Monday, July 31, 2006

One More For Luck.....

Miss Appropriate's Misbehaviour

Coyly as was normally her trait
She asked if it was appropriate
To kiss on a first date
Or longer should she wait

Replying he scratched his pate
Explaining it could be fate
With that he could relate
If he was her soul mate

In that case there's little to debate
His passions may abate
Causing him to be irate
Then he, you'll have to sedate

Oh! She did gasp, that I would hate
Now I'm in such a state
And she ran through the gate
In fear he could be accurate

Lee...1st August 2006

'Round and 'Round...On and On

Eternal motion forever perpetual
In the beginning casual
Sensual passions gradual
Ardent emotions mutual
Yet individual and intellectual

Whence at the threshold eventual
Thence became a daily ritual
Their love remained continual
As the stars and moon are actual
And morning's sunrise punctual

Lee...1st August 2006

Some Daughters Do 'Ave 'Em! Some Mothers Don't Deserve 'Em?

I watched with disgust, sadness and anger the segment of Sunday evening's "Sixty Minutes"...."Sweet Revenge". The story from the US was of the molestation of Celesta Davis when she was a five year-old, by a close family friend. This so-called 'friend' also molested her sister. The mother of the then young children discovered what had happened to her daughters by overhearing their conversation one day. At the time, the mother didn't confront the monster who perpetrated the atrocities as their friendship, it appeared, was of higher importance than that of the welfare of her two daughters! It beggars belief!

Thirty years on, Celesta, after hearing the news that the son of this creature was jailed for child molestation (like father, like son!) hunted the father down, found him and finally had an audience with him, confronting him with his diabolical actions. This man, remember, was their closest family friend. He was full of excuses, of course. He didn't once apologise for his actions. He just stuttered and stammered like the worm he is! The mother of the young women then joined in the 'meeting'. At the end of their 'meeting'.....wait for it....the mother rose and went to the creature who had molested her girls and hugged him...for minutes!!!!!!!! My mouth fell open. I could not believe what I was seeing! The mother HUGGED him!!! I wanted to jump through my television screen...I was, and still am, so angry at that mother...for her non-action at the time of discovering the sexual molestation had occurred and for her actions towards this....there's not a word suitable to describe him....(despicable, slimy bastard will do for now)....after the confrontation.

The 'mother' doesn't deserve daughters/children. The best thing those two young women can do, in my opinion, is say 'bye! bye! Mum!'

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Quest

Throughout the years wide and afar
Trekking life's meandering highway
Defying the ebb and stemming the flow
Beating the hurdles conquering the brae
Wistfully she searched high sought low
For him...her Lochinvar

Succumbing she wished upon a star
To find emptiness heartache and pain
In giving her heart a problem arose
Their love for her so often they did feign
How badly she hurt nobody knows
In her quest for Lochinvar

Exploring on and on it was bizarre
If victorious what then would she do
A life complete with happiness and bliss
Or with tear-filled eyes bidding him adieu
A doleful smile a lingering farewell kiss
Perhaps instead she'd pickle him in a jar
Her Lochinvar.

Lee 31/7/06

True Colours!

Mel Gibson's on a path of self-destruction, it would seem. Just because he is a 'celebrity', I see no reason why he should be treated differently from any other person caught drink-driving.

His anti-Semetic and foul-mouthed rantings certainly say a lot about his way of thinking! Gibson's diatribe during his arrest certainly puts lie to his battling accusations of being anti-Semitic when he was promoting his 'The Passion of the Christ".

I reckon there'll be a lot in the movie industry who are impressed by his behaviour!

I suppose Gibson thinks why should he worry! He's got a few dollars saved up to last him through a comfortable retirement. He'd do us all a favour if he'd take up early retirement/redundancy!

Thought For the Day...

Some men want you for always

Some men want you all ways

Friday, July 28, 2006

Weekend Pleasures...

And it's time to lash out and have a bit of fun! I sit sipping on a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with music playing in the background feeling at peace with the world (even if the world isn't at peace!). In my mountain greenery, all is quiet as I enjoy my solitude. I know, some of you will say 'solitude' isn't much fun, but I enjoy my privacy and my own space, finding many things to amuse me. I don't need people around me all the time to entertain me (or I them!). It is not my wont to do so, unless I'm in the mood for a small gathering of close friends. That being said, I do, however, throw a few fun, leisurely luncheons every so often during which we all have a great time grazing around a laden table, topped up wine glasses at the ready! On the subject of luncheons/food, and as I adore Italian food, I'll share a couple of ideas with you in case you are at a loss what to cook this weekend!

Lingune with Prawns & Mussels: Finely chop 1-2 heads of garlic. In a pan add garlic and slightly less than a pint of olive oil (this recipe serves 10, so don't panic...just cut down the quantities for less if you so desire). On low heat simmer until garlic just begins to change colour. Add dried chilli flakes or paste, to taste and 1 bunch of Italian parsley, roughly chopped. Toss in a dollop of butter. Allow sauce to simmer 1 minute. Remove from heat. In a large pot, steam about 1kg mussels until shells open, discarding any unopened ones. Shell about 20 or so green prawns (raw). Lightly saute' empty shells in another dollop of butter and a splash or two of olive oil, a dash of salt and some ground black pepper. Remove shells, then add prawns. Cook until prawns have just turned pink. Set aside until 1.5lbs linguine is cooked al dente;. Drain but don't rinse. Plop pasta into a bowl. Add mussels, prawns and garlic mixture. Top with chopped Italian Parsley. Stir and serve.

