Sunday, June 02, 2013


We all have them, of that there is no doubt. However, there are some who feel, for whatever silly, uninformed reasons, too guilty to own up to having enjoyable pleasures because they feel guilty about partaking in pleasurable activities; or, even non-activities for that matter. We all have moments or a day, or longer, even, when we feel unmotivated; but that’s okay…just go with the flow, guiltlessly. There’s nothing in the rule book that says we have to be “up-and-go” at all times. In actual fact, there probably isn’t even a rule book!

It’s my belief the sense of guilt some feel is born out of fear what others might think if they, the “others”, became aware of what pleasures one personally enjoys! But who gives a damn about what others think? It is no one else’s business if you devour a whole block of dark chocolate in one sitting. If you enjoyed it free of guilt, your pleasure is heightened! Continue doing so with no guilty pangs. It’s nobody else’s business but your own.

You can bet London to a brick, as the late Aussie horse race-caller Ken Howard said often, everyone has his/her own so-called “guilty pleasures”. You don’t need bookmaker Tom Waterhouse’s assistance to place your bets, either!

A “brick”, by the way, was Aussie slang for a ₤10 note.

If something gives you pleasure, go for broke, I say! To hell with all the detractors!

Enjoy the feelings that your pleasures bring minus the guilt and remorse that others gain morbid pleasure from throwing in your direction. There are some amongst us, unfortunately, who think it’s their right to dump upon others. Pitifully, there are those who hate to see others happy, if even from the most innocent, simplest of pleasures.

How can a pleasure be classified as a “guilty pleasure”? If our pleasures make us happy I can’t understand why anyone would feel guilty about doing what pleasures them.

Just to clarify my meaning – I’m not talking about illegal or sordidly twisted pleasures. I refer to the harmless, innocuous pleasures of life.

Personally I enjoy many pleasures; some of which probably wouldn’t be of interest to others; but they are my pleasures and that’s what is important – to me.

I give no excuses; I offer no apologies.

For years because of work commitments, I watched very little television. Often, in the various jobs I had, I worked 24/7 or similar hours. My free time was limited; and, more often than not, any spare time I did have, was spent catching up on sleep rather than enjoying pleasures; guilty or otherwise.

Nowadays, I have many favourite TV shows. I watch them without guilt.

For example, I get pleasure watching “Dexter”. I love dear old Dex, and the show’s dark humour.

The silliness of “Mrs Brown’s Boys” makes me laugh out loud. There’s nothing hidden about Agnes Brown’s comedy. It's as blatant as humour can get. At first, I didn’t think I’d fall under Agnes’ spell, but she caught me; and reeled me in, hook, line and sinker!

Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” and its talented cast give me much pleasure, too. As do talent shows such as “The Voice”, “Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “The X Factor” etc., etc., et al.

And I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever admitting these weaknesses in my character!

Okay! I’ll lay it on the line. I’ll admit that I do enjoy “Celebrity Apprentice”, if only to drool over the drool-worthy Mark Bouris, I wouldn’t mind being Mr. Bouris’ apprentice.

And, while on the subject of “The Voice”… I also get a great deal of guiltless pleasure watching Seal.

Of course, there are many shows that give me no pleasure whatsoever, so I don’t watch them. It is my choice whether to, or not to; but I feel no guilt watching the ones from which I gain pleasure. Documentaries, reality, crime dramas, rom-coms, comedies, sport...whatever takes my fancy - I'm guilty!

I alone have sole control of the remotes. My two furry, four-legged rascals haven’t worked out how to use them yet…and the status quo shall remain so – if only to keep the peace in this small household.

If some programmes I enjoy are of the non-intellectual kind, it matters not to me; and it shouldn’t bother anyone else. I’m the one watching them. Sometimes the pleasure received from blanking out from the real world for a while is necessary and is what counts. I call it “dumbing down”. Of late there are many times I get so fed up with all the horrible things that go on in our world, here in this country and elsewhere. “Dumbing down” allows me much guilt-free pleasure. And I’ll grab that pleasure whenever I can; and as much as I'm able.

Reading gives me great pleasure. I have no feelings of guilt when my head is buried in a book.

I felt no guilt reading “The Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. I’m a big girl now; been there; done that, paddles and whips aside, of course! Christian and Ana’s exploits caused me no embarrassment, nor did I feel any guilt from peeping in on their exploits. Like yesterday’s news, both have been forgotten these days; having become today’s fish and chips’ wrapping, as it were.

Readers have moved onto other pleasures; perhaps some gained from reading the trilogy.

As a teenager I was introduced to Anais Nin, the Marquis de Sade,Edgar Allan Poe, D.H. Lawrence amongst many others. I wasn't corrupted by reading anything that they wrote; nor was I corrupted by reading Enid Blyton when I was a child!

