Sunday, March 22, 2015


A sketch I did about seven years ago

These pink water lilies and the lavender ones below are those on the pond below.
The pond on this property...I've posted this image previously, but it never gets old!

View from Main Western Road, Mount Tamborine to the west towards Beaudesert

My blogging activities have been fairly slack these past two weeks.  My mind and energy have been elsewhere occupied; and, overall, I’ve been feeling pretty drained, stressed and exhausted.  However, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel (it’s beaming brightly as I draw nearer the tunnel's end); and, thankfully, I can see the forest as well as the trees. 

On Saturday, 28th March as well as being drenched in the light because I’ll be at the very end of the tunnel and being able to touch the trees and the forest, I’ll also be able to exhale.

From my still-unfinished story “Music to My Ears…Purrrfect…Or...To All the Cats I’ve Loved Before…And Still!” (further chapters are yet to come) it’s obvious I love cats; and that they’ve played a huge role in my life.  They still do.

My cabin is situated on a three acre block of land.  Up at the far end of the property sits my landlords’ home.  My little abode is at the opposite end of the block, about three-quarters of the way “south” of the main ranch.  Lush trees separate (and a large, water lily-covered pond) the two dwellings, making each totally separate and not visible to the other; nor are they within hearing distance of each other so eavesdropping isn’t possible!

Since 2nd March, every day I’ve been keeping a close eye on my landlords’ five chickens and their cat, Molly. The chickens and I are on first name terms. Mabel, Mildred, Mavis, Myrtle and Maisie greet me with open wings, knowing I’ve a bagful of vegetables, fruit and bread for them to feast upon.  They love the daily additions to their regular, boring old chicken pellets.

Most days I pay two visits, primarily to spend more time with Molly, letting her know she’s not been deserted entirely.  I’m a big softie, this I know, but I always feel so sorry that she has to spend most of her days and nights alone, but it’s not possible for me to have her here in my cabin with my two furry rascals and me.  So it’s always with a heavy heart that I leave her to her own devices after our daily chats and cuddles.
My landlords always leave the window in their indoor laundry slightly ajar so Molly has been able to have egress and access at her will. 

Two Mondays ago today - 9th March, to be more exact - I went to pay my morning visit to Molly, as normal.  When I went inside the house and entered the back bedroom where Molly had taken up residence she was laying on the bed, as usual.  

As is my habit to do, I laid down with her to stroke her, and to have a chat to learn what mischief she'd gotten into and what movies she'd watched since we’d last spent time together.  Immediately I knew something was amiss; something was not right with Molly.  She barely stirred.  She was like a damp, limp cloth.  My heart began pounding.  I tried to get her to stand up, but to no avail.  I tried everything, thinking perhaps she was just “foxing”…but that’s not what feisty Molly is like.  On any normal day she would’ve growled, hissed and struck out at me because of the things I was doing with her in an effort to get her to show some movement.  Dear little Molly is the only cat I know who can growl and purr simultaneously!  When she’s had enough attention, she makes those feelings evident!

Wasting no time I came back to my cabin. I needed to get my cat box.  I also needed to phone my landlords’ daughter who lives in Brisbane with her husband and their two little children to inform her of my discovery and of my suspicions.  I believed Molly, sometime during her nocturnal roaming the previous evening had been bitten by a snake.   Robyn, my landlords' daughter, said for me “to go with my gut”…and that’s what I did.  I then rang the local vet describing Molly’s symptoms and that I believed she’d been a snake victim.  I was advised to bring Molly into their surgery immediately.

Believing I’d be torn to shreds when trying to put Molly into the cat box (but not caring if I did) I raced back up to the house.  Molly, like the damp rag as previously described didn’t put up a battle.  I was able to slide her into the cat box with no resistance whatsoever from her.

The trip from my cabin to the veterinary surgery is fairly short distance of between 2 to 3kms, but that morning it felt more like 300kms.  With a distressed Molly in the cat box on the passenger seat howling her little lungs out I drove trying to console her with gentle, comforting words while the tears streamed down my face.  She couldn’t be comforted; and neither could I. 

