Friday, June 30, 2006

Big Brother....Myth or Reality!

Never fear....Big Brother is here!

Compulsory seat belts were the first! Well, maybe not the 'first'...but we remember it well when the wearing of seat belts became compulsory. Yep...that's when the rot started to set in. Inroads into our rights really began. Now, cigarette smokers are banned from society! Oh! Dear! Wicked, wicked people! If I had the money, I would open a restaurant/bar that catered for cigarette and cigar smokers only. Non-smokers would be relegated to the back area, underneath the air-conditioning outlets outside on plastic tables and chairs, near the garbage bins! The restaurant would be decked out with leather, chrome, brass, the best of cutlerly and crockery...pure cotton napkins and tablecloths. Discrimination...yes, of course! Civil liberties...yes...of course!

I am so totally sick of all the rule makers! "He who casts the first stone!"

Is There Such a Thing As Paradise?

"Paradise"....'para-dice'...meaning from Lee's Aussie Leesaurus...a sacred dream of perfection.

A place in which no ticks that love to bury their heads in tender areas of my body, dwell. Where no flies, midges, sandflies and flies dare enter.

A place wherein when one says he/she is going to do something, he/she does it. A place where expectations are met. Where love outweighs hate...where tenderness replaces violence...where empathy replaces apathy. A place where respect of each other is mutual. Where cowards do not exist. Where consideration of the feelings of another is of most importantce

Where corruption and deceit are non-existent. Where lies are unknown. Where belief in one's self is allowed to grow and be. A place where respect for each other is a given. Where greedy selfishness is replaced by the true meaning of 'selfishness'. Where no falsehood is allowed. A place where prejudices and assumptions are banned. Where the only games are played in the sports/games arenas. Paradise is where hidden agendas are non-existent.

Where murder, rape, war, abuse, poverty are unknown.

Paradise is where the battle for life, the battle to exist, do not exist.

Paradise be live in a democratic be an individual. Where one has the right to live as an individual.

Paradise is to be able to listen, to appreciate what the other is saying, thinking or feeling.

Paradise is not to be dictated to or dictate to....

To keep one's true perceive reality...where knowledge is gained by fact and not pretention.

Where human life is valued most highly.

Where self-esteem is valued most highly. Where ego is understood.

Where truth is.

Where precious means...precious...and having the ability to recognise it. Where being intelligent is accepted. Where intelligence is recognising stupidity.

Paradise is meeting your soul mate and being able to face the recognition. Paradise is not being frightened of opening yourself to that person. Paradise is not being afraid.

Paradise is to laugh, openly and loudly...not at another, but with another.

Paradise is to remember the past use the best of it and be able to toss away the debris. Paradise is to cherish the present and be excited about the future.

Where the impotent have no place...where the concept of 'right' is clear. Where mediocrity has no place. Where morality is not juggled. Where standards are high.

Where the Broncos win...and the Maroons win the 'State of Origin'!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rid Us of Ridiculous Radicals!

A report in today's 'The Australian' claims two of Australia's most radical Islamic Clerics will be leading a conference in July at RMIT University, Melbourne. It's claimed these radicals will be using the conference to recruit followers to their sect! Terrific news, isn't it? These clerics of a fundamentalist sect shouldn't be allowed to remain in this country, let alone conduct and attend the three-day conference! If I had a hidden agenda similar to their not-so-hidden agenda, I'd be booted out without a second thought! What's going on here? Why does our government close its eyes to this? We don't need, and nor do we want these dangerous clowns in this country! Banish them from our shores!

While on the subject of radical Islamics...although the Indonesian Government has arrested and prosecuted more terrorists than any other government in the past four years and the Indonesian police continue to uncover terrorist cells (so it is recorded and reported), their short jail term and early release of Jemaah Islamiah spiritual leader, Abu Bakar Bashir, still rubs raw in the West. He's banned from overseas travel and has had his assets frozen but that won't stop him from preaching and teaching his hate of all things Western in his schools. He needs no assets. His loyal followers will look after him. So, I imagine, it would matter little to him that his 'assets are frozen'. His schools' enrolments, it's reported, have more than doubled since his release a couple of weeks ago. Many Islamics class him as a martyr who symbolises the suffering of Muslims at the hands of the ruling, supreme West. It never ceases to amaze me just how many martyrs Islamics need! They just keep needing and wanting more and more! And I just can't help wondering how much suffering they really do suffer at the hands of the West. I bet there are some in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere who would argue that point!

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into...Or Maybe Not!

Sometimes it's best not to clean under the bed!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's Time To Reconsider Capital Punishment.

The horrific sexual assault and cold-blooded murder of 8 year old Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu in the public toilets at a Perth shopping centre proves capital punishment should be re-introduced in this country. No excuses given by the so-called 'do-gooders-civil libertarians' are worth listening to (are they ever worth listening to?). This innocent little girl's 21 year old killer knew exactly what he was doing. He deserves no clemency, no pity. He showed none towards his young victim. He doesn't deserve to live. It's clear-cut...he did the atrocious, despicable, deplorable crime...he has to pay with his question. The little girl's family have to grieve her loss and the horror of her death for the rest of their lives. They, too, are victims. The mongrel who caused this should not be allowed to continue living. An 'eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'....give him the needle or the electric chair...I opt for the chair...a needle is too subtle for him.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Dream's Not Ended....Just Stalled!