Sauteed Sea Scallops with Rosemary & Lemon: Choose a pan that can hold 680g scallops in one layer later. Into the pan put 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and 2 garlic cloves, sliced finely. As the garlic turns golden, add 1-1.5 teaspoons fresh rosemary leaves. Stir. Add the scallops, salt and ground black pepper. Turn up heat to high. Cook, stirring fequently until scallops change to a flat white. Add 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (or lime juice, if you prefer). Turn up heat, again. Stir once or twice, then serve with crusty bread.

These should whet your taste buds, unless, of course, you're allergic to seafood...then you'll just have to wait until next weekend!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Singapore Fling!

A friend of mine is presently visiting Singapore causing happy memories to flood my mind of my time spent there. A number of years ago, a girlfriend and I excitedly arrived at Changi Airport around 11pm. After a bus trip to the Hyatt Hotel in Orchid Avenue, which was to be our home for the next week, we hurriedly deposited our suitcases to do a reconnaisance of the city area. This was to be the start of a wonderful week. Little time was spent in our hotel room. It became a necessity only for quick showers and re-dressing before we hit the highlights, full of high spirits again. Sleep wasn't part of our agenda! Every afternoon, without fail, at 4, I visited 'Raffles'. First I'd go to the 'Long Bar' where, for tradition-sake, I ordered a 'Singapore Sling'. From the 'Long Bar' I'd venture into the 'Tiger Bar' for a brief visit and then I'd end up at my favourite bar, the 'Writers' Bar' to soak in its rich history. There I felt surrounded by the ghosts of literary giants such as Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward, Rudyard Kipling, Herman Hesse, Joseph Conrad, et al. It's on record the manager of the 'Writers' Bar' at the time of my visits had been a bell hop in the days of Somerset Maugham. Stars of the halcyon days of screen, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, Charlie Chaplin frequented 'Raffles', soaking up its ambience. By the end of my weekly visits to 'Raffles', dear Ho, the manager of the 'Writers' Bar' (ex-bell bop) and I became friends. He was a fine genteel gentleman. Our parting on my final day in Singapore was quite sad. As usual, I arrived at the hotel promptly at four o'clock, to be greeted by the doorman, who now recognised me from my daily visits. I went straight to the 'Writers' Bar'. Ho organised for one of his staff to take photographs of he and me together. One photo of particular value to me is with Ho and me standing beside the giant silver roast beef trolley with its ornate silver hood. In February, 1942 the governor of Singapore ordered the destruction of all liquor stocks on the island and the manager of 'Raffles' poured most of the hotel's cellar down the drain, no doubt sadly. The Japanese arrived two days later. Most of the European population took refuge at 'Raffles'. The staff of 'Raffles' had barely time to bury the beef trolley and other valuables under the ground in the 'Palm Court' before 'Raffles' was commandeered for the use by high-ranking Japanese officers for the duration of the war. This the Singaporeans had to endure for three long years. When the Japanese finally acknowledged defeat, bodies of Japanese officers who had committed suicide had to be removed from a bedroom in 'Raffles'. One chapter had ended as a new one began.

At the end of the war, the staff of 'Raffles' dug up the beef trolley and the other valuables, returning them to their rightful places in the wonderful hotel. The silver trolley is no longer used but stands proudly in the 'Writers' Bar' for all to see. It was replaced in the fifties by a copper trolley for regular use.

I left part of my heart in the 'Writers' Bar' and 'Raffles' that final afternoon I farewelled its hallowed halls, a part I willingly donated.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time for a Little More Light Verse...

Trenchantly Tranciente

It is not at all elegant
to become an aliquant
or to be seen as arrogant
it is fine for an aspirant
tho' to have a penchant
to become more eloquent
but not be overly blatant
'tis most of all important

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Me and You

You made it easy you must agree
For my heart to go on a loving spree
Willingly I'd go down on one knee
But I do fear you'd ignore my plea

In love with you I did fall
It was not hard to do at all
Soon it became my downfall
I think I've got a hairball!

Too Horrific To Contemplate!

If Hamas and Hezbollah were to annihilate every Jew in Israel, can you imagine what would happen? It's too frightening to imagine. A terrorist State, governed by terrorists would prevail. This must not be allowed to happen.
The UN, EU, Clinton and all others gave too much leniency to the terrorist incarnate,Yasser Arafat, who spent his life looking and hoping for similar to occur. He was a head of state without a state. Terrorism must not win this fight!

Everyone should be made aware of (and remember always) Hussein Massawi's declaration. Massawi, the Hezbollah leader of 20 years ago, was behind the slaughter of US and French forces...he declared: "We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."

