Friday, April 06, 2007

Grab Your Easter Bonnets

I’ll tell you here and now, one frolic I won’t be frolicking this Easter is an Easter Egg Hunt, not after seeing a large carpet snake sun-baking on my roof the other day! I swear I saw a pair of sunglasses on his nose! I was very annoyed he’d not asked my permission to use my roof! So annoyed was I, I didn’t bother to warn him about skin cancer! He was a big fellow, too

To be totally honest with you, I’m not at all partial to snakes, and particularly when they infringe on my space. I think you know this already. In other words, I don’t like them at all, not even a teensy-weensy bit! The only snakes I like are “Snake” in the cartoon and snakes, the colourful lollies!

I rang the very efficient snake-catchers, Tom and Heidi, but my cowardly, uninvited visitor had slithered off to a hiding place before they arrived. He didn’t have the guts to hang around to meet them!

As soon as I spotted the snake, I quickly gathered up my two cats, tossing them into the house. After all the mayhem had died down, but not my heart from pounding, I walked into my lounge room to find both cats sitting side by side on the coffee table, looking at each other as if to say, “What did you do?” “Me? I didn’t do anything! What’d you do?” “Nothing! I thought it was you!” “Not Me!” "She must be having one of her 'turns'!"

Now you understand why I won’t be going on an Easter Egg Hunt this Easter unless I hide all my Easter eggs in the house somewhere. I wonder if I’ll find them! Damnit! I remember where I put them!

I've been kicking myself ever since I spotted the snake, though. I regret very much what I did. Acting out of sheer panic and thoughtlessness, I dragged out something to stand upon and whacked the snake as hard as I could. It, of course, slithered along the guttering, in the guttering. I shouldn't have disturbed it. It was my fault the snake-catchers couldn't find the damn thing when they arrived. I've been reprimanding myself ever since for my hasty action. I just hope the snake has decided to find green pastures away, away from my roof-top or anywhere near me. There is thick, protective bushland across the road. I'm sure he would like it much better over there, not hanging around this wild woman brandishing a fourteen-inch bladed knife and tomahawk in the other hand! Who mentioned "anger management?" It's more like "panic management" in my case. The anger came later, directed at myself.

I've not seen my unwelcome, unwanted sun-baker since and I hope I don't. Every time I wander outside my eyes are cast upwards towards my roof! He won't escape next time...take that as a definite warning and threat, Mr. Carpet Snake. (What a silly first name, anyway!)

Now, back to these chocolate Easter eggs....


  1. Oh Lee,
    That's the one thing I don't miss about Australia. The snakes. When we were kids and fortunately, mostly saw them slithering off into the undergrowth, we'd say, was it black, was it brown, what colour was it? Australia, home to more venomous snakes than any other country, I once read.
    My husband said they lost quite a few cats to snakes when he was a kid, and a dog to ticks. Then there's the spiders!
    Except there were no bears or cougars there or rabies. Some pluses I guess.
    Happy easter

  2. Yes, snakes are one thing we can do without, I reckon, jmb...they are not on my radar! I hate the bloody things! Spiders don't worry me...little else does, really...I just can't abide snakes. And I don't want them coming into my space.

    Ticks are a pest up here on the mountain from about October/November through to Feb, but this past season they weren't so bad, thankfully. I always go over my cats for them. Ticks love me, too, unfortunately! I can't see any good reason for them in the whole scheme of things.

    And fortunately, we don't have rabies in this country...that certainly is a plus. Happy Easter to you, too, jmb. :)

  3. texpat7:49 PM

    I've never seen a "carpet snake" so next time one shows up, grab a camera and post some photos.

  4. They are of the python family, Texpat. I won't be grabbing my camera, I can promise you! Do a Google will find pictures of them. :)

  5. Sunny,

    Saw your posts at LST and could not resist a reply here. God's Blessings on you.

    Snakes. The poisonous ones I kill with a vengence. I've killed over 150 Copperheads since we started clearing land here in 1995 or so.