The Socceroos didn't lose the game this morning. It was stolen from them by another referee error. My feeling of deflation at the end of the game was indescribable. It's time video judges were brought into the game as used in Rugby Union and Rugby League games. These kinds of vital mistakes would stop. I've only watched a couple of games and each time similar crucial errors were made by referees. In such important games, at least, like the one this morning, video replay must become considered a necessity. There was too much at stake in this morning's game for this to have occurred! Shame on whomever they are, who make the rules and sit on the 'powers-that-be' seats of this code of football. Hopefully, they will learn from what is happening in this series and not think they are 'untouchable, unapproachable and unchangeable'!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy...

It's a pleasant change to read the news headlines or watch the TV news and witness the happiness of our couple of the moment, Nic and Keith. A bit of 'froth and bubble' is a healthy dose of medicine during these times of trouble and strife. Daily we're hit with trouble, strife, killings and all forms of violence, so it's a pleasant respite to share in their moment of happiness. Big weddings do little for me, in truth...I've catered for too many over the years, I guess, but being the softie at heart that I am...I have to admit my interest in their event. Goodness...I've been known to shed a tear when I was catering for weddings watching the bride and groom exchange their vows in front of the jasmine-covered arbor in the grounds of the restaurant, with romantic music subtly playing in the background, tearing at my heartstrings! I can easily shed a tear over some songs and I don't need a wedding to prompt them!

So, for a couple of days, I'm going to ignore all the bad news and concentrate on the good! Another sleepless night is ahead of me...I'll be up cheering our Socceroos on in their game against Italy during the early hours of Tuesday morning. I know I won't get any sleep before the game commences as I'll be in training! Go the Socceroos...can my feeble heart and nerves stand the pace! I'll sit on my hands so as not to bite my nails!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lamb Aftermath & Kiwis!

Fortunately, Tom Cruise didn't turn up for the roast lamb dinner however the aromas must have wafted down the mountain into the valleys below as out of the blue, totally unexpectedly, a friend of mine of many years rang me, making a spur of the moment decision to come up and visit me. Of course, when I mentioned the lamb he was easily tempted...not only because he's originally from New Zealand! So, shortly after the unexpected phone call, he arrived bearing gifts of red wine and a fun night followed! We have a mutual love for country music, so the volume of the stereo was pumped up and on went our dancing shoes. He discounted my blog comments of yesterday...from him I learned the male perspective, which was interesting to say the least. I knew it would cause some controversy, one way or the other! A friendly debate ensued. The unexpected is always the best. Not so, the debris left over from the night before! It looks like Cyclone Larry revisited!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Roast Lamb or Tom Cruise?

No competition, in my book! Roast lamb every time. In fact, I think I'd rather choose roast lamb in lieu of men any day! At least, I know what I've got with a leg of lamb and I know it's going to be good! It's consistent and my expectations are met every time! could say I'm in the mood for a juicy, golden roasted leg of lamb. Armed with a bundle of fresh herbs picked straight from my garden, the leg awaits to be studded with garlic and rosemary. I will then place it on a bed of rosemary, oregano and marjoram. I'm already swooning at the thought of the delicious, delectable meal that's ahead for me in a few hours time. My mint has died back during these chillier months, but fortunately I still have stocks of sauce I made when it was abundantly and rampantly taking over my vegetable/herb plot. I've booked myself a date with a leg of lamb with its accompanying roast vegetables tonight. Now, if there's a man around who can beat that, speak now or forever hold your piece...whoops, peace!

Farewell, Harriet...

A solemn cloud fell over Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo and elsewhere yesterday with the announcement of the passing of 'Harriet', the 176 year old Giant Galapagos tortoise, believed to be one of three animals Charles Darwin brought back from his trip to the Galapagos Islands way back in 1835. Later, Darwin gave them to a friend headed for Brisbane. Poor old 'Harriet', for 100 of her 176 years she was thought to be a 'Harry'. Thankfully, this error was recognised in time! One would hate to have had gone through life with mistaken gender! 'Harriet' spent the past twenty or so years in Irwin's she would have had a happy life munching on the hibiscus flowers she loved so dearly. Swing low, sweet brought pleasure to many and you were an important part of history.

No Sex, Please, We're Men!

A comment I read somewhere today caught my interest. 'Do some men have trouble reading women writing about sex?' Ummm...interesting thought. Perhaps men believe women haven't the imaginative minds that would enable them to write descriptively about a subject they, men, believe belongs to them, but I beg to differ. Change that...I don't "beg' to differ". I strongly differ. Women are more capable writing about sex than men as women place a higher value on sex than men do. More demonstrative, (and dare I say, sensitive?) women recognise sex as a wonderfully, powerful, erotic sharing of feelings.

What I find even more interesting is we read openly, without embarrassment, about murders, killings and all forms of violence and torture daily, but how often do you see books of erotica on the shelves or coffee tables in your friends' homes? If they do have them, nine out of ten times, they'll be well hidden, out of sight. It would seem, as a generalisation, we have a problem discussing or reading about sex...or discussing that we're reading about sex! Just a thought!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Onya, Mate!