As we drew closer to North Tamborine where vet is she began to make choking sounds. Fearful she wasn't going to make it I planted my foot on the accelerator, and I didn’t give a damn if I was pulled over for speeding.  If I’d had a siren I would’ve put it atop of my car and claimed I was an Animal Ambulance! 

At around five minutes past nine I arrived at the vet's premises.
Announcing who I was to the lass at the reception desk Andrew, the vet, immediately appeared and ushered me into one of the rooms.  He took Molly from the cat box; she just flopped on the floor.  The poor little cat couldn’t stand.  Her muscles were gone; all strength had been zapped from them.  I was distraught.  Andrew confirmed my suspicions. Molly had been bitten by a snake.  From the symptoms she was displaying Andrew told me an Easter Small-Eyed had bitten her:-.

You can check them out in the sites above.  I won’t put up a picture of the snake.  I hate, hate, hate snakes with a vengeance!  And there is no way I will display them on my blog!  It’s as simple as that! I make no apology and offer no excuses.

Molly was immediately sedated and put on a drip.  Andrew told me he didn’t have a true time-line to give me, but it could take up to two weeks, maybe longer for her to recover; if, in fact, at that stage, to his knowledge, she would recover.  He did think, because I’d found her when I did and had acted so quickly, her chances of recovery were pretty good.

I drove back home to my cabin as if in a dream.  I was mentally, emotionally drained. Feelings that still really haven't left me.  

The rest of that day I spent in tears; tears, which lingered, refusing to go away. They kept making their appearance day after day.  I’d told the girls at the surgery's reception desk they’d be sick of me because I intended ringing every day to learn of Molly’s progress.  And I kept my promise, most days ringing twice a day.

On the Friday after I took Molly to the vet I was allowed to pay her a brief visit; to be able to stroke her and talk with her; to let her know I’d not deserted her.  I was with her for about 20 minutes.  She was still attached to the drip.  She sat up, albeit briefly, but she purred and reciprocated affection. Molly was still quite weak; but Andrew (and his staff) told me she was eating a little, and each day they could see her getting better, bit by bit.

Again, tears ran down my cheeks.  No wonder I’m feeling drained.  I’m dehydrated!

With the weekend approaching I knew I only had the Saturday morning to make my phone-in check on her progress, which I did. And then, to my surprise, Andrew, the vet, phoned me on the Sunday morning to give me an update on Molly.  He was on call over the weekend.  I am so full of admiration and appreciation for Andrew.

I told him that I had to be in Beaudesert for a dental appointment at 8.50 am on the Monday morning (a week from Molly’s admittance), but that I’d call into the surgery upon my return here to the “hill” in the hope of again being able to see Molly for a little while.

Around 11 am I pulled into the parking area and entered the vet's building.  I was told by the girl on the reception desk I would be able to bring Molly home that day!  My mouth fell open in surprise! I was rendered speechless.  In no way had I expected to hear those words.  It felt like minutes had passed while I stood there with my mouth open like one of those clowns in sideshow alley!  Finally, I pulled myself together and expressed my joy at the news.  I was told to return to the surgery at 5 pm to pick up Molly.  At the time of collection Andrew would see me to give me all the information on Molly I needed.

Twice a day, every day I’d written detailed emails to my landlords who are presently in Orford, Suffolk in the UK, keeping them abreast with what was going on with Molly. They had been very understanding and empathetic; but, of course, they, too, were very upset and sad over the disturbing news I’d imparted.   

I informed them once I brought Molly back home the window in the laundry would be slammed shut; and closed it would remain until they arrived back on Aussie soil up here on the mountain...their Aussie soil upon which their house sat.  What they do after that is their business; but while Molly is still under my watch there is no way she will be outside…day or night.  I've been advised by them that they will allow Molly to go out during daylight hours, but from now on she will be housebound at night.  Good!!!!

Naturally, with cat box in hand, (and a bottle of good red wine for Andrew for his heartfelt care and attention) I stepped through the veterinary surgery’s door between 4.50 and 4.55 pm on Monday last, almost panting in anticipation!  Actually, there was no “almost”…I WAS panting in anticipation.   

