Saturday, July 20, 2013


Each man rides the elements
or pauses in reviewing stands
           as they pass by

To know the sea
you must plunge into it
not once but often
till the ocean, foe or friend
            becomes a habit

The quickest way
to learn the earth
is sifting gound
through ungloved hands

Touching the sky
              is easy,
once you've found
               the ladder 

With thanks to Rod McKuen...."We Touch the Sky"


  1. Methinks I may have gotten it wrong. For I have plunged into the ground many times, and I have the scars to prove it!

  2. Hahahaha! Haven't we all!

    It's easy to slip off a step on that ladder, Jerry. I've come down with a thud many a time! ;)

  3. I love that cloud ladder - and am a confirmed ground sifter.

  4. That you are, EC. You do love your gardening. :)

  5. To keep getting back up is the important part, right?

  6. Sure is, RC. It just takes a bit longer as one gets older! ;)

  7. Lovely pictures!!!!

  8. I am looking at vinyl recordings of the Sea, the Earth, the Sky, of McKuen's making as I read the poem . (ya want them?)
    I see by an included pamphlet that he was a propaganda writer during Korean war (and there is a picture of him with Robert Kennedy).

    Memories everywhere . . .

  9. G'Day Adullamite...they are, indeed.

  10. Hey there Goatman...somewhere stored away in a carton I, too, have an LP or two of McKuen's. I must, one of these days, go through the vinyls...I've some good ones that I've not seen nor played for years.