By the end of the World Cup, I'm going to be exhausted! I've never watched soccer before, other than bits and pieces on the news but I'm now converted and have turned into a screaming mess! If the Socceroos keep going through the way they have so far, I'll be voiceless by the end of the Cup! What a fast, exciting game it is. I now understand why the fans, worldwide, go crazy over the game.

The US coach, Bruce Arena should now eat his words after his team's performance this the commencement of the World Cup he reckoned the Aussies shouldn't be in it as they were the weakest team! Well, Mr Arena...what happened to your team this morning? I see Ghana won!

These early mornings and late nights won't be the death of me! I can do it! As long as the 'Roos are in the running, I'm there with them! I even joined my neighbours after this morning's game and we celebrated over a glass each of Coruba...who cares if it's still early morning? Not I!

Go Aussies! Three Cheers for the Socceroos!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Assumption Is The Mother of Screw Ups!

How true! Every time, I should take first place in the 'foot in mouth' stakes! Don't you wish sometimes with the things you say or write, that you could pull them back in, like those circled cartoon captions? Before anyone has read or heard them, of course!

Sometimes I have a tremendous ability of spurting out what's in my mind before giving it due thought and consideration. I know if I wait long enough, I'll think better of what I feel like saying at that particular moment and wipe it from my mind..having proved this time and time again, by writing my thoughts down and then deleting them or just tearing up the paper on which they're written. Getting it off my chest or out of my head does help but I must remember at all times to keep these thoughts to myself alone. Read them, chew them up and swallow them! When one demolishes the bridges behind one, one has no choice other than to move on!

My problem is I think too much about everything...I think! Assumptions are a wicked thing and can get one into massive amounts of trouble.

Every issue, belief, attitude or assumption is precisely the issue that stands between you and your relationship to another human being; or between you and yourself.

A wise old Chinaman once said: It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

How profound!

One must always remember the sunlight and the happy days it brings.

Damn Dan Brown Started It With His Damn 'Da Vinci Code'!

Jesus didn't damn why should Peter Beattie dam Mary?

Answer that one, Mr Beattie! I wish he'd get off his proverbial upon his return to Queensland, if he ever plans to return to Queensland, that is...and visit the good folk of the Mary Valley. He should see for himself the beauty of this most productive valley. There is no excuse he can devise to explain his most stupid idea since being in power. He can't fix Queensland Health so now he wants to stuff up the Mary Valley...people's lives, homes and livelihoods.

I guess, it could be seen as a ploy to get everyone's mind off the major problems in Queensland Health.

Well, I call your bluff, Mr Beattie...hop in your government car, part-funded by the good people of the Mary Valley, (before many will be forced to go on the dole if you go ahead with your diabolic plan) drive up the highway towards know Noosa, don't you? Sure you do...everyone knows of Noosa...well, instead of posing on Laguna Beach in your board shorts, head a bit further will be amazed by what you see.

Remember, Gympie saved Queensland a few or more years's your turn to repay the favour. Save the Mary...don't dam the Mary!
Barbarians At Play

I wonder what Iraqi insurgents do during their leisure time...they must have so many wonderful thoughts of events they participated in during their past week on which to reflect. I guess some time is spent reading the Koran to refresh their memory how 'to keep on the right path'.

The slaughter (torture and beheading) of two kidnapped US soldiers by the hands of these devout followers of all things Islamic is once again proof positive of all things evil in this fight against terrorism. Zarqawi's replacement isn't wasting time. Maybe he realises his time is limited and has to squeeze in as many despicable, deplorable acts as he can before he, too, is eliminated.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happiness Is....

I have no idea! I can't remember the last time I was truly happy. Happiness is fleeting. Like gossamer webs glistening with early morning dew before being struck by the harshness of the sun, happiness soon disintegrates when rebuffed by the severity of reality.

Happiness would be a world free from wars, poverty, prejudices, violence, suspicions.

North Korea has warned of its looming launch of a long-range missile. At their missile-testing facility they are presently assembling and fueling the missile with a reported possible range of 6000k. This might make the North Koreans happy and also Iran and Pakistan whom NK supplies but the rest of us aren't impressed by this news. Serious implications threaten. North Korea's ambassador here in Australia didn't instill confidence either when questioned by a reporter about the possibility of the launch. He's obviously a man of a few words..."wait and see." ...was his abrupt reply. happiness from that news story.

Little happiness can be gleaned from any of today's headlines, which are not much different from yesterday's, or two days ago, last week's or last year's, for that matter. No doubt tomorrow's will be similar. Sad, isn't it?

I guess it means if a happy moment comes along we should seize it, embrace it and carefully store it away in our memory in preparation for the unhappines to follow, which is guaranteed to come.

Happiness is love...being loved and loving in return. Happiness is recognising and accepting love. Happiness would be a world full of love and understanding, free from hate, distrust, ignorance, apathy, tragedy, depravity, brutality, disease.

Happiness is...........

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Still Standing!

