Wednesday, October 17, 2012


In fragile silence I sit melancholy reminiscence
Questioning when where how our love went astray
Suffocated by the harshness of yet another day
An emotional wasteland pondering the rudiments
Of yesterday

Life unmercifully relentless in its pursuit of me
An endless chase masquerading as hope and dreams
Haunting taunting shadows a tormenting banshee
A twilight zone of love's pain of unheard screams
Where to flee

Caustic angry words spoken treasured time wasted
Lost forever in the outer perimeters of my memory
Wishing to mend bridges instead feeling alienated
Misery embroidered on my heart its secret territory
Sorrow captured

Love’s affection passion desire imperative to living
Eternally lost helpless in heart's barren wilderness
Controlled by desperate despair powerfully unforgiving
Emotions carelessly tossed asunder alone and aimless
Heart aching

Poem written by Lee


  1. I'm NEVER EVER going to fiddle around with my settings/layout/template again!!! Ever! Never!

    I removed the Disqus widget because one of my regular blogger friends found he couldn't make a comment when Disqus I got rid of it...but along with doing that...I lost all comments once again!

    That's never again will I fiddle with my blog...even if Rome is burning!!!!!1

  2. I've just noticed...all the comments that I lost upon adding the Disqus widget...all the comments I had received from my blogger mates before adding the widget are now back showing on my posts.

    However, the comments made from when I added the widget until I removed it a few moments ago...have disappeared into the cyber wilderness! By getting rid of Disqus, it took those comments with it!

    That's not a very sportsman-like attitude!!

  3. I'm sure glad I'm not the guy that caused all of this commotion.
    It's amazing that you could let a guy you've never met, influence you. But at least now I can add my drivel.

  4. btw, my email is with cliff.marilyn to begin with.

  5. Thanks, Cliff...I'm keep a note of your email...just in case!

    Yep! That'll teach me to play around and try to change the status quo! Out with old Disgus...he was useless! ;)

    Nice to see you, Cliff...thanks for persevering!