Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And The Party Continues....

...showing no signs of ending!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I did! And the celebrations continue here "Down Under". I'm not sure when it all will end, or, for that matter, if I'll survive! But I come from pretty strong stock, so I won't give up or in! Time enough for sleep later!

My left-over visitor has snuck off to the pub to replenish the supplies, so I've taken this opportunity to sneak in here to catch up with you. If I was sensible (and I'm not), I'd be trying to catch a nap. However, the local liquor store is only a few moments away, so I really don't have time to have a worthwhile "catch-up" sleep!

Christmas Day was a bonanza of guests, food, champagne, wine and goodwill. I think it was only a couple of days ago, but as I've lost track of time and days, I really have no idea. I do know I had and am still having a marvellous time.

Now the run-down to New Year's Eve is upon us all. Although I'm sure I still have enough food within my household to last until New Year's Eve 2009, I'll be doing a run to the butcher on New Year's Eve to pick up some good, thick, juicy steaks as I'm planning a small barbecue. What's New Year's Eve without a good old Aussie barbie, I ask you? I might even do a "Paul Hogan" and throw a few "prawns/shrimp on the barbie", just because I can!

My two cats have just sighed, given up and decided to go with the flow. I think I've done similar as I know I will have no peace until around 2nd January 2008...not that I'm complaining, mind you! 'Tis all lots of fun and good cheer.

After a fairly erratic, and at times, a downright annoying 2007, I'm quite happy to bid it farewell with a loud"bang", and to be able to optimistically look forward to 2008. I have a gut feeling 2008 has a lot of good things in store for me, and I hope, likewise, for all of you.

Towards the end of next week, I'll have to take off my party hat, hide away the whistles, burst the balloons and burn the streamers, as it will then be time to get serious...head down and bum up to describe it with will be beckoning, and I shall have to heed the call!

Even though 2007 had its "moments", amongst those wasted times that I have since chosen to forget, I did have many good times (and the good times were in the majority), I was fortunate to meet some interesting, very nice, honest and "straight-from-the-shoulder" new friends. I bade farewell to some, but in the long and short of it, I gained more than I lost. And one can't ask for more than that, can one?

Here on the mountain and elsewhere in Australia from all reports, except for Western Australia that is, we've experienced a wonderfully cool Christmas season. Rain fell on and off throughout Boxing Day, making it gloriously cozy here in my cabin. I do so love rainy days...and nights.

I wish each and everyone of you a prosperous, healthy, peaceful and happy New Year. I hope 2008 is kind in every way to one and all (including me!).

Happy New Year!


  1. A good Christmas by the sounds of it and a hopeful attitude looking forward to the New Year.
    Have a wonderful celebration and also a wonderful 2008, Lee

  2. My - it all sounds "wildly wonderful" to me, a very happy new year to you and put some extra shrimp on for me...too delicious...I will be moving into my own place on Jan 1st, so that will be the extent of my celebrations I am afraid! I have not lived here long enough to know who to party with yet!!! No problem, there is always next year, by which time I hope to know far toooooooo many peop0le!!!!

  3. Lee
    Glad to see you popped in and gave us a little tidbit of the wonderful world of the mountain. Glad your year will end with a bang and happy to hear your 2008 is full of new adventures.
    I thought of you last evening as we had 17 people in the kitchen. That is the favorite gathering place.
    Peace be with you now and always.

  4. Happy New Year to you also,I think I survived the food, drinks, beer, wine and desserts, maybe I didn't survive my pants say otherwise. ;)

  5. Happy New Year Lee. Kiddo's birthday is January 11, so I never feel I am finished till that date passes. Christmas was great. Santa must have thought I was very good this year, altho I did not receive that cute dark-eyed cowboy singer I requested. HEHE

  6. Hey there everyone! Nice to "see" you all and learn that you, too, had a wonderful Christmas.

    Sandra, I've given up worrying about the shrinkage in my pants/slacks until after New Year! I think it's the heat that causes the shrinkage! Hehehehe! ex-husband's birthday is on January 11th, as I understand exactly what you mean as it was similar in our household, too. But, I used to dread the weeks following as invariably he would give up smoking and as invariably take it up again after causing WW-111 while he was off them! ;)

    I've just finished stuffing and marinating a piece of beef for cooking the feasting has not yet ceased!