World No.1 team Brazil may have won the game in this round, but the Socceroos certainly didn't disgrace themselves. They went down fighting. Look out, Croatia, the 'Roos are on their way! Australia's No.2 on the F Table and that's not shabby! One good thing came from staying up all night (Yep! I've not yet been to bed) is, I was so energised by the game so instead of going to bed, I decided to do housework! It's nice to have it all done before 7.30am!

A Whale of a Time!

Thank goodness the votes at the IWC meeting in the Caribbean went against Japan, a defeat Japan is finding difficult to come to terms with and vitriolic exchanges between our Environmental Minister, Ian Campbell and the head of the Japanese delegation, Joji Morishita ensued. Japan, however, through some loophole/clause in the IWC rules, which is beyond my understanding, intends killing 50 humpback whales next year for 'scientific research'.

Clean-Sweep Over-Kill!

St.George footballer, Shaun Timmins will steer clear of street-sweepers from now on, I'll bet! What started out as a bit of a prank (I'm sure we've all done worse...I know I have...just lucky not to get caught, I guess!), he ended up in handcuffs and had to pay $200.00 in bail! Let's hope the Aussie larrikan spirit isn't obliterated and elimated. Let's not take ourselves too seriously. I'm sure Timmins meant no harm...and could cause no harm to a street-sweeper...well, not the mechanical kind, anyway!

Awake, Ready And Willing!

Well, I have to do it! It'll be great. It wouldn't be right to do otherwise! It looks like little or no sleep for me tonight! Only two hours to go, then the fun begins!

Even if I tried to go to sleep, I know it wouldn't happen! Tonight's the night! I can sleep tomorrow to catch up. Yes...I'll be here cheering on the Socceroos! World Cup is only once every four years...and as this is the first time in 32 years our blokes have made it to the Cup...what's a sleepless night between patriotic friends? Too much fuss made about sleep, anyway! Go the Socceroos!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Once A Romantic, Always A Romantic...

Although I can say, positively and definitely, I will never marry again, I don't mind a 'love story.' I do think it's kind of cute the Kidman/Urban link-up which is due to become legalised next weekend. Our guitar-strumming country star has to be a better choice than Crazy Clown Cruise. Romance is nice...not enough of it is being spread around in these harsh days. Spread the love, I is Sunday, after all! As someone once said...I don't know on whom to pin the blame...."You may only be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person."

Mae West, known for her witticisms as well as her physical attributes and bevy of tanned, muscled, young men flitting in and out of her boudoir, bequeathed this one..."I have found men who didn't know how to kiss. I've always found time to teach them."

Seeing I'm in a romantic mood today...there's nothing quite as nice as a candlelight dinner for two. In my case, it will have to be for two cats and me! Get your butcher to cut you a couple of thick pieces of eye in 'Filet Mignon'. Cook steaks to your liking...please don't over-cook! Meanwhile, quickly saute some green prawns and sea scallops with crushed garlic, chopped shallots and/or Italian parsley, a dash of fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serve the seafood over the steaks. If you like, you could top this with either hollandaise or bernaise sauce, but I think it's nicer just with the oil and natural juices of the seafood.

Make a 'potato bake' using chicken stock as a substitute for cream. Sprinkle crushed garlic and Italian herbs over the layered sliced potato and pour over stock. Bake in the oven. When cooked place potato slices in a pile on the centre of dinner plate and place the fillet steak on top of the potatoes...then the seafood. The potato stack replaces the normal crouton served with Filet Mignon.

Sigh...I guess I'll just have to grab hold of my copy of "Bridges of Madison County", a box of tissues and my day-dreams!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Scum of the Earth...

I feel for the family of Dianne Brimble, not only are they still grieving over her sad, unfortunate death but they had to hear the filth that spewed from the mouth of one of the mongrels who treated her life so carelessly and disrespectfully during his interview with police. Silvestri and the seven other 'low-lifes' who played a part in Dianne Brimble's death deserve to be treated with equal contempt and disrespect and thrown into jail for the rest of their lives. Of course, this won't happen. As usual, the victim (already punished by these monsters) and the victim's loved ones will be the ones to be punished for the rest of their lives. No doubt, if this case comes to trial, a well-paid judge will sit on the bench, contemplating whether to purchase the new released Grange Hermitage and peering over his glasses as he gives the eight mongrels a rap over their collective knuckles.

Damn the Damn Dam And Damn the Damn Arrogance!

Why would Beattie care if he is hated by generations if he decides to go ahead with the proposed Traveston Dam? He doesn't give a damn! You can bet your bottom dollar he's ready to hand the reigns of leadership over to Anna Bligh and will call an election soon. He'll be out of there with a healthy pay-out and pension for the rest of his life...why would he give a damn about the dam? He's been told by experts the the proposed site is not suitable for a dam...but, of course, our media-performing Premier Beattie knows better than the skilled engineers...of course he does! He doesn't believe them! He said so on ABC radio for everyone to hear! Unbelievable...yes, it is!

It's funny how the attention has been deflected away from the major problems in Queensland Health since the damn dam proposal hit the news! Damn the dam and shame on you, Peter Beattie!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick...the Time Bomb Is Set!

