Monday, November 12, 2012


It's not only because the start of the "Silly Season" is drawing near - for me there is always a lot going on at this time of the year. Everything commences in early November. It’s been this way since I was born. Unfortunately, the momentum increases each year - the years have gained momentum, that is, not me. I’ve slowed down to a snail’s pace!

Mercurial years travel faster than the speed of light; swifter than a Swift! They’ve accelerated at an unfair rapid rate of knots! The pace allows me no time to catch my breath, let alone put out the garbage! On top of having to accept the transient years’ high velocity, something is missing from my celebratory couple of weeks – the explosive gaiety of Guy Fawkes’ Night! Party-poopers took that celebration away from us years ago!

Purposely, the grandeur of my birthday celebrations is toned down of late. These days I sneak up on birthdays, and then, in silence, I tip-toe past before the day realises what day it is! This trick comes with age; and with age, comes wisdom. Do you recognise the simile? As with “the chicken and the egg” – what comes first – age or wisdom?” Maybe it’s just age alone! Let’s not delve too deeply into that one – moving on!

With another birthday looming (it finished “looming” on Sunday, 11th November…Remembrance Day), I thought this year I’d celebrate it in a style beyond that of years gone by. I believed I’d be the winner of the $100million Oz7; but, once again the clumsy Lotto mob chose the wrong numbers! When will they get it right?

Therefore, I didn’t go crazy on Sunday; but I did feast upon a huge pile of fresh Aussie prawns from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef up Cairns way. Along with crunchy-crusted fresh bread, butter, cider vinegar and a finger bowl, I was in Seventh Heaven!

On the subject of winning huge amounts; it always amazes me when people say: “Oh! That’s too much money for one person!” A Brisbane friend of long-standing declared similar to me the other day as we discussed said Lotto. I couldn’t help but correct her, as that is not my belief, in any way; it never has been! She’d quickly change her tune if I won an enormous amount!

Every one of my best friends would benefit from my good fortune; as would some relatives (the operative word being "some"...there are some I'd probably bypass!). The majority of my close relatives are worthy recipients, and they, the majority, would be well-taken care of; they’d be set for the rest of their lives. Of course, it’d be up to them not to squander the “golden egg”; but, once theirs, they could do with it whatever they wished; but I have faith in their astute judgment and commonsense. After all, they accept me for who I am; making their expert, impeccable judgment undeniable!

There are so many charities and good causes, such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s research, to name but two of numerous others, that’d be beneficiaries of my good luck. I’d revel in the enjoyment of spreading my triumphant windfall, my lucky break, amongst family, friends and good causes. I’d feel no guilt whatsoever in savouring such selfish fun, expecting and wanting nothing in return; already I would have received more than enough! So, you see, $100million wouldn’t be too much for this one person. Selfishly I’d accept my winnings; I’d bask and wallow in guiltless pleasure!

The best job in the world is philanthropy. I’d love to be able to apply for, and get the job! Now, please excuse me - I need to blow up balloons, string streamers and pop a cork - it’s time to party – with or without Lotto’s assistance!

Golden Eggs: Peel 6 hard-boiled eggs. Heat 2tbs veg oil over med-heat; cook 1 thinly-sliced brown onion until golden; add 2 finely-chopped tomatoes, 12 fresh curry leaves, 2tsp mustard seeds and 1tsp turmeric; cook, stirring, 2mins. Add 400ml can coconut cream; simmer 10mins; add eggs; cook 1min.

Golden Egg Casserole: Melt 2tbs butter in large pan over med-high heat; add 1c sliced mushrooms and 1 medium green capsicum, chopped; sauté 8mins; remove from heat. Whisk 10 eggs with 1/2c plain flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1/4tsp salt; stir in mushroom mix, 455g cottage cheese, 2c shredded cheddar, 240g cooked pork sausage mince, 6 cooked, crumbled bacon rashers and 60g sliced, drained black olives. Pour into greased oven dish; bake at 200C, 15mins; reduce heat to 175C; bake 15-20mins until set.

Fried Devilled Eggs: Slice 12 hard-boiled eggs in half, lengthwise. Remove yolks to bowl; add 1/4c mayo, 1tbs Dijon mustard, 1tsp lemon zest, 1tbs chopped chives, dash hot sauce, salt and pepper; mash; adjust seasonings. Fill egg whites with this mixture. Heat peanut oil to 175C. Dip eggs into plain flower; then into beaten raw eggs; then in Panko breadcrumbs; gently put eggs into hot oil; fry until golden.