Again, my heart was pounding.  All through the previous week I’d been feeling distressed; distraught, exhausted and every other description possible.  I had no appetite. In fact, my appetite still hasn’t returned completely.

Before I collected Molly and brought her home I set up a litter box in the laundry of my landlords' home.  I laid out a smorgasbord for her to graze upon and bolted the laundry window shut!  She had her own restaurant and en suite awaiting her return.

Andrew removed the drip from Molly while I waited.  He explained how amazed he was by the progress Molly had made over the weekend.  She certainly is a tough little lady and no bloody snake was going to kill her – not without a fight; or with Andrew’s expertise, (or with me around)!

With the account for Molly’s hospitalization paid by my landlords I brought her home.  His charges were reasonable, in my opinion.  A week's hospitalisation and treatment cost $1,296.00.  The anti-venom, alone, cost $700.00!

Every day I spend time with Molly; and I do hate having to leave her alone up at the house; but that's the way it is.

As well as being her affection-giver, I’m also her housekeeper.  I clean out her en suite and put down fresh provisions for her to chew upon at her leisure. The back bedroom is still her domain, and it becomes mine, too, as I lay on the bed with her as we exchange gossip. 

Molly has made a remarkable recovery.  Her coat is looking the best I’ve ever seen it, I think.  The drip, along with whatever else was needed to get her well again, must have been full of nutrients (perhaps I should go on it for a while).  Molly has her appetite back and since being home safe within her own four or more walls she's been eating well from the platters I put down for her.  She’s not been outside once since I brought her home.  I’ve confined her to quarters for the duration. She has made no attempt at wanting to go outdoors.   

I honestly believe she knows…understands…what’s best for her; and that my intentions and actions are for her benefit…and for my peace of mind.  There is no way in the world I would be able to rest easy knowing she could get out to roam about outside.   

A prisoner…with all the benefits…she is.  I’ve even shown her how to switch on the television set!  I have left a radio on for her so there is some noise in the house to keep her company.  Oh, well…I’ve never denied that I’m crazy..I won’t start now!

I'm so pleased and so relieved that Molly came through...and she's doing so well.  It has been very worrying.

By the time my landlords, Molly’s owners arrive home on Saturday she’ll be picture of wellness; and they’ll think I made up the whole saga; but that's okay.

All they need is to take one look at me and they’ll realise everything I told them by email was true! 

However, I won’t completely relax until Derek and Denise are home.  I’m counting down the seconds!

And then the men in the white jackets will come and take me away, I think!


  1. While I have been following Molly's story, I am thrilled for you both that she is home. And, even knowing the happy ending, my sooky self wept as I read her tale.

  2. I don't think you need to worry about the men in white jackets.
    I'm very glad to hear Molly is well again and safely kept inside and of course she understands the reason why. She will soon be very glad to have her mum and dad home again too. Loved hearing about the chooks running to greet you, my daughter's chooks used to do the same and one would always lay her egg on the front porch just for T.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only sook around, EC. This past fortnight I've proven just how big a sook I am. I didn't need to have it proved, but proved it was. I can't seem to rid myself of the sick feeling in my stomach. I know it will once Derek and Denise are back at home again. I hope so, anyway.

    Sorry for making you cry. Thanks for coming by. :)

  4. I'm very glad too, River...very much so. She has quite a big house to move around in, and I'm sure she does before snuggling up again in her chosen back bedroom.

    I think the chickens have had a great time (and feed) since I've been looking after them! I've a tendency to over-cater! lol

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  5. oh my goodness so glad Molly made it and you acted so quickly to save her; I am sure your gentle encouragement helped in her recovery. I laughed at all the chickens being named with names that start with an M, my cats are all named with a B and when we moved here the neighborhood cat's name was Barney - strange things happen sometimes. Now I must go check out what the snake looks like; I have a respect for snakes but do not hate them, I have heard Australia has several varieties of poisonous snakes.

  6. To aid Molly's recuperation perhaps you should make a tape of suitable songs for her to listen to - containing for example:- Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat (1977), Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever (1977), Squeeze - Cool For Cats (1979). I am sure there are many other cat songs. By the way - you did a great job! Australia's number one cat sitter!