Hold on a minute! It is fact that Abu Bakar Bashir walks free, isn't it? I'm not imagining it, am I? Did I dream this happened? This creature has the cheek, the audacity to urge the families of the Bali bombing victims who are not Muslims to immediately convert to Islam. Also, he suggests that John Howard and George W. Bush convert to Islam! How dare he! How arrogant and how ridiculous he is! What right does he have to bleat out these despicable spewings? He certainly has a cock-eyed understanding of 'God's will'...perhaps he should go back to school and learn how to be a decent human being!

Bashir should not have been allowed to walk free...a close watch must be kept on this person and the teachings at his schools. His schools, obviously, are breeding grounds for terrorists and hatred against the West...which includes Australia, remember...I'm at a loss to understand how this creature is protected by 'law' and is once again free to inspire acts of terrorism. I shake my head....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Enough Is Never Enough...Never Fear...There's Always More To Come!

Don't you just get so fed-up sometimes you want to scream...beat your head against a solid wall. (It doesn't have to be made out of long as it's harder than your head!). Sally Bowles got it right in 'Cabaret'. When life got her down...she used to go to the train line and scream her lungs out as the train rattled by. No one heard her, so she upset no one but, in doing so, she released her pent-up emotions/frustrations after which she was ready to face life again until the next time things built up so. A release is necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone lives near a brick wall and train line!

Truth or Dare?
Is the truth going to be told regarding the Lucas Heights' leak....I wonder? How much is "a small amount" of radioactive gas? How long is a piece of string? The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation declare there were no "off-site consequences". The same was said that about Maralinga, too, I think!

A Whale of a Time!
Whale-watching season is upon us once more, so it's time to do battle with the Japanese again. The Coral Sea/Tasman Sea/Southern Ocean Battles re-ignite as the Japanese thumb their collective noses at the Australian anti-whaling groups, of which there are many. The Japanese continued arrogance over this matter, is disturbing and very annoying. Even if it's displayed in a quiet, polite manner, it fools no one! Why are they so determined to kill whales? They say it is their tradition and culture...but this is incorrect. Gen. Douglas MacArthur introduced whale meat into their diets after World War ll to supplement their protein intake. If percentages mean anything...the percentage of Japanese people who eat whale meat is minimal. It's reported 86% have never or only very rarely ever eaten it (and then only as children in school-provided lunches!). Personally, I believe the Japanese so-called 'tradition and culture' is used as an excuse for their persistent desire to slaughter whales. The real truth of their 'tradition and culture' is not to lose face over this issue!

Top Tasting!
A 34-year old man has been arrested over the Top Taste tampering. I think fitting punishment for him would be restocking all supermarket shelves, everywhere, within seven days...and for morning, afternoon teas and supper, he should be given Top Taste products to eat. (Those that were removed from the shelves at the time of the scare).

I could go on about other things that are really getting up my nose at the moment...but I won't for now...I've run out of time and bytes!

Go the Maroons! Great game last night. The Maroons restored pride to the side and to Queensland! They barely put a foot wrong! Their effort last night should shut-up the critics for a couple of weeks! Bring on the final game in Melbourne in three weeks...I can hardly wait! The result last night...a 24 point definitely something to scream about...but not for similar reasons as I've pointed out above!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Further On The Travesty of Traveston...

If you want to learn more about the thoughts of the folk who are gravely concerned about this proposed dam go to the following site -

These people need all the 'voices' they can garner to help them in the fight against 'Beattie's Folly'...this dam must not be allowed to go ahead.

Damned If It Be Dammed!

"Beattie's Folly"...the proposed Traveston Dam must be stopped from going ahead. The people have to make a stance against this travesty of the Traveston Dam. Only non-stop 'people-power' is going to win this battle. They must not relent...Beattie and his cohoots are giving no respect for the farmers and others living within that area and its surrounds. Beattie believes he can't lose 'face' over this....I can tell him...he can! It's a face only a mother could love who cares if he looses it!

It's so wrong that the government think they can just trample over people this way. They should not be able to do so and lots of noise has to be made...Mr Beattie is deaf in both ears over this one.
Put A Sock In It!

For the Socceroos to beat Uruguay in point scoring, capturing them a place in the World Cup, was victory in itself, enabling them entry into the World Cup...the first time since 1974. Yesterday's 3-1 win against Japanese was sweet manna from Heaven, particularly after the word game leading up to the match. Cahill proved his brilliance with his two goals, the first of which coming in the final six minutes, soon to be followed by another and then, just to prove a point, another goal scored by an artful Aloisi...signed, sealed and delivered! Ahh! Yes...the Aussie spirit shines brightly in the hearts of the Socceroos.

Put Another Sock In It!

After a 25 months' jail term, militant Islamic cleric, Abu Bakar about to walk free! The same can't be said for the families, loved ones and friends of the victims of the Bali bombings...they'll never be free from the heartache and the loss caused by despicable acts of terrorism. We're expected to 'respect' the laws of another nation...was any respect shown to the innocents who were slaughtered without a second thought?

Sock It To 'em, Dubya!

Less than a week after the successful strike on Zarqawi, President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq. Good on ya, Dubya!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Floundering Whale Backflips Into Shallow End!

Poor Kim Beazley's grasping for straws...again!