    I quit killing the Coral snakes after realizing that I had enough sense to not pick one up, and observing that they are not aggressive at all. They tend to scoot if disturbed.

    We are lucky to have only two species that will hurt you here. Pit Vipers ( Copper Heads, Rattle Snakes, and Water Moccasins) and Coral Snakes (related to Cobras).

    We have tons of non poisonous snakes which I really like. Stormy likes the non-lethal ones also. I am not afraid to pick up a real big king snake or black snake because done carefully they will not even bite. The Coachwhips will nip you until they calm down.

    When I was about 12-14 yrs old, My best bud an I would wade down a creek near us at night with "torches" and catch Diamond Back Watersnakes and put them in a burlap sack. The Houston City Zoo would buy them from us at something like $5 a pound for food for the bigger snakes, or to put in their 'Gator exhibit. We never saw a poisonous snake. Got scratched up by the water snakes tho. They're mean.

    You have probably seen Stormy's pics of the Texas Rat Snakes. They are welcome residents.

    You need to get a picture of your Carpet Snake. I'd be curious to find out what it is?

    Is it venomous?

    Well, this went long, sorry.


  6. No, they're not venomous, Marc, but they do have a tendency of taking, constricting and swallowing smaller animals, such as cats! I've already lost a cat to a python when I was living on Hinchbrook Island and I don't intend that happening to my cats or to me, again. A few weeks, back you might remember, a carpet snake took my landlords' kitten and we figured it had too, taken the kitten they had before. As I said in my comment back at Texpat, carpet snakes are of the python family...they are constrictors and grow quite large.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Marc and Stormy. :) And leave those snakes alone! ;)

  7. So, Python family, Hmmm, how big? To grab a cat it would have to be at least 8-10 ft long. To hurt you about 20 ft long.

    Granted you have a greater selection of Nasty Ones, but most can be identified easily. You need to be able to separate the bad ones from the good ones.

    I understand tho. My dad hated snakes. My mom was afraid of them, but did not hate them. My brother and I brought many small snakes into the house to show her. Young'uns!

    My dad's policy was out before dark! We had a Speckled King Snake about 6 ft (2M) long that we got tamed and seemed to enjoy our attention. I made the mistake of hiding him(her) in one of my dresser drawers. I did not realize the back of the drawer had a good sized gap at the back.

    Long story short, about 3AM this blood curdling shout woke us all up. Dad had stepped on the poor snake in the bathroom.

    An immediate "no snakes in the house" policy was instituted. Poor snake slept in the garage.

    That snake lived under our house for many years. The last sighting was while I was in the Air Force, and the snake was about 8 ft long. Big for a King snake.

  8. LOL, "panic management"

    I love it! That's me too when I see a snake.

  9. Corn Dog,

    I quit having panic attacks on snakes after unloading about ten 12 GA rounds on our first bad infestations of Copperheads.

    I have a 3 ft Machette that works better and ain't as noisy.

  10. Marc, the one that took my cat on Hinchinbrook and that I found on my bed one night was 18-foot...that's more than big enough for me! We have the most number of venomous snakes in the world here in Aus...I don't particularly want to get up close and personal to any of them for identification. I killed a red-bellied black snake in my cabin one night a couple of years ago. This is "my" space and snakes of any description are not welcome in here! I have a very simple philosophy about that! ;)

    You can share that with me, Corn Dog...I'll give you permission! ;)

  11. Whoa!
    Big snake!
    And they don't let you Blast 'em?
    Oops! forgot, they took all your guns away. Can't help you there.

  12. God Bless all that read this.

    I'm to bed. 11:48 Atomic clock Houston time.

  13. The carpet snakes seem to like your place, Lee...or do they like you? Maybe the one you chased off the roof ate your Easter eggs...?

  14. Well, if that be the case, Robyn, the feeling definitely isn't mutual.

    As for the Easter eggs...I know where they are and nothing or nobody can get them expect me! ;)

  15. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I love a good snake story. Git a picture. I, also would like to see it.