  7. It's wonderful to know she's made a good recovery. I hate it when my cats are ill for whatever reason. I always feel so helpless. Well done for looking after Molly so well.

  8. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I think I read this holding my breath!!
    Thank GOD that Molly is okay now. Bitten by a SNAKE, that cat is so LUCKY that you whisked her off to the vet so quickly!!
    It is no wonder you have not posted lately. Remember to take care of yourself as much as you take care of cats! :-) Good job, well done.

  9. You are a hero for saving Molly's life. I am sure her owners are so grateful that you were around.

    I once gave up a trip (that had been paid for in advance) when my beloved Martian (a black short hair) suddenly became sick and was passing blood. We thought it was the food we gave her and we were right. She was poisoned by the wet food we had just purchased from our pet store. We found out later that this food, processed in China was being recalled after quite a few animals got very sick. The bill to get him well was hefty and the cat food company paid it all. However, like you, I was a mess while we waited to see if he would recover. When my animals are sick, so am I (from worry).

  10. Hey Linda...I have no respect whatsoever for snakes; I just hate them,. I can't stand even looking at pictures of them. Back in the Eighties I had a beloved cat taken by a python...and if I can help it no snake will ever again take a pet of mine or one I'm caring for. That's a promise I made to myself...and I'll keep it if I have any say or action the matter.

    Even Molly's name starts with an "M", to to match the chickens! :)

    Thanks for coming by. :)

  11. That's a very good idea, Yorky. I'll get started doing that today after I come back from visiting Molly...and after asking her what her favourite songs are!!

    Thanks from Molly and thanks for coming by. :)

  12. G'day AJ...It's been a very traumatic time, that's for sure...for both Molly and me! (That sounds like a song)!! I was very upset and don't want to go through similar again.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  13. Hi Kay...Like you, I think, I've held my breath for the past two and a bit weeks, too...and will only start breathing property again once my landlords are back ensconced in their home!

    I felt as if I was living in a vacuum!

    Nice to see you. :)

  14. Hey there Arleen...Yep! It's a horrible feeling - that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that just won't go away.

    How terrible about the poison from the cat food. The poor animals that became victims of it...and their owners, like yourself. So very upsetting. Our pets, our animals are so important to us. And when they get injured or sick we can only hope they know what we do for them is the best we can do. Somehow, I believe they do.

    Thanks for coming by. :)

  15. I do not mind snakes as they have their purpose but alas, I do not wish to have them near or touch me. If they are close by as long as I have running distance between us that is okay. Poor Molly I am so very glad you checked on her in time to save her. I always worried when Sam Cat 1 would go off when Mimi was out of town. I did not wish anything to happen on my watch. Peace

  16. Hi Lady Di...I can see no good purpose as far as snakes are concerned. That's just how I feel about them. I dislike them with a passion and I'll never change my mind or my feelings towards them. They've intruded into my space far too often; and when something or someone does that uninvited, I am not a happy chappy! And when they do that and cause harm...I can find no forgiveness in my heart.

    My two cats, Remy and Shama never go out at night; most days they only go outside for a quick look about for around 30 mins, sometimes less; sometimes they don't go out at all; and then the times they do venture forth, they scamper back inside again.

    I've just come back from spending a couple of hours with Molly as I do each morning; and it upset to have to leave her, but I have to, until I go to see her on my next visit.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  17. You are a WONDERFUL Mother, my dear....Molly could not have had a better person looking out for well being! That you knew it was probably a snake bite---well, that in itself was beyond perfect 'mothering'...... Give Molly a Great Big Hug from me and here are a bunch for you, too! You Deserve them!!!! (((((((HUGS)))))))

  18. I love my pets and it would be a difficult decision to spend that much money to save them but I would most likely go into hock to do it. Thankfully my cats kill the copperhead snakes that are around here and even if bit, they would most likely survive without a lot of treatment. I would so fear living with the kind of snakes you have.