When will the Labor Party find a new leader, with new ideas of his who doesn't resort to populism politics. Beazley's worn out his welcome. It's time he packed up his marbles and went back home to Western Australia. He's behind the times...doesn't he realise that the day of union power in this country is over and is likely to continue its downhill slide? Unions will never revert to the strength of previous times. These days, only one in five Aussies are members of a union. And, wait for it...last week it was announced unemployment in this country had dropped to a thirty-year low of below 5 per cent...and that was without the 'aid' of unions.

Of course the Australian Workplace Agreement is going to be attacked each and every which way by Labor...but it's time the Labor Party came to the party! Hawke and Keating instigated labour market reforms years ago with EBA's...enterprise bargaining...John Howard is pushing forwards to the future with AWAs...Beazley is going backwards...with no eye to the future! Howabout a bi-partisan approach to this matter!

Business (both employers and employees) has to become more flexible to be able to thrive and to ensure survival when faced with the increasing competition from countries like China and India.

Don't Beazley and the Labor Party realise they need a new broom?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Spirit of Man...
On 'Sunrise' this morning they showed part of Kochie's (with many others) soul-searching trek along the Kokoda Track. Just watching is an emotional experience so I can imagine how it must have been for those participating in the harrowing, physical-demanding journey. It is beyond one's imaganation, however, how our soldiers during World War 11 survived the horrors of that trail. Many didn't.

In 1987, I, together with ten others, I visited Port Moresby as part of a tourism trade delegation. Our last day spent in Port Moresby was Papua New Guinea's National Memorial Day, 24th July. In 1942, the Japanese had decided to attack by sea. Thankfully, they were intercepted by US air and naval forces in the Coral Sea. Without the help of the US forces during those years, we, as a country, would not be as we are today. Towards the end of '43, US and Australia began offensive operations in the Bougainville area. By August, 1945, with the surrender of the Japanese, most of the island was recovered.

Our hospitable host took our group to the Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery on that July day in 1987. A respectful, sombre silence engulfed our normal jovial, high-spirited selves. Not one amongst us had a dry eye as we broke ranks and strolled singularly, through the well-maintained cemetery of 3821 grave sites, each lost in his or her reverie.

After leaving the cemetery, we were driven up to the Kokoda Inn at the start of the Kokoda Trail. The views along the way to the Inn are spectacular...looking back across the valleys towards Moresby. The colours of the landscape are beyond description. On the way, we stopped. A New Guinea National, decked out in full 'warrior' regalia stood proudly on a knoll. Out we jumped from the Tarago. Even though we were the first tourism delegation to visit Port Moresby, this gentleman already had his own agenda. We could take photos of him...using our own cameras and film. His charge for this privilege...5 kinos each, which he accepted with a wide smile. Continuing on our merry way, one amongst us pointed out our 'warrior' sported a Rolex watch and suggested he probably had his BMW parked behind some trees, out of sight! We finally reached the Inn where we had the toughest steak we'd ever encounted...but it mattered not.

The day remains embedded in my memory and no doubt will remain there for the rest of my life.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Unders or Overs....It's a Dilemma!

It's crazy some of the little things that can be so annoying! I was at the supermarket yesterday, vainly trying to find the edge of the next plastic bag to tear off the roll in the veggie section. After battling with it for what seemed like half an hour (in fact, it was only a few seconds), I discovered it was an 'under' not an 'over'! Grrrrrrr! Yes...this is of major importance...I'm an 'over' toilet paper has to be placed on the holder enabling the paper to flow freely over the 'top'...if I go into a bathroom and find the roll is an 'under', it takes all my effort not to rectify the situation...9.5 times out of 10, I just can't stop myself...I have to change it!

Once I used to say 'at least I'm fortunate, I know what my destiny in life is' matter where I was...whether for work or pleasure...far and wide afield...always, it seemed I was the 'chosen one' to replace a used toilet roll! Hundreds could have gone before me finding the task far too difficult to approach...until I entered the inner sanctum. Without fail, I fulfilled my destiny with aplomb. Now, I don't venture as far afield...and as I live alone, that duty is mine and mine alone! Yep...I'm a happy little vegemite, knowing what my position in life is!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good Riddance To Evil Rubbish!

I'm sure those fighting for freedom in Iraq have good reason to celebrate with the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. After much planning by the US forces, aided by allies of al-Zarqawi who betrayed their 'leader', the search narrowed and they closed in on their prey. An evil, violent monster, al-Zarqawi was responsible for the deaths of thousands. He received his just desserts. He was only one cog in the al-Qaeda wheel, albeit a major, senior one. In the nineties, he ran terrorist camps in Afghanistan, funded by the Taliban. It's good news that he is dead, but one wonders who will now replace him, as certainly another will step in to take his place. The fight against terrorism continues...but, thankfully, one of the leaders of these misguided extremists has met his fate...I guess, any day soon we will be fed another video from Bin Laden. This death won't cause a let up in the jihad, as we can bet our bottom dollars there will be deadly reactions...but we can also bet that those fighting for democracy won't lie down, either. Complacency plays no part...there is no part for was the leader of only one faction. The fight continues.