These terrorists are monsters beyond description. In 1971, Palestinian terrorists shot the prime minister of Jordan. As he fell dying, one of his killers began drinking his blood.

Blame must not be put upon the Israelis. For some reason, it is always easier for some to blame the Jews for everything. One must remember, the Israelis don't go blowing up innocent holiday-makers in Balinese nightclubs!

Outback Track

He wandered along an outback track unknown
With only his swag and billy he wandered alone
Sun-bleached hair skin of leather lean and robust
Sheltering his eyes from the swirling red dust

Through the shimmering haze he spotted a dry creek
As nightfall drew near the outcome looked bleak
Taking long strides determinedly he pushed on
Then he spied dancing brolgas beside a billabong

Poem and painting by Lee

Monday, July 24, 2006

So Be It!

Here I sit alone though I don't wonder why
In silence and in the darkness I do often sigh
Over tormented thoughts of love lost I do cry
Oh! No! It's not because you were ever my guy
To you, my dear, I happily say a loud "good bye"

From my heartache I learned what it is you lack
Your cold heart is why I don't ever want you back
I'd be pleasured greatly to give your face a smack
It would please me endlessly to see you taken aback
So it's with sincere conviction I say, 'Screw you Jack!'


Times They're A-Changin'....

Self-named/appointed Islamic cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika aka Abu Bakr, holder of dual citizenship (Algerian/Australian) and one of the 17 men arrested in Sydney and Melbourne last November, charged with membership of a terrorist organisation and of planning terrorist attacks on Australian targets, once told an ABC Radio interviewer: "Osama bin Laden, he is a great man. Osama bin Laden was a great man before 11 September, which they said he did it, until now nobody knows who did it." He went on further to defend Muslims fighting against coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. And further, he said, "According to my religion, jihad is a part of my religion and what you have to understand is that anyone who fights for the sake of Allah, when he dies, the first drop of blood that comes from him will be forgiven." And: "There are two laws. Ther
e is Australian law. There is Islamic law."

He made it know that he hoped to 'kill 1000' Australians to 'please Allah'. This is a man who, born in Algeria, arrived in Australia in May, 1989 on a one-month visitor's permit. Twice he gained extensions and settled in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, an area with a large Muslim population. His permit expired in 1990 and he became a prohibited non-citizen. The next six years were spent trying to obtain the right to stay, through the Immigration Review Tribunal appeals process. During his hearings he told the Tribunal of his "love of the Australian lifestyle."

How gullible we are!

He married a Lebanese woman (an Australian citizen) in 1992 and they now have seven children (one each for them, one for Peter Costello/government and four for Allah!). In 1996 he was granted Australian residency and he became an Australian 'citizen' in 1998, as well as keeping his Algerian citizenship.

It was revealed in a Melbourne court yesterday, one of Benbrika's co-accused, a Shane Kent, received weapons and explosives training at a Taliban-run training camp for jihads in Afghanistan. It is alleged Kent committed himself to violent jihad at a meeting with bin Laden. Benbrika was proud of him, the court heard.

Benbrika, it is alleged, encouraged his devotees to plan a large-scale terrorist attack, which was foiled by police during its planning stages.

Abdulla Merhi one of Benbrika's devotees and co-accused, according to police surveillance, said he 'could wait months but not years' to carry out violent jihad. He was advised by Benbrika he/they shouldn't kill just one, two or three but do a big thing. To which Merhi responded 'Like Madrid?' Benbrika is said to have replied: 'That's it!'

These three traitors plus the other 14 should be locked up for the term of their natural lives, never to see the light of day and freedom again.

Some of the charges carry a MAXIMUM prison term of 25 years.

Merhi is 21 years old. Kent 29. Does this seem ample punishment to you? It certainly doesn't to me!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Friends In High Places...

After a sudden, unexpected shower passed this afternoon, the kookaburras paid me a visit. One perched itself on the top of my back door. Its mate watched on from the lowest limb of a nearby tree. They're not afraid of me. They brazenly peck scraps of meat from my hands. Soon, through the rain-washed grass, two magpies with their black and white suits of feathers still glistening from raindrops, waddled to share in the afternoon tea. They, too, are now tame. One entered my rear room yesterday, curiously looking around him as he did so.

Somewhat disgruntled but completely intrigued, my two cats observed the goings-on from close by. With sideline glances at me, they made themselves comfortable while the birds had control of the moment. My feathered friends, fully aware of their presence as they always are, know they have the upper hand (or wing) with their dexterity of flight together with my protective presence. My cats soon lost interest, particularly when I called out to them "chop-chop!"... which heralds it's time for their dinner. With those familiar words and the sound of the knife blade being sharpened on the steel, they quickly forgot magpies and kookaburras.

A Bit of Fun For a Change!

Even though our winters here aren't very cold, they certainly are a pleasant respite from the heat of our long summers. With the chill in the air, it's time to stoke up our ovens and allow our taste buds to be teased by delicious aromas of dinner roasting. Here's a tempting recipe. Serve it with a good, spicy Shiraz and you won't be disappointed.