Swimming naked in the ocean or in a pool (preferably the ocean) is a pleasure I used to enjoy, guilt-free. Dancing beneath warm tropical downpours sans clothing was also a joy I more than once relished – once upon a time; and not once did I feel guilt when enjoying such pleasures.

No one should ever be made feel guilty when enjoying freedom; the freedom to be.

So…keep all those pleasures you enjoy…and toss all the guilt out with the dishwater, along with those who look upon you down the slope of their judgmental noses!

Slow-Cooker Rich & Creamy Guilt-Free Hot Chocolate – (For When Time Is of the Essence and You Have Other Things To Attend To in the Meantime): To your slow-cooker (if you have one) toss in 1-1/2c heavy cream, 1x14oz can of sweetened condensed milk, 6 cups of milk, 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1 cup milk chocolate chips and 1 teaspoon vanilla; stir and cook on low for at least 2 hours; stir occasionally. Serve hot with fresh whipped cream or lots of marshmallows (add a shot of peppermint schnapps before serving/drinking if the mood fits)! I don’t see why you can’t do all of this in a regular pot; cook up for about 20-25 minutes, I’d say. If it doesn’t work out the first time, just keep trying until you get it right! And don’t feel guilty about regular taste-testing!

Mocha Chocolate-Crepe Torte: Sauce: Place 90g dark cooking chocolate, roughly-chopped and 225ml thickened cream in saucepan; stir over low heat, 2 minutes or until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat; stir in 1-1/2tspns Tia Maria. Transfer to heatproof jug; set aside at room temperature for 1-1/2 hours; the sauce will thicken slightly. Crepes: Sift 1-1/4 cups plain flour and 1-1/2tbs cocoa powder together in large bowl. Stir in 2tsp caster sugar; make well in centre. Place 1/3 cup milk in saucepan; heat over med-heat for 30 seconds or until lukewarm. Add 1tbs instant espresso coffee granules; stir until dissolved. Combine coffee mixture, remaining milk and 3 room-temperature eggs, slightly whisked, in measuring jug; whisk with a fork. Pour about ½ cup of milk mixture into flour; use a wooden spoon to gradually incorporate some of the flour. Continue to gradually add mixture until all flour is incorporated and a thin batter forms. Add 2tsp melted butter; using a balloon whisk, lightly whisk until smooth. Cover with wrap; set aside at room temperature for 30mins. Meanwhile place 600g fresh ricotta, 200g mascarpone, ¼ cup caster sugar and 1-1/2tbls Tia Maria in bowl. Beat with electric beater, 3-4 minutes. Cover; chill. The crepe batter should be the consistency of thin cream after standing; if it’s too thick, add a little extra milk, about 1tbls. Measure 2tbls batter into small cup; heat crepe pan over med-low heat, 1 minute. Rub a little butter over pan. Pour measured batter into centre of pan while quickly tilting pan in a circular motion to evenly cover base. Cook for 1 minute or until crepe edges curl up slightly. Use a metal spatula to lift edge to check crepe is light golden and lacy underneath. Use spatula to loosen crepe from pan; turn over. Cook for a further 1 minute or until light golden underneath. Slide crepe onto lined tray, lacy-side up. Continue to cook remaining batter, rubbing extra butter lightly over pan as required. Stack cooked crepes, making small stacks on tray. Cover loosely with greaseproof paper. Set aside for 30 minutes or until cooled completely. To assemble, place a crepe, lacy-side up, on a plate and spread with 2-1/2tbls of ricotta mixture to completely cover (spread a little thicker on outside edge). Drizzle with 2 tsp of rich chocolate sauce, then top with another crepe. Continue to layer, spreading with filling, and drizzling every second crepe with sauce, finishing with a crepe. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in fridge for 30 minutes. To serve, use a large sharp knife to cut torte into 8 portions and place on serving plates. Drizzle with a little of remaining chocolate sauce; serve remaining sauce separately.


  1. What you refer to as 'dumbing down' I call mental health days/hours. Same concept and only the name changess. I do wrestle with guilt, and if I knew where my guilt button was I would disconnect it. Permanently.
    No guilt about my pleasure, rather guilt about things which for one reason or another I feel I 'ought' to do. Silly, and something I am working on.

  2. I really like to watch TV and read (equally) and don't feel guilty about it. Although most of that turns out to be on the weekend.

    A coworker was recently knocking people who watch Dancing with the Stars, by saying that she is so glad she has "a life" and doesn't "waste time" with things like that. I told her I consider that I have a life, but that I watch that show whenever it's on and don't mind saying so. Shaking head. I agree - it's all good.