Our hearts go out to the family of the 34-year old Queensland man killed by a roadside bombing north of Baghdad. A civilian, obviously there to help in some way not yet disclosed, whose death is a continued reminder of the sacrifices given in the fight for freedom. 'Lest we forget'.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You're a Cracker, Lady Macca!

Poor old Paul McCartney sure bit off more than he could chew when he became involved with and married Heather Mills. His kids warned him against her but he was too smitten to heed their warnings. Photos have emerged of Ms Mills in porn/erotic poses taken back in 1988, much to McCartney's dismay, I'm sure. It's sort of six of one, half a dozen of the other when it comes to being honest about what one's done in years of yore, isn't it? The truth always seems to come out eventually...if not by your own hands but by a money-grabbing other, in cases of celebrities, anyway. Another bit of proof that men think with a certain organ of their body and women think with their brain! Ms Mills appears to have used her calculating brain in this instance. It's rumoured she'll walk away with a pay-out of around $200m for her four year marriage to McCartney. Nice work if you can stand it! Lady Macca seems to be the 'calculating woman' personified. I think Sir Macca should just stick to eating his veggies and playing his guitar in future...and perhaps just fantasize over his ex-wife's piccies! Those have to be safer and cheaper options!
Red Sails in the Sunset....

At sunset today, I sat on top of the mountain where my brother's ashes were spread. Taking with me a small bottle of lemon squash which I topped up with some vodka, I wondered at the vista beyond, drinking in the awesome beauty of nature. As I watched the clouds change form, turning into familiar shapes, one of a dragon, a favourite nickname my brother called me and another that reminded me of his cocker spaniel, Missy, whom I cared for, for the last five years of her life, I had to smile. The saddest part of today is, I'm the only one who remembered this day. I'm sure his children, now grown-up, wouldn't have remembered the 6th day of June being the day of their father's death eight years ago. Life can be sad, sometimes cruel...oft times uncaring...but amongst all of that, it can be moments spent watching the sun set behind the far horizon, in preparation of the night ahead. Soon the stars shall light up the sky, with the moon in its radiance, will rule. Life goes on and with it so must I. Every moment is precious, every minute sacred.

The curtain is slowly descending on the dying day
Proudly the sun bows giving an encore display
Its cloak of many colours whetting our appetite
As it languishes after a spectacle of brightness
How rapidly the hue changes as we gasp in awe
From blue to grey, merging gently into purple
Tinges of pink, flashes of crimson and orange
A pot pourri of colour unable to be recaptured
Birds in flinal flight safely wend their way home
Tools laid to rest as man treads wearily on his way
Home before the departure of the fiery gilded orb
A prelude to darkness encompassing land and sea
The afterglow openly teases as we grasp the remnant
Of what has gone in readiness of what lies ahead
All that was brightly aglow is engulfed in sombre light
A moment's depression witnessing a farewell salute
So soon forgotten as the heavens come magically alive
With sparkling phosphorescence dancing gaily above
Day has gone to rest as the mystery of night unfolds


Monday, June 05, 2006

A Thousand Thoughts of You...

Last night I stumbled across a documentary on was about the life of Nat King Cole. The timing was very appropriate and coincidental. Eight years ago today, my only brother passed away after being viciously struck down by cancer. My brother was a huge fan of Cole's. We grew up listening to the music of Nat King Cole. Our mother, a talented pianist, played his songs regularly, her all-time favourite being 'Stardust' written by Hoagy Carmichael. Not once can I recall her not playing 'Stardust' when she tickled the ebony and ivory. The song featured strongly in our lives. Music played a huge part in our lives.

My brother was a complex character. I never thought he wouldn't be around to be part of my life. He is still part of it, of course, spiritually and in memory.

He didn't suffer fools easily....actually, he had no time for them at all, rarely hiding his distaste, more often voicing it. Viewing life in black and white, he spoke his mind, caring little or nought about what others thought. He could be gentle, kind, sensitive and emotive. Equally, he could be abrasive, cruel, unforgiving and caustic. He was a chameleon. A perfectionist, almost bordering on 'obsessive-compulsive' in some ways, he could be very annoying. He had a wicked sense of humour. He read voraciously. His knowledge of all things was vast. He could turn his hand to anything, able to turn a piece of timber into something beautiful.

My brother loved music, particularly good country, but also rock, ballads, some classical and great tenors such as Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Lanza, Tauber, McCormack et al . I've witnessed tears flood his eyes while listening to a song. He enjoyed most sports. Rugby League was his favourite, to play in his younger years, and to watch as he grew older. He was a 'man's man'. He had an eye for a good-looking, stylish woman, too. He was a excellent cook, often ringing me for tips and recipes. Animals were always part of his life. He was a strict disciplinarian. He was a paradox. Sometimes I hated him...all times I loved him. Yes...he was very complex...

He was my brother.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What Men Don't Talk About....(and why they don't!)

