Friday, August 17, 2007

Sasha, The Warrior!

(Graphite Drawings by Lee)

I have mentioned Sasha, my ginger cat, a few times in previous posts. He came into my life and I, into his, when I was married to Mervyn, my first husband. After Mervyn and I separated, I gained custody of Sasha. He, Sasha, became my shadow. Always by my side, he was my best buddy. A big ginger fellow with a proud demeanour, a snowy white chest and belly, he feared no one.

When I was moving from my flat in New Farm to my new abode at Toowong, he disappeared during the loading of my furniture and other odds and ends. I should not have been concerned as he was found curled up contentedly in the back of the removalists' truck, on top of one of the many cartons. He was ready to go, and I wasn't going any where without him. He made that perfectly clear.

A couple of years after settling into the apartment at Toowong, I adopted a kitten, Smocka. Smocka's mother had been dumped on the property when she was about due to give birth to her little furry family. I managed to give three of her four kittens away to friends, keeping one, Smocka, for myself. From the moment he opened his eyes, Smocka attached himself to me. There was no way I could bring myself to give him away. He was a dear, sweet-natured little fellow. His steely-blue coat and amber-green eyes betrayed perhaps some higher breeding in his genetics. I think his mother may have been playing around amongst the "upper-classes".

Sasha became Smocka's mentor. He protectively guarded Smocka and not once uttered a meow of dissent towards him.

One Saturday morning, I returned from shopping to find Smocka bailed up at my front screen door. At first I didn't see him in the shadows, having come from bright sunlight. However, I did at once see a white boxer dog, hair on end at my door. Once my eyes adjusted to the differing light, I saw Smocka frozen to the spot with the dog about an inch or two from him. I froze, too, not wanting to make a sudden move, believing all hell would break loose if I did so, and knowing Smocka would become the victim.

Fear took over my being as I stood there wondering what to do next to save my little mate. Then I noticed Sasha. Stealthily, all puffed up ready for battle, quietly he strode with determined intent across the yard at the rear of my apartment. I remained rooted to the spot, knowing Sasha had the matter under control. The albino boxer had no idea what was in store for him. He was too concentrated on Smocka to be aware of what was going on around him.

Proudly, I watched as Sasha approached the unwary dog. With one quick movement and a flash of claw, Sasha struck out at the unsuspecting dog. Sasha quickly followed with another massive blow to the dog's nose. The dog let out a couple of surprised, woeful cries and with blood pouring from his face he ran backwards. I immediately flew to the screen door, ushering Smocka inside. Sasha was prepared to continue the battle, but I picked him up and put him inside as well. I turned to chase the dog when it's owner, who was visiting the apartment block, came out to see what the turmoil was about.

Sneeringly, he looked at me and said, "My dog would have any cat for breakfast!"

He wasn't very smart in saying that to me, considering the mood I was in. I grew closer to him, looking him directly in the eye.

"If your dog had as much as touched a hair on my cat's body, it wouldn't be alive at this moment, of that you can be sure! It would've had to deal with me! And another thing, albino boxers are illegal. They are supposed to be put-down at birth. Secondly, you are a visitor to the property and dogs are not allowed, especially unleashed dogs, so I advise you to leave right this moment and take that mongrel with you before I report you both!"

The dog owner backed down without a further word. He and his dog left with their tails between their legs.

I was so proud of Sasha that day.


  1. When it comes to the crunch, I'd bet a cat against a dog any day. The dog might have teeth, but cats have lightening fast reflexes and claws!

    My parents had a cat who was terrified of other cats but would run any dog off the place...he was better than a guard!

    I love your drawings, Lee. You are such a talented lady...the gods certainly smiled upon you at birth...grin.

  2. Bared their teeth is more like it, Robyn! ;)

    Yep..cats are so quiet and lightning fast as you say...and Sasha certainly proved that point that day.