Spiced Pork with Red Wine & Honey - Preheat oven to 220C. Season 2.5 to 2.8kg boned loin of pork, rolled and tied. Place pork in oiled roasting dish, skin side down. Roast for 20mins, turning once, until the skin is a light golden brown. Reduce oven temperature to 180C. Pour 1/2 cup honey and 500ml of Shiraz over meat. Add 3 bay leaves, 1 stick cinnamon, 1tsp whole cloves, 3 strips of orange zest and juice of the orange. Loosely cover the dish with foil. Cook for 2.5 hours. Check every so often to ensure the liquid hasn't reduced too much. Add more wine if needed. At completion, the liquid should be of a light sauce consistency. If not, pour it into a saucepan and boil until thickened and syrupy. Serve the pork with the wine sauce, roasted potatoes, parsnips, onions and apples, and steamed greens. To roast the apples: Halve small Granny Smith (green apples). Brush them with olive oil. Sprinkle some Chinese Five-Spice powder over the apples. Lay the apples skin side up in a baking dish just large enough to hold them. Roast for 30 minutes. Don't overcook them.

Bon Apetit!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey! True Blue!

I wonder just how many 'true blue' Aussies are trying to escape Lebanon back to Australian soil? Or are the majority of these so-called 'Australians' holders of dual citizenship? And when they return here, will they then recommence to rail against Australian culture? Our government is spending a reported $25m for their safe return to this country. One would hope that they will be grateful and, perhaps, choose to accept the culture and ways of Australia, a democracy that has proven it works. Perhaps they will reconsider and choose one nationality, that of Australian. Those who do not, should return to Lebanon, where, apparently, their allegiance lies. (After they've paid back what it cost our government/the taxpayer to get them here on this instance.)

Australians are noted for their fairness. The line has to be drawn on this. We've been more than fair, I believe.

One can't have one's cake and eat it's either one thing or the other...not both!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Strike Me Lucky! Strike Me Pink!

I've just learned a good friend of mine has found herself a man! Whether he be a brief dalliance or a long-term playmate/companion, I wish her well, either way.

I wonder where one looks to find a man!! I never seem to be able to find one but then, I really don't go looking for one (or more!) either! There are so few or none around that interest me. Mostly, the ones I come across seem too involved with themselves and their own egos to be bothered wasting my time over...what's new?

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Ummm...that didn't work!
About Bloody Time!

Finally the courts have gotten something right! A landmark High Court decision has cleared the way for victims of childhood sexual assault to sue for damages decades after the atrocity/ies!

I'm not in favour of careless litigation but in these instances, I'm all for it! Let the bastards pay as so often the courts are far, far too lenient when handing out their sentences!

Tragedy That Should Not Have Happened...

The horrific death of little four year old, Tyra Kuehne, attacked by three cross-breed hunting dogs is a dreadful, dreadful thing.

Owners of dogs...all dogs, but particularly hunting dogs such as these, must be accountable for them and their safe, secure keeping. My heart goes out to the family of little Tyra. One cannot imagine in one's wildest thoughts what they must be going through. Too many of these types of attacks occur and something postive must be done to prevent them from occurring.

I'm not pointing the finger at the owner of these particular dogs, (I think he's got a lot to deal with now and for the rest of his life) but so many owners of these types of dogs think it's a 'macho' thing to have them and are very careless with their care.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not So Cruisey...

Maybe it's just me, but I've never understood the desire to go on a cruise. To me, it would be the most boring, confined and claustrophobic holiday ever. Cooped up in matchbox-size cabins, sharing with people you don't know unless, of course, one can afford to pay more, doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. Even going on such a holiday with a partner wouldn't be an enticement for me. If it was imperative for him to go, I would be on the wharf waving him 'bon voyage'!

Being stuck with a mob of 'yobbos' or totally mis-matched fellow cruisers, is not my idea of a relaxing holiday.

After the broad and graphic publicity of the Dianne Brimble case, I'm sure there are others who are re-thinking going on a cruise. The lack of responsibility shown by the cruise ship operators has to be addressed and addressed promptly, not just here in Australian waters but internationally.

Yep...I'll stick to 'terra firma' for my holidays, thank you. I'd rather be cuddled up in a cosy cabin up on a mountain with a glowing log fire in the arms of a loved one, with the sound of birds singing gleefully in the trees outside or in an apartment/house on the beachfront..not on a floating prison upon the ocean.
What Price Fame!

Enough is enough! How low can they go? Extremely low, it appears. The Italian magazine that published the photograph of the dying Princess Diana showed no empathy or compassion towards William and Harry. I think these two young men have had to deal with enough in their young lives from the ravenous media without some grubby magazine trying to profit, still, from the tragic death of their mother nine years ago. It really is bad taste. Diana's sons don't deserve this grotty treatment. Give respect where respect is due.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Computer Cats!

I have two cats who are completely intrigued by my printer when it's in action, one more so than the other! The printer is on loan. I'm madly trying to save my pennies to buy a new printer and scanner for myself. My cats are going to be so disappointed when I have to give this one back and there's a lapse between buying a new one for myself! So, I'd better hurry up and save a few more of those very elusive dollars, if only for the sake of my cats!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why Bother?