Since time began women, mostly unsuccessfully, have been trying to decode what men say, when they talk, that is. And when a man does talk you'll notice it's mainly about himself. He believes he is not only the centre of his universe, but he honestly believes he is the centre of the whole universe and demands to be treated accordingly. The problem goes don't listen, either. They have a major problem if emotion is brought into the equation. Why are they so scared of emotion, I wonder? Is it because they don't know how to feel? Is it because they feel vulnerable if they allow their emotions to be known? Is it that men are unable to express what they're feeling or just don't want to do so as they see it as a form of weakness? Men have to work hard at being perceptive and sensitive and most, it would seem, can't be bothered trying, whereas these attributes come naturally to women. Women are the 'nurturers', have intuition and know how to use it. Men aren't nurturers and scoff at intuition.

I think there has to be a medium strip where both men and women can meet...on the one hand, a woman wants her man to be the 'strong, silent type', and on the other, she needs and wants him to open talk and express his emotions and feelings. It's a paradox. A nagging woman alienates the man, pushing him further into silence and non-action. Women and men process information differently, but there must be a common ground somewhere...a place where thoughts, emotions and feelings collide....and mutual understanding!

A couple of quotes for you to think about: Women have more imagination than men. They need it to tell men how wonderful they are.

Women have their faults. Men have only two. Everything they say and everything they do.

Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women have a more subtle instinct...they like to be a man's last love.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Here I sit...all dressed up and no where to go! Well, I did have somewhere to go but at the last minute almost, that was called off! So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, mingled with a bit of anger and casting aside thoughts of 'lonely is the life of an alone-distance runner' (I don't believe in 'lonely', anyway)...I've marinated some green prawns with loads of garlic to prepare later and I've opened a bottle of red! So, stuff the world and those in stereo is cranked up and I'm going to have and me! Roll on Sunday afternoon! The neighbours won't mind as they're far enough away not to hear.

Again, I refer to Andrew Bolt's column in today's paper. He makes another valid point...'the problem with freedom'...he is always worth reading. Today he's talking about our endless patience with East Timor and its fight for freedom whereas with Iraq, the detractors keep coming and coming and coming! Bolt says in one part - quote - "Who suddenly needs such convincing? I'll tell you. It's the ideologues who hate America so much that they'd rather defend a terrorist than back a democracy. It's the people whose paranoia of America is so great that its slightest slip is seen as a diabolical plot." And quote -"Nothing is forgiven the Americans. Nothing, it often seems, is allowed to justify freedom for Iraq, the country they dared to liberate. But with East Timor we are endlessly patient. We trust them with freedom, even though there is actually far less hope of it sticking there than there is in Iraq. Still, the East Timorese aren't Muslims, are they? And their liberators weren't Americans. Big difference." end quotes. Have a read for yourself...

The lines are not blurred....sometimes it's our own vision that is blurred.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Here's Cheers in Remembrance to the Simple Life...

I've just been reading another blog site wherein the comments are about the 'bra boys' and gangs around Maroubra, Cronulla, Bondi et al. It caused me to remember back to my halcyon surfing days on the Sunshine Coast, at Alexandra Headlands, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and the Noosa area, including Sunshine Beach...and to the years in the eighties when I lived in Noosa. There were no such things as 'gangs'...the only violence perpetrated perhaps was someone accidently kicking up sand when racing towards the foaming surf! And then the reaction was laughter and maybe a good-humoured flicking of sand back at the offender. We'd hit the sand early morning after a night spent dancing our feet off at one of the local 'record hops' and not leave the beach again until around sunset to get ready for that night's fun. It was all so innocent and all such fun. Drugs and alcohol were not part of the equation...suntans, hipster Jamaican shorts, mid-driff tops and hoping the boy of our dreams danced with us were all we cared about...we were the 'Gidgets' of our generation. It's a pity life has changed so much. I'm glad I had those wonderful times and retain the memories of those fun times where violence and gangs played no part.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

To Dance a Jig and Twirl a Reel.....

With the chill of winter snapping at my toes, I woke early to ready myself for a trip to the Gold Coast. Leaving my car at the home of friends, we jumped into their car and headed off the mountain towards the hectic pace of the coast traffic. A fun morning was spent wishful thinking in interior decorating emporiums. I held my hands clasped tightly in my pockets and off my wallet as we browsed kitchen shops! As usual, my wallet was almost empty so I could only dream on what I'd like to spend my fantasy dollars! I did, however, purchase some parfait spoons and a mini-whisk, so I left somewhat contented but the dreaming lingers longer. On the return trip, as is our wont, we visited a large supermarket. We have a mutual love of all things delectable, tasty and appetizing. Happy to be back up on the Mountain away from the frenzy of the coast, we shared a glass or two of wine over lunch. Our discussion turned to a book I've lent my friends..."A Celtic Childhood" by Bill Watkins. After I'd read the book I was so enthused about it, I did an Internet check on the author. At the time, I decided to write an email to him showing my enthusiasm over his writing. It is a wonderfully, rollicking read. I found myself smiling throughout, frequently laughing out loud at his tales. Imagine my surprise when I received a prompt reply from the author! I'd not expected a reply. Since that time we've exchanged a few emails. He now resides in the States, living a full and interesting life. "A Celtic Childhood" is first of a trilogy by Bill Watkins. Second in the trilogy is "Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish", which is also a worthy read. I'm now eagerly awaiting his third book, "Once And Future Celt" which is still in the hands of Harper Collins awaiting their assessment and publishing. I wish they'd hurry up!