  3. Albino boxers illegal? Where did that come from????

    when I had a 6 yr old german shepard a cat got into the garage and gave birth. Managed to give away all but one..which my son wanted..
    before the cat was 6 months old she ruled the 85 lb shepard..who in the beginning truly wanted to eat the kitten (nose dripped, teeth chattered when the cat was in view)..
    but alas.. the cat tamed the dog!

  4. Lee
    Those are beautiful pictures of Sasha. The story was wonderful. You could feel the love of all and what powerful love it was.
    You would have made a good Bouncer.
    love and prayers

  5. Hi Lee ~~ Good story about Sasha and
    little Smocka. Cats are amazing how they can boss dogs around. Thanks for your comments Lee. glad you enjoyed them OK. Isn't it so easy to get behind with blogging, reading and
    commenting. I seem to always be catching up like you. Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  6. Deslily...a work-mate of mine from my Kolotex days...she and her husband bred boxers (I was so sick to death of hearing about bloody boxers, all their special traits, dog shows etc.,). They had boxers for years and she told me about the albino boxers.

    lol...that I would have, Lady Di! I've had to "bounce" a few in my time, too! How did you guess? Hahahaha!

    Hi Merle,good to see you. I had a busy week and got behind in lots of areas, blogging being one. I also had a couple of disruptions/interruptions where I wasn't expecting any...good ones, though. :)

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

  7. Alright, the cat claw is mightier then the dog. Tuna for the winning cat. ;) Great story.

  8. Sasha didn't take any prisoners, Sandra! ;)

  9. Love the drawings Lee.

  10. lee,
    One time long ago when our Siamese, Ginger was alive; my daughter, son and myself were out in the rear yard picking dandelion heads with witch to brew a batch of dandelion wine. During the process D. came out to supervise and she held Ginger in her arms.

    Shortly after her arrival, the landlord's friendly and frisky beagle puppy bounded into the yard wanting to play with the children. Ginger flew out of D's. arms and landed square on the beagle's back and proceeded to shred his hide until i could retrieve her. Needless to say that beagle never came into the yard again

  11. Great story....although I am not a cat person as I am allergic to them. I loved cats so much as a child and would bring home babies that I found on the grounds of my boarding school and my mother would keep them, even though her first words would be that they had to go back, by the end of the day she would be won over. I spent my entire school holidays taking cortizone liquid be cause of the allergies! I never did see them fight like that though. I had a retarded Siamese called Abigail and her claim to fame was not the defender of all things feline, but she would fun and throw herself into the fridgge. Splat. Then she would back up and do it all over again! Good memories your post has evoked.

  12. Thanks, Peter. :)

    Ouch...poor dog...I feel for him. Those claws can hurt, Rel. Fast and furious... :)

    What a pity you're allergic to cats, Rebecca. I don't know what I'd do if I was as I love cats. I've had a cat, and sometimes two cats, since I was a very small far back as I can remember. I've never heard of a cat with a fridge fetish! Hahaha...poor little thing. :)

  13. Fabulous drawings, Lee. And a lovely story. Wonderful Sasha!

  14. Great drawings. I'm glad your kitties are okay. My poor cat, Sammie, got killed by a pit bull that jumped our fence one night. He was a fighter but the pitbull was his undoing. We was the undoing of the pit bull.

  15. Lee, those drawings are wonderful.
    I'm not a cat person but I do appreciate their beauty and I would never let a dog harm a cat. What a pig that owner was, but Sasha saved the day.

  16. Thanks, Welsh. Yep...Sasha was special. :)

    Corn Dog...those pit bulls should be banned everywhere...or their owners should be! I would have done what you no doubt did!

    Hey there jmb...I love cats. I love dogs, too. I'm very protective of my animals, whether they be cats or dogs. I've not had a dog since poor old Missy the cocker spaniel went to green pastures due to her age and that was about ten years ago.

  17. awesome pictures my cat Jasmine could take on a dog any day she is the princess aound here.

  18. Hiya Shelley...good to see you. Give Jasmine a cuddle for me. :)