  7. A wish from us to you Lee, for a prosperous, fun, and happy new year.

    I know there were some bumps last year for you. Stormy's year was a little bumpy too, because of Boss problems, but this year looks to be much smoother due to changes at her work. What is your new job?? Hope you love it and that they pay you handsomely!

    We just got back from a quick year end trip to the Texas Gulf Coast. We took a birding tour to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and the bay on a "Skimmer". It is a "small" boat (40 passengers) that can navigate shallow waters, so we got to see a lot of native and migrating birds up close.
    It was a lot of fun!

    Happy New Year Lee!

  8. Happy New Year to you too, Lee

  9. Hi Lee,hope you are sober enough to stay up til after midnight and drunk enough to make it worthwhile.

  10. You betcha, on both accounts, Peter! ;)

    Happy New Year!

    And to you, too, CD, Marc and Stormy! :)

  11. Nice to hear you in such good spirits. That's the way to start a new year. I will be selfish here and admit that I'm bummed that you didn't have a detailed description of your feast, pictures and all. You have such a way with words when it comes to describing your culinary exploits.

    Hea, we're having home-cooked prime rib and king crab legs for our own New Year's feast, so you've inspired some of us Yankees to raise the level of our palate.

    Happy New Year to you, Lee.

  12. Ciao, Lee and glad you had such a great Xmas. Have a very happy 2008. Auguroni dalla Sicilia xxx

  13. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Lee, Happy New Year! You are a treasure!

    My computer crashed and I lost your web site but you are so well known I mentioned it on another blog and POOF! It was provided.

    Your upbeat attitude and love of life/people/food/wine is an inspiration to all who visit this site.

    Happy New Year lovely lady and ALL!


  14. Gidday Lee,

    My Christmas was spent with family at New Farm Park under a lovely but overcast sky but with a delightful
    26 degrees (what a change from previous hot, hot, hot Christmas Days.
    New Years Eve was spent alone (my choice). I saw 2007 disappear and wait with baited breath to see what 2008 brings.
    I hope 2008 brings happiness, joy and health to you.

  15. Dear Lee ~~ Happy New Year dear friend and good luck in your new job.
    Your partying and feasting may be over by now and you make such wonderful food, you will be glad of a break. I hope 2008 has way more ups than downs for you and all of us.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  16. he, he The well known notorious Lee!
    Happy New Year!

  17. Hi Lee,

    Today is our New Years Day!

    Check out the new bird pix we've put up on the blog.

    Anyone else interested, click on Stormy in the links on the main page here. Click on the small pix to see a larger view.

    Marc and Stormy.

  18. Yes indeed. Happy New Year.

  19. My best wishes for a joyful New Year lee. You’re getting very variable weather up there, while we suffer under the heat! Hope to hear from you again into the New Year!

  20. Hey I thought I'd left you Xmas and new year greetings ages ago...

    well seeing as obviously NOT I hope 2008 is going swimmingly for you!

    and if you know an "authentic" recipe for real takeaway style Chinese curry sauce please tell me I am going to crack their inscrutible secret if it kills me!

  21. Hi Lee, sounds as though you are having a great time. Half your luck.
    I have not been up "the Mountain" to visit my friends for some months. They are very happy it is cooler up there as well. Here on the coast the humidity has been a killer.
    Cheers Margaret

  22. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Hi Lee... I am back in the blogging world and came straight to your door for some good ole cheer.... but alas... you are not home! Oh well... perhaps I will leave a note with tales of "see you soon" and "hope all is well"... and I'll be back another day. xox Nic

  23. Perhaps the Strangler has met her match and is no more?

    nahhh..highly unlikely.

  24. I hope the first month of 2008 has been good for you.
    Just dropping by to say hi.
    Take care, Meow

  25. Lee hope all is well, haven't read anything lately, enjoy your food and stories. Best wishes

  26. Lee haven't heard from you lately, miss your food and stories. best wishes

  27. Hi Lee... Don't tell me you are STILL partying?

    I guess maybe not... hope everything is okay...

    Feb 18th

  28. And the next installment will be posted.......? I sure hope soon.

  29. 02/28/08

    Lee, Did you quit on us? Miss your posts.

    You never did tell us about your new job. Hows it going?

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  31. Hi Lee

    Well, my hopes for a better year for Stormy's job were pipe dreams. She got laid off Mar 17. Seems her old boss had some control over her destiny even located in England. New boss was there also. Time for a change anyway.

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  33. WOW! Those fireworks are amazing!