"What's it all about, Alfie?" An often repeated question. Frequently, I wonder myself what it's all about. I wish I knew the answer.Would anyone care if I no long existed on this earth? Would there be anyone who would miss me and/or remember me? Probably not. Life goes on and my life is just a mere spit in the massive ocean of existence. I am invisible, of use to no one other than myself (and sometimes I even wonder about that!) and my two cats.

Except for them, my two cats and all the books I still have to read, all the movies I still have to see, all the music I still have to hear, all the sunsets and sunrises I still have to witness, all the things I still have to learn, all the people I still have to meet, I probably would give it all up!

And most importantly, as long as I still have me...I shall remain!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Middle Ground in the Middle East

What did they expect? Hezbollah (Hizbullah) guerillas grab two Israeli soldiers and kill seven others and expect the Israelis not to retaliate? I think not! Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon in 2000 as part of the broader peace process. Hezbollah (Hizbullah) had another agenda, it seems. With Iran and Syria as their patrons and Hamas as kindred spirits, Hezbollah (Hizbullah) has opened up 'Pandora's Box'. They are laughing in the face of the UN, which is sending three delegates to try to defuse the situation. Much chance they will have! Iran's proximity to gaining nuclear capability is very worrying. It's a major concern for Israel and internationally. If Israel doesn't get international support, then it will have to act unilaterally...let's hope Israel gets the support it needs.

Russia and the European Union have criticised Israel's strikes, of course.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wimps Don't Gain Leadership!

And it's about time Peter Costello realised this! How he can continue displaying his weakness so openly to the Australian public/voter amazes me! One would have thought he would've learned his lesson long before this. He's becoming an, he is an embarrassment!

John Howard is going nowhere...can't you get that through your thick skull, Mr Costello?

The people want Howard, not you! So please go away and hide amongst your figures! Stop throwing tantrums...take your marbles and go home! The polls are against you. They are always against you as would-be leader of the Liberal Party, hence leader of this country. In your dreams, Mr Costello!

What is it you don't you understand?

Your fellow Liberal MPs don't want you as their leader. What don't you understand about that? I can't even say, 'give up while you're ahead!' you're falling further and further behind every time you open up your mouth on this issue!

I really do hate seeing a grown man grovel and cry about 'his turn'...for Heaven's sake...give it all up. Give us a break! Look at Mr Howard's record, Peter...his record in international relations with the US, Asia, the UK. Howard has gained credibility across the board in foreign affairs and in national security. So please cease being a 'petulant wannabe, Peter Costello'...let Mr Howard get on with his job.

Winter Warmers

Let's get cosy together. It's time to share a couple of warming recipes with you. Let's shut out the bad things going on in the world today and concentrate on having a bit of fun for a change. And there's nothing more fun than sharing a meal with the one you love. Well, there is...but today we'll stick to eating...okay?

I’ve not joined the ‘flannelette brigade’ or the ‘ugg booters’…not yet, anyway! In truth, I never will. On the subject of ‘boots’, I did try ‘boot-scootin’’ once, though. It was very trying and also a sight to behold, I'm sure While the others were kicking to the right, I was off somewhere kicking to the left. When they kicked to the left…I left! Vainly trying to keep my pride intact, I scurried to the bar to watch from afar! My crowd-pleasing days as a fine line dancer fizzled, coming to a rapid end with no reprisals. There are easier ways to keep warm on these long winter nights and chilly days…for me, at least, now that I’ve given up making a idiot of myself on the dance floor of a golf club out west, the identity of which shall remain unnamed! I shan’t mention the more pleasant ways of staying warm throughout winter! However, one way to keep warm is to fire up the oven, toss calorie-counting out the window and roll out the pastry! Here are a couple pie recipes to try.

Cheesy Pie: Sift 1-1/2cups flour and pinch of salt into bowl. Add 1.5tspn yeast (dissolved in 1tbl warm water) and 1tbl olive oil. Stir to combine. Add 1/3 cup water. Mix well. Add a little extra water if dough is too dry. Knead until dough is no longer sticky. Turn into a greased bowl. Cover and stand in warm place while sipping on an Irish Coffee…oh…stand the dough in a warm place, also! When dough has doubled in size, punch down and knead lightly. Allow dough to rise again, covered, as before. Have another Irish Coffee. Skin a large red capsicum and then cut into strips. Put aside. Fry 125g smoked ham, diced, in non-stick pan over moderate heat, until golden. Drain. Leave 1tbl oil in pan, add 1tbl olive oil. Fry 1 thinly sliced red onion and 2 sliced cloves garlic. Add salt, pepper and of nutmeg. Cool. Mix together 250g ricotta, ½ cup grated mozzarella, ¾ cup grated provolone and ¾ cup grated pecorino with 2tbl thickened cream, 2tbl sour cream, 2 eggs and parsley. Add the ham and onion. Adjust seasoning. Punch down dough and press into a 25cm pie dish. Pour in filling. Decorate top with capsicum strips. Bake in 190C oven until filling is set. Cool for 10mins before serving.