  19. I'm so glad Molly has you! My goodness - you knew just what to do. You are like St. Gertrude - patron saint of cats! You'll be friends for life now.

  20. Awww! What a KIND lady you are! I would do the same thing for Molly...
    Sweet post!

  21. Hey there wonderful to see you. I hope all is going well for you and with you. :)

    I think, like Shama, the female of my two cats, I have an innate instinct when it comes to snakes!! I'll be going up to the main house for my morning visit with Molly and the chickens, so I most certainly will give Molly a big hug from her. I tell her every time I cuddle up with her that she is now known worldwide and has many good wishing coming her way from far and wide!

    Thanks for coming by...take good care of yourself. I think of you often and wonder how you're getting on. :)

  22. Hi two furry rascals, Remy and Shama stay well clear of snakes...they're very wary of them, Shama in particular. She is absolutely terrified of them. Which is a good thing because a few times she's alerted me when one has been around!

    It would be hard for me, too, to have to pay that kind of money...but, like you, I would go into hock for my two precious mates; of that I have no doubt.

    My landlords aren't broke...they've got money, and I'm so glad that they did make the decision to save Molly...even if their decision was made hours after I'd already told the vet to go ahead and do the best and all that he could to save Molly! I'd deal with the consequences if there were any; there weren't. I was prepared to face the responsibility and I was prepared to have all that could possibly be done to save Molly, done.

    Thanks for coming by. :).

  23. Hey Lynn...You can just call me Gertie from now on! :)

    Molly brought me to tears yesterday afternoon when I went back up to see her for another visit. She was just so, so happy to see me, the dear little thing. She was all over me like a rash. I hate having to leave her alone for most of the day (and night), but that's how it has to be, unfortunately. As I said...I'm the biggest softie in the world when it comes to things like this.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  24. Hello Donna...welcome to my blog.

    We have to do the best for our four-legged friends, don't we? I love animals...and I love cats...and I knew I had to do all that could be done for hesitation.

    Thanks for coming by...please don't be a stranger. :)

  25. I had been following this on Facebook - what an amazing story - no picture of the snake -but that is okay with me - you guys have different things out there. So glad she is okay and inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Phew ! Thank Heavens you had a good outcome to this story. Didn't sound very promising at the start !

  27. And you will never get a picture of a snake from me, Sandie. I hate snakes...they are not worthy of my posting pictures of them. Molly won't be outside while she still in my care. My landlords arrive home this Saturday...they've already changed their mind about letting her out at night. They intend allowing her out during the day, but at night she will be locked inside. For now, with me in charge...she's inside 24 and night!

    Thanks for coming by. :)

  28. Oh, Helsie....It's been a harrowing couple of weeks, that is for sure! It didn't look very promising from this end, either...that first morning...and the first week...but Molly put up a good fight with the expert attention from the vet...and she came through with flying colours. I still have a knot in my stomach...still have a sick feeling and I know it won't disappear until Derek & Denise are back at home. I hope it disappears then! It's been very stressful.

    The good news is - Molly is doing great...and we cuddled up together again this morning for a couple of hours. She's always so happy to see me...and vice versa.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  29. Thanks Lee for adding me to your blogroll!
    I'm doing the same for you...Love your blog!

  30. And I thought central Texas was a bad place for snakes. Hope Molly is doing well!

  31. You're more than welcome, Donna...thank you. :)

  32. Hi Dexter...I've just this moment returned from paying my morning visit with Molly and spending some quality time with her. She's doing remarkably well. She's back to her old self...but not an outdoors girl...not under my watch, anyway!! I'll pass on your good wishes to her when I visit again this afternoon. Thanks for coming by. :)

  33. Those cats are the cutest. Hope you're enjoying your spring. The blooms are lovely too.

  34. It's autumn here, Lux...and still very hot. Spring won't spring until September here in the land Down Under. Thanks for coming by. :)

  35. I can't see my comment that I left earlier about Orford, Lee... Strange.... but just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog. If they're running the Riverside Cafe then I actually met someone from there when I was in Orford last time. :) even smaller world....

  36. Jenny...your comment is in my post following this one. :) And I've replied in your blog, too.