  16. I'm with you! I detest snakes! I lived in Florida for 13 years and saw my fair share of them. I get the chills just thinking of them!

    Ohhh did you know the cartoon called "Snake" by Sols??? For a snake hater I absolutely loved that cartoon strip!!!! Poor Snake! No neck for ties, no hands for gloves and no feet for shoes! hahahaha

  17. Here's a site you wouldn't want to wake up to Lee!

  18. Have a wonderful snake-free Easter, Lee! Enjoy your lunch.

  19. Keep the snakes down there. We don't need them. I'm like you they give me the willies.
    Marilyn read your last post too. We loved the recipe ideas and she recognized some of those cheeses from her travels in Switzerland. Her brother and wife who lived there now live in New Zealand.

  20. I need to send you a batch of rattlesnake eggs that a friend got on the internet. They will be hatching soon. :))) I have to admit when I was young, I was at my grandparents house in the country, and playing in the yard when a copperhead came up to me and I thought it was pretty and almost grabbed it when my grandfather stopped me. It must tell you how much things don't bother me too much. Have a safe and wonderful Easter.

  21. Lee,you were brave and you did the only thing you could have done! You couldn't risk that thing getting your cats. [Love the story of them trying to work out which one of them had done something wrong, btw!] Me, I'm scared of a harmless house spider, so I couldn't cope with snakes! Great pics at the top of the post, too. Email to you still not working so have tried via my hotmail address now. I'll get the computer shop man to work it out next time he comes over. Happy Easter again from Simi and me.

  22. Steve, Deslily, Neo, Liz, Cliff, Sandra and Welsh (Whew!)...thanks everyone for your comments. :)

    Now the cooler weather has arrived, snakes have gone into hibernation...I just hope not in my ceiling! ;)

  23. We have a spider problem around here (black widows) but not poisonous snakes in the city. On the other hand, we do have rabies although I haven't heard of a case in years.

    Congratulations on your nomination. I read down Robyn's list and realized you were the only one I hadn't met. (Or I don't think I have).

    So - here I am greeting you from Merced (gateway to Yosemite) in the San Joaquin valley of California.

    I'm a great-granny raising my 3 great-granddaughters who has made several Australian friends through the wonders of the internet.

    Marc is blessed with both coral and copperheads? I'd be running screaming.

    I hope you have enjoyed your Easter. Our isn't here yet.

  24. Hey, nice to meet you, Granny. Thanks so much for popping in. :)

    I'd be running and screaming, too from those copperheads etc. I'll race you to the end of the property! ;)

    Spiders don't worry, too much...I let them do their own thing and they stay out of my way. Sometimes my car is like a mobile cobweb as they love covering it it with webs! Same with the outside of my's a good camouflage! ;)

    Don't be a stranger, Granny. I'll pop over to visit you later. At the moment I'm in the middle of preparing Easter Sunday lunch. I have a couple of friends coming over.

    Have yourself a wonderful Easter. :)

  25. Lee I have never seen a snake up close, where I live in Michigan they just are not that common. I get the willies when I see them behind thick glass at the Zoo. I would be terrified to see one around my house. Hope he never returns. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  26. You're lucky then, Shelly. I hope you're having a great Easter too, with your family. :) Glad to hear there was no car-sickness this time!

  27. Don't be afraid of snakes. Just think of them as lizzards without legs. :)

  28. I'm pretty sure I would absolutely freak if I saw python-like snakes slithering about my property. I doubt that "panic management" would work very well on me -- or that I'd have the presence of mind to grab a 14-inch knife and go into warrior princess mode.

    Even though the egg hunt is out, happy Easter to you!

  29. so you made me google carpet snake.
    Thank goodness they aren't poisonous. BUT, they could choke a cat????

    We have rattlesnakes in my neck of the woods but none in town -- and usually only close to rocky areas... and where people don't congregate.

    If I hear dead leaves rattling when we're at the river I go balistic.

    Here from Holties House!!!