Tomato & Zucchini Pie: Grated and squeeze-dry 500g zucchini. Add finely chopped shallots, some crushed garlic and chopped thyme to a lightly greased pan. Cook over high heat until softened. Remove from heat. Add beaten egg, 70g dry breadcrumbs, salt and ground pepper to mixture. Press into the bottom and sides of pie dish. Bake for 15mins in 180C oven. In a bowl, combine 150g grated mozzarella, ¼ cup grated parmesan, 1tbl mayonnaise and 1 beaten eggs. Spread on top of baked shell. Top with overlapping tomato slices. Sprinkle with Italian herbs and coat with cooking spray. Bake for about 30mins.

Currant Pie: Make a sweet short-crust pastry. Line a 23cm pie dish. Combine 500g each frozen black and redcurrants, 1 cup brandy and grated rind of 1 lemon in a bowl. Marinate overnight. Drain the liquid into small saucepan. Stir in ½ water, vanilla, ½ cup sugar, 2tbl lemon juice and 4tbl cornflour. Stir over medium heat until thick. Pour over currants, mix and then allow to cool. Pour into pastry-lined dish. Arrange a lattice-design with remaining pastry over top. Brush pastry lightly with cold water. Sprinkle with castor sugar. Bake in 180C oven 35-40mins. Serve warm with cream and/or ice-cream. Go for broke…have both! (Warm custard is yummy, too!)

There’s no disputin’, when it comes to boot-scootin’, I’d better stick to computin’!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why Do Men Have To Resort To Rape?

War has been around since time began and will continue indefinitely, long after I'm dead and buried. This statement doesn't mean I like war. I don't, but as long as mankind lives upon this earth, it looks like they're going to be around for a long time to come! I would love to live in a world of peace and harmony. 'Tis one of my many fantasies...none of which will come true, I might add. I have my many fantasies but I am a realist.

It sickens, angers and disgusts me when I read about the rapes of women and children such as the degrading acts in Iraq back in March perpetrated on a young girl and her family by US soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division, stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. These men/monsters are a disgrace to their country, their families and the rest of the Western World...the rest of the world, for that matter. Their despicable acts, by all reports, were callously premeditated. What is gained by raping women and children, I wonder? It's very difficult to have respect for men when they can revert so easily, without conscience, to these cowardly, vicious, violent acts against females...of whatever age...age seems not to matter to these barbarians. Is their hate and disrespect of women so ingrained in them, that it allows them to commit these atrocities...both in war zones and elsewhere?

Men need help...they need to go into therapy to rid themselves of whatever it is within them that is capable of turning them into cruel, frenzied savages. Either therapy or castration...or a frontal lobotomy!

The media, probably some magazine editor, created the term "SNAG" (sensitivate-new-age-guys)...I don't think such a man exists or will ever exist not as long as men commit rape upon women. There is no excuse for rape...whenever, wherever...war is no excuse for rape, either.

It's time men learned respect. I could say a lot more but then I would have to censore my own comments!

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Cock-Or-Two! Or Are You Happy To See Me?

Custom officers at Sydney airport were beginning to question their sexuality when they spied a passenger about to board a flight from Sydney to Bangkok! Rather than having a 'banged-cock', the passenger had a bulge in his groin, drawing the inquisitive attention of the customs' crew. The would-be passenger, when questioned explained he had a hernia which sometime caused his testicles to rise! Well, you could happen, perhaps.

After a strip search six eggs were found hidden inside a stocking in our 'cock-eyed optimist's' underwear. He kept everything in perspective, however as two of the eggs were cockatoo eggs! Perhaps he was just into transplanting and not smuggling! Two of the other eggs were galah eggs and he sure made a galah out of himself! Maybe the other two eggs were peacock eggs!
So What!
A showdown looms between Peter Costello and John Howard as they question each other's truthfulness, imploding one of Australia's most effective political partnerships. The Treasurer accoused the Prime Minister of lying yesterday when he gave his version of a 1994 leadership meeting witnessed by form minister Ian McLachlan.'

I have no idea what all the commotion is about! John Howard changed his what? John Howard said one thing to Peter Costello back in 1994 and didn't go through with what he said he was going to do.

Hell! That happens to me all the time and has done so throughout my life! People saying they're going to do one thing and either do the other or do nothing at all! People are always saying they're going to do one thing and then proceed to either forget they've said it or have had no intentions ever of doing what they said they were going to do in the first place, what's the big deal? If I'd held my breath waiting for the things people have said they're going to do to come into fruition, I'd be long gone from this earth by now!

The press media, once again, is pouncing all over this to help fill their blank pages! Prime Minister Howard can stay as long as he likes as leader as far as I'm concerned. Peter Costello is acting like a spoiled little boy who didn't receive his share of the candy! He, Costello, should come and visit with me for a while...I could advise him on how to cope with broken promises! Throwing a hissy-fit, two-year-old tantrum doesn't really suit a grown man who's hoping to take over the leadership of the Liberal Party here in this country!,5942,19750450,0...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Linguine, Ravioli, Saltimbocca, Pancetta, Proscuitto, Costolettine Di Angello con Funghi....

