Newry, being in control of the boat, I never suffered sea sickness, when as a passenger I could be prone.  

Living on Newry, and running the small resort thereon, I didn't have another option. I lived on the island alone.  If I wasn’t the skipper, my two cats, Pushkin and Rimsky weren’t prepared to venture out to sea, even though they loved fresh seafood!   And, they dined...feasted...on an abundance of fresh seafood when they were island residents!

I suppose being a woman, living on the island alone and managing it alone was weird, too. Lots of folk asked me if I was scared/nervous living on the island alone.

My truthful, smiling reply was always: "If I was that kind of person, I wouldn't be doing it, would I?"

Being on Hinchinbrook Island I learned much about myself...things I’d not known about myself previously, and would have argued until I was blue in the face if certain subjects had been raised. To my surprise, I discovered I loved flying in light/small aircraft...seaplanes, in particular.

Another weird thing about me is...I loved Hinchinbrook Island and Newry Island, but I hate Fraser Island!

My now late ex-husband, Randall and I spent a lot of time on Fraser Island when we lived in the Noosa Heads area, but I never really enjoyed going there. Something about the island gave me the creeps, for whatever the that shall remain unsolved.

Much of the above I’ve previously written about.  If I’ve bored you, I apologise.

Boring people are very annoying, too!   *Smile*

Fish and Prawn Pasties: Melt 30g butter in saucepan over med-heat. Add 30g plain flour; cook, stirring, until mixture bubbles. Gradually add 250ml milk, in 3 batches, stirring constantly. Cook, stirring, 5 mins or until sauce boils and thickens. Remove from heat. Gently stir in 1 red onion, cut into thin wedges, 1fennel, very thinly sliced, reserved fennel fronds, 1 potato chopped into 1cm pieces, 75g frozen peas, pinch of cayenne pepper, finely grated rind of 2 lemons, lemon juice, some fresh thyme leaves, 6 flat-leaf parsley sprigs, finely chopped and pinch of salt. Set aside until cooled to room temperature. Stir in 200g white fish fillets cut into 2cm pieces, 100g skinless salmon fillet, cut into 1cm pieces,  and 100g peeled prawn meat, cut into 2cm pieces; place in fridge to cool completely.  Preheat oven, 200C.  Line a baking tray with baking paper.  Using a dinner plate as a guide, cut 4 x 21.5cm discs from 4 sheets of just-thawed puff pastry. Place one-quarter of the filling over one-half of each pastry disc, leaving a 2cm border. Fold the other half of the pastry over to enclose. Fold in the edge and press to seal. Place on the lined tray. Brush with egg. Cut a slit in the top of each pasty to allow steam to escape.  Bake 25-30 mins, or until puffed and golden. Set aside for 5 mins to cool before serving.