  3. I am sorry. For I know that you worked really hard on preparing this piece for our consumption, but after staring into the eyes of that black and white kitty, my mind went blank. It is starting to come back a little now, and if I fully recover, I will attempt to re-read this without repeating my mistake. Of course, I am a little fuzzy on just what that mistake was at this time, but one can always trust a kitty to guide them in the right direction--right?

  4. Your black and white kitty looks just like my Mandrake, although Mandrake has eaten a few more sundaes ;)

    Here's to guiltless pleasures!

  5. G'day Elephant's Child...I think we all need to blank out at times, otherwise we'd go crazy...or in my case, crazier than normal! ;)

    I agree...guilt sometimes does have the cheek to sneak in when we start thinking about the things we should be doing or have done...such as my pile of laundry waiting for me now to throw into the machine! I am going to do soon as I finish here! :)

  6. Hi Lynn...I freely admit to enjoying watching TV...and it's fun at times to witness the pursing of the lips of some others when I'm making the admission!

    I enjoy "Dancing with the Stars"...I admire the effort the non-professional dancers put into it. Hats off to them, I reckon! I sure as hell couldn't do what they do; and I feel no guilt in admitting to that! ;)

  7. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! I apologise on behalf of Remy for him giving you the "evil eye"! But it's really not you he has his eye on, but probably me for sitting in his chair, which, in actual fact, is my chair. Being a very spoiled cat he believes everything that is his!

    I await your return once you've gotten yourself back together again!

  8. Hey Riot Kitty...Remy is quite larger than he appears in that picture...I think it's the angle he's sitting that makes him appear a little smaller. He's a hefty, solid fellow. His sister, Shama is much smaller than he is...she's the dainty lady...well, sometimes! ;)

  9. A short list, if you don't mind, of sordidly twisted pleasures.

    Jerry is too shy to ask for it.

  10. Hahahahaha, Relax careful of what you wish for! ;)

  11. It is actually more like fear, my dear Max.

  12. Ahhh...and there is Jerry...shaking in his boots! ;)

  13. Hi Lee, have seen you around the blogs on red dirt girl/Lola's loves so thought I would pop over and have a look at your blog.
    Definitely with you on the escapist tv, I always have to have one on the go and The Voice is filling that space nicely at the moment. Down time can be great (and re-energising).
    Those recipes look very tempting!

  14. Hi Frankie Jay...thanks for dropping by...please don't be a stranger. :)

    "The Voice" is particularly good this season, I think. I love Steve Clisby...what a cool guy he is. Kiyomi and Mitchell and Miss Murphy, I like as well.

    Do call again. :)

  15. Hey, I've had a go at a few snappers back in the day, but your crocs scare me!

  16. Agree with you about guilt. My "guilty pleasure" is gelato!

  17. They would scare me, too, Jerry if I found myself up close and personal with one!

    I've cooked a few, though...

  18. Hi Pat...I have a particular brand of ice cream that is a pleasure of mine....other than a good homemade ice cream, Peters Ice cream is the only one I!

    Nice to see you. :)

  19. If yawl are gonna be guilty then kat fuzz it is not a pleasure. My MIL is a remote news flasher with the TV blasting at all hours. Too much bad stuff going on so I like a mind numbing romantic historical novel to read and not think. Some refer to them as Trash but I find them to be rather effortless reads. No thoughts to process just flow with the written word. Not at all like the book I just finished "The Devil in Pew Number Seven" which is a true story of the authors life and I only read it because she lives here in Franklin TN. I think I will jump back to a guilty pleasure. lol Peace

  20. Yes, I'm with you, Lady Di. I get so fed up will all the horrendous, distressing things that go on...I just need an escape from the news. If that makes me an ostrich with its head in the be it!

    I've just read a review on the book you mentioned - I'll have to keep my eye out for sounds like it's a very interesting read.

    Take care. :)

  21. You're making these guilty pleasures sound pretty tempting and I really now realize you are correct.
    But I do so hate having to beg.

  22.'ve been spending far too much time in those new kennels of yours! lol

  23. Not sure what my guilty pleasures would be. Maybe I need to get some. I'm not into watching TV (too many commercials) and there are few places you can swim, or do anything, naked around here without a chance of landing on YouTube.

    Oh, I thought of one--Lays potato chips. Very bad for me, but I can't resist.

  24. Hiya are you enjoying your retirement so far? :) proven you feel no guilt at all from what gives you pleasure...way to go!!

    Enjoy those chips! Crunch! Crunch!

  25. LEE-Full retirement has been suspended as I'm back to work half-time. So this is a different experience yet.