Carbonata Alla Piemontese, Insalata di Pollo E Riso, Ossibuchi Alla Milanese, Caccuicco, Tiella Alla Pugliese, Cappelletti Toscani, Pappa Col Pomodoro, Torta Pasqualina, Puccia Alla Piemontese...Pavarotti, Bocelli, Caruso, Gigli, Corelli, Valletti, Stefano, Puccini Verdi Fellini, Rossellini, Loren, Lollobrigida, Magnani, Mastroianni, Brazzi... didn't know I could speak Italian, did you?

The above is in celebration of Italy's win in the World Cup!
Time To Recuperate

I'm exhausted! After these past couple of weeks, I need time to recuperate! As I sit writing this, the final moments of the final game in the World Cup are being fought out. I have to admit, I gave up on the soccer when the Socceroos were so unfairly eliminated, I am watching the Cup final between France and Italy (privately hoping Italy wins, even though they did beat the Socceroos...I'm a softie about 'things Italian'...particularly the food!) I decided against setting my alarm clock, choosing the option of waking or not waking in time. As it happened one of my two cats woke me. I hadn't realised he was a soccer fan! I've only had a couple of hours sleep as last night I was up until the wee small hours watching the men's tennis final at Wimbledon, following the women's final the night/morning previously. I entertained guests over a lengthy lunch on Saturday, somehow fitting that in between all my sporting commitments! With the soccer, tennis, rugby league's 'State of Origin' and being the 'hostess with the mostest', this past week has been quite hectic and active! Well, viewing sport can be exceedingly exhausting, you know!

Time Softens The Memories of Some...

My favourite Aussie journalist, Andrew Bolt once again makes good sense. I get so sick and tired of all the 'do-gooders/civil libertarians' sprouting forth while wearing their rose-coloured glasses. After the decision was made by five judges of the US Supreme Court, ruling military commissions set up by President Bush to hear charges by detainees, including Australian David Hicks, at Guantanamo Bay were illegal, those wearers of rose-coloured glasses showed how short their memories are...or how selective, perhaps. It's time to refresh their faded memories. A traitor is a traitor is a traitor....

Maybe they should read Andrew Bolt's words:,5478,

Bad Hair Day!

I've just figured it out! The reason why Kim Jon-il is threatening the particular the States...he wants to get hold of Donald Trump's hairdresser!

What amazes me about guys like Kim and Bin Laden while all their threats are being bandied about they remain hidden. They send their emissaries out to do their talking and dirty work for them while they cower in the background out of view. How anyone can have admiration for a so-called 'leader' who is a protected coward is beyond my belief. Who gave these creatures the right to think they can hold the rest of the world to ransom?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Remove Your Head from the Clouds, Peter Beattie...Or Is It Up Your Nether Regions!

After Tuesday's hostile reaction from the good folk of Gympie and the Mary Valley to Beattie and his sad-sack league of non-gentlemen who accompanied him and who could look no one in the eye, 'Brave-Mouth Beattie' has come out and said he underestimated the immediate social impacts of the Traveston Dam....where has he been the past few months? Well, we know he spent time in Russia and China...but doesn't he know what's going on beneath his nose? Maybe if he shut his mouth for a while and listened to what the people have been saying, he might learn something!

And even more amazing, he admitted on ABC Radio that he anticipated people would be angry, and that they were angry and he thought that to be understandable! So, on the one hand he reckons he underestimated the people and on the other hand, he anticipated their reaction....ummm....

"There are a whole lot of issues that came out of that meeting," said Peter Beattie. "Particularly social issues and support issues that I'm going to have to go away and adress in a better way than we have. Those sort of social implications are happening a lot sooner than I anticipated."

Is this man for real?????? He certainly is proof that there are those who live in their 'ivory towers' having no knowledge or interest in what's going on around them....and he, Peter Beattie, expects people to put their trust in him! He has to be kidding!

Your days are number, Mr Beattie, so you may as well make all the false promises now, while you have your chance.

Oh! What's this I read in today's 'Courier Mail' have moved to reassure business you will deliver the country's biggest infrastructure progamme? $10 billion-plus worth of projects over the next four years...Wow! It's wonderful you can make these announcements...particularly during winter when your hot air will warm up these chilly winter nights and mornings!

What about the state of Queensland Health, Mr Beattie? You've not yet fixed that, have you? Or did you anticipate it would just float out of people's minds with your Traveston Dam Travesty??????

It's time you came back down to earth, Peter Beattie...and how about saving some few thousand acres of fertile, productive earth up around the Mary Valley region? Just a thought.....

Hail To The Heroes!

A well-deserved beer after a well-deserved win by Meninga and his band of Queensland warriors. Go the Mighty Maroons! What a game! What spirit and heart the Maroons showed to come back and win by two points after they had been so unfairly dealt with by the video ref in the second half, not once, not twice but three times! Ah....we sure did stomp on those cockroaches!