Potato Cakes with Chilli Eggs: Coarsely-grate 550g peeled potatoes; squeeze out as much liquid as possible; set aside on tea towel; grate 1 onion and treat similarly. Heat 2tbs olive oil in large non-stick pan; cook onions, 5mins; stir in potato; mix; fry in an even layer, 15-20mins, until golden underneath. Slide pan under heated grill; cook 5-7mins until golden. Make four indentations on top with spoon; crack an egg into each dip; season; scatter over finely-chopped red chilli, or pinch of dried chilli. Cover; place on hob; cook 4-5mins, depending on how you like your eggs cooked; serve from pan with crusty bread.


  1. Could go a Golden Egg or two right now...

  2. Me, too. Of both kinds!

  3. I didn't buy a ticket so I wasn't very surprised not to win. And, like you, not all of my relatives would be able to live the lilfe of Riley. Most, not all.

    The charities? Lots of them. Cancer research generally - not just for the 'sexy' cancers like breast cancer. Amnesty International. Mediciens Sans Frontiers. And the list goes on.

    And another trip to Antarctica for greedy me.

  4. Yes, the list does go on, EC...but,'d would be so much fun working through it! :) went to of my nephews worked down there for about 6 Casey, Davis and a short stint at Mawson Bases.

    Thanks for calling in. Take good care. :)

  5. I was just having a similar conversation with my daughter's boyfriend. He asked if my new book series hits the big time, what would I do? It's a completely hypothetical question, I don't really think it'll happen.

    But if it did, I said, I know what will happen. I'd end up with a whole lot of best friends and relations I didn't know I had. Probably the best thing to do would be to slink out of town with my windfall and decide later who my real friends really are afterwards.

    And, I would give to the cancer society and a few other charity groups.


  6. Yes, I wouldn't be spreading the news all about, either, Janice. I wouldn't be standing in front of the media telling them, either!

    And those to whom I gave some, I would tell them to keep it to themselves as well and not tell anyone about their own personal windfall.

    Let's hope you do have to "slink out of town"...that would mean your book is a raging success! You'd better start packing a couple of suitcases! :)

  7. Glad you had an enjoyable day even if you tried to sneak by it. LOL
    Just like other things not to much pennies for me to extend either. Peace

  8. G'day Lady Di...I spent a lot of the day on the phone etc....I couldn't quite escape...and I did have a big feed of fresh prawns! ;)

    Nice to see you, as always.

  9. Hello Lee ~~ I hope you get the chance one day to spend all those millions.It sure would be lots of fun for a lot of folks and charities. I would do similar things if I won big also.
    Thanks for your comments. My brother Peter lives in Gympie, Q'ld and often says he is a Mexican from South of the border down Mexico way. I doubt I could do any dance these days, I like to have both feet on the ground. I have enough trouble putting rubbish in my Pedal bin, but am getting better at it lately I reminded my daughter the other day that I wanted 50 Shades of Grey to try and stay awake. I have doubts there too, but thanks for the idea. Take good care my friend, Love, Merle.

  10. At first I thought you might have won your bet on your famous horse race of last post, but no. Oh, well. Hadn't heard of golden eggs (the food) but I'll share the prawns with you if you have any left. : )

  11. Hey Merle! Oh...I think "Shades" will keep you on your toes, Merle! :)

    You, too, take care. Raindrops are falling on my roof here at the moment...and they sound just wonderful! Hugs. :)

  12. Hi, RM! No such luck...none on the horse and none on the Lotto...but I am a persistent devil and I'll keep knocking on Lotto's door until they give up!! I'm relentless when I get started! ;)

  13. Oops! Missed this.....Happy Belated Birthday! My sixtieth b'day was a total flop. I decided that every year from then on I wasn't going to wait for someone else to throw me a party, I was going to do it myself! hasn't happened yet....maybe next year.

    Party hearty, and on into the New Year!

  14. I was rummaging through my desk, and amassed a heap of lottery tickets, some of which were so old that even if they had been winners, they would no longer be eligible. No matter, I took the rest off to the co-op, and watched the poor lady's face fall as she saw the sad, randomly crumpled state of them, a state that made them difficult for the bar-code reader, so she had to keep inputting serial numbers.
    I figured out, that with the Euro-Millions as well as the U.K. lottery, I would be taking home some £250 million, why, I was so excited, I'd even washed my wheelbarrow...
    Picture the scene, me, waiting, joyfully, expectantly, wheelbarrow poised to catch the first brick-shaped bundles of high-denomination notes. My little face gleaming and pink with excitement! Tonight, I'd celebrate, maybe even buy myself a cream-eclair for dessert!

    And then, the lady behind the counter shook her head slowly. "Nothing", she said.
    I was crushed, defeated, humbled. I who had been pondering which island, where in the world, I'd make my new lair. I was debating the number of masts on the superyacht, planning my Pullman Railway suite, from which I'd view the world. I was even thinking of maybe getting a fridge that makes ice in the door. Well, no, that's a bit too wild, I know.
    Instead, I picked up the handles of my empty wheelbarrow, and trudged, disconsolately, home.