I had the good fortune to meet Meninga a few years ago. I cooked him his dinner, actually. He was part of a 'Variety Bash' which had a stop-over in the town I was working and living in at the time. He sure is a fine specimen of a man!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Battle Lines Are Drawn

Beattie made his announcement not long ago in Gympie regarding his proposal for Traveston Dam. How gracious of him...he's decided to make the dam smaller...500 properties instead of 900 will be flooded! And, as an afterthought...if the dam proves not to be big enough upon its completion...around 2011...or so...or thereabouts or's size will be increased at a later date. Well, damn, Mr Beattie...what do the people on those surrounding properties do in the meantime? Can you answer that question? In my way of reckoning, it sure as hell wouldn't make them want to look towards the future and be productive in the meantime! I guess, it's one way the government will be able to snaffle up those remaining properties at a lower price! Geez! I wonder if Mr Beattie would like to live on tenterhooks, the way his announcement today has made these people's lives! Words fail me! There is absolutely nothing logical about today's decision...nothing, naught...zilch!

The battle isn't over, Mr's just begun! You've waved the red flag...don't expect a white flag from those who oppose your folly...'Traveston Travesty'! Damn you and shame on you, Peter Beattie!
Getting One's Priorities In Order...

It's amazing how North Korea can't afford to house or feed its people, yet it can afford to produce and launch long-range missiles!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Big Brother Beattie's Lost The Plot!

The latest debacle over the inane, brain-numbing and dumbing 'Big Brother' television show should bring this show to its long-awaited and desired demise. It should be dead and buried, never to be resurrected. However, our illustrious 'white knight', 'man of steel', 'knight in shining armour', 'the pride of all dentists, the world over', Peter Beattie uttered more memorable words yesterday...words that should be engraved in his political tombstone! (Along with those utterances issued forth from his gleaming teeth-framed mouth about the engineers and geologists damning reports over the Traveston Dam travesty...quote: "I don't believe them" End quote!)

Mr Beattie stated the State Government would continue subsidising 'Big Brother'..(it's nice to know where our taxes go, isn't it?). Beattie thinks it's nice to create local television production jobs. Well, Mr Beattie there must be better shows to about subsidising not only the production jobs...but the writers, animators, graphic artists, actors, directors, goffers, editors et al, to enable them to produce shows worth watching and worthy of our time, not brain-dead rot like 'Big Brother'! Please...don't insult me, Mr Beattie.

Beattie went on to say, quote "If you destroy television production in Australia...then all we do is import American crap." Great stuff, Mr Beattie! Unbelievable that these words came out of his mouth...or is it?

If Beattie is proud of crap like 'Big Brother', then it really makes his stance on building dams believable, doesn't it? (Excuse me while I remove my tongue from my cheek!)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

What Men Want...

I often wonder if they know! Or if they think about it. Do men think? That's a pertinent question!

It's different when younger but as one grows older, compromise slips through the window. It's harder to find the perfect partner, if one is looking, that is! Is there such a thing as 'the perfect partner'? I doubt it very much.

Men should learn how to enhance their good points. I'm sure they must have some! They must learn to reach inside themselves and discover qualities they don't know they have or are afraid to show. It's time men did a bit of self-examination...and I don't mean checking each other out at the trough!

When The Whistle Blows on a State of Origin Legend...

Legendary State of Origin referee, Barry Gomersall (it's a pity the World Cup Soccer series don't have referees of his quality, knowledge and professionalism!) is battling non-operable prostate cancer. But like the fighter he proved to be during his tenure as a rugby league coach, one who proved his prowess and strength in the face of a battle over and over again, he's not giving up easily. Apparently, Barry Gomersall has had a remarkable turn-around in this greatest battle of all. Instead of gruelling sessions of chemotherapy, he opted to undergo natural therapy that's given him no side effects. Good for him! So many folk 'poo-hoo' natural therapies in preference for the many drugs willingly handed out to them by their doctors.

A number of years ago, I had a greengrocery/healthfood store in Noosa. A young lass of around 20 years of age came in to my store with her mother to purchase goods. Pippa, the daughter, had cancer. Her mother, who was a remarkable woman, had taken control. During their holiday in Noosa, I got to know them quite well. Pippa's mother, who had had a high profile career, gave it all up to concentrate on restoring her daughter's natural foods, therapies etc. The family sold up their Melbourne home to relocate to the Dandenongs where they grew their own produce etc., and drank pure mountain water. With her mother's dedication and strength, Pippa came through her battle with cancer. I wish more people would understand the power and goodness of nature, rather than depend on chemicals produced by drug companies and passed on to them by medical practitioners.
Superman Pretender!

Sometime this week, with little or no advance warning, our ego-maniacal premier, Peter 'Media-Tart' Beattie will visit the proposed site of 'Beattie's Folly'. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'s 'Super-Beattie'! He'll give no warning of his pending arrival, of course. He doesn't want the rest of Queensland to know about the anti-dam protesters. He doesn't want the rest of Queensland to know of the heartache being experienced by the people of the Mary Valley and its surrounds by the loss of their homes and livelihoods. Hundreds of displaced people with unsurety about their future and the future of their children. Nor does he wish to bring to the attention of the populace how he intends flooding acres and acres of fertile, productive land.,20797,19641541-3102,00.html

The above article is worth reading.