Sunday, February 07, 2010


It’s with feelings of immense remorse that I sit here writing this post, but I shall endeavour to forge onwards and upwards…Per ardua ad astra.

My latest love affair commenced on Christmas Day; one that unexpectedly, though pleasantly, continued through the ensuing days and weeks into January. Not often am I so openly expansive about my personal life, but at times it helps to share with others. This is one of those “times”. Utterly beyond my control, I lost my heart to a special character who, with little warning, entered my life; albeit too briefly. Henceforth, however, his presence shall remain long in my memory. For those few precious weeks he shared my life, my bed; almost all of my waking hours and thoughts. With the passing of each day his grip upon my heart grew stronger and stronger until one fateful day in late January his personal “Angel of Death” swooped down, whisking him away to a place unknown.

Like a deluge, a torrent of tears cascaded down my face. My heart wrenched at his loss; at my loss. My days grew dispiritedly long; my nights despairingly longer.

It’s with heart-felt gratitude that I embrace deservedly acclaimed author Colin Dexter for introducing me to the complicated, intriguing machinations of the mind and life of “Chief Inspector Morse”. Of course, like a myriad others, I fell under “Morse’s” spell (expertly portrayed by John Thaw) in the television series, but Dexter’s skilful ability as a dexterous wordsmith and crafty story-teller transports the reader far beyond the realms of television. Now I look around me like a child lost, in a quandary wondering what next I’ll read. Who, pray tell, will be the future plunderer of my heart? There is room enough on my bedside table for another, or Morse…oops…I mean “more”!


  1. Hello Stranger...well stranger to blogging, not a stranger to my email. Love the Julie Andrews one, btw.

    I used to love the Inspector Morse series on tv...I've not actually read the books...looks like I'm gonna have to.

    My favourite author at the moment is Elizabeth George, the creater of Inspector Thomas Linley...lovely stuff!

    I hope we see you blogging a little more, Lee. I've missed your blogs.



  2. The Morse books are great,'ll be hooked just like I was. I read 12 in total!

    I must get hold of the Linley books, too...I loved the TV show.

    Thanks for comment, Robyn. :)

  3. Dear Lee ~~ Lovely to see you back with us and I am so sorry you lost the latest love of your life. Life
    doesn't seem fair at times does it?
    It was so nice to see you commenting
    this morning and thanks for your good wishes for my health which I hope will improve soon.
    Now let's have some more posts from you. Take care my friend.
    Love, Merle.

  4. Hi Lee, its been a long time between drinks.... at least you are following the golden rule of blogging, commenting always brings results.
    Hope your life gets back onto an even keel before too long.. stay well.

  5. Oh! My life hasn't been on an uneven keel, Peter! I just needed a break from blogging for a while and then I kind of got involved in other things and time, as you know, has a way about flows away all too quickly before one has time to blink, almost! :)

  6. Lee,
    Welcome home m'lady. The blog world hasn't been the same in your abscence. I do hope your journys were fruitful.

  7. You silver-tongued devil, Rel! I missed you! :) Nice to see you again! Thanks for popping by. I'll try not to be so conspicuous by my absence in future!

  8. Oh so glad to see you popping up on the radar Lee! I stopped by here a while back one day when I was cleaning up my Bloglines list but didn't have the heart to delete you yet. (hahahahaha don't you just love the immediacy of the internet) I hope you are doing well. I've never read the Inspector Morse books. I shall put them on my list to read right away. I love a book that takes me in so much so that I miss it when I am done.

  9. I still had your blog bookmarked here. I must have checked it from time to time, but I can't remember. Such is age.

    I'm not such a great reader. Perhaps some day.

  10. It's so nice to see you Robbie and Dave! And it's equally nice to learn I was missed!

    I'm glad I popped into see you, too, Merle. You make sure you keep up your strength. We need you fit and well, hear??

  11. Hey there Lee. Welcome back. Lol. I loved those series on TV so can see you fell in love with him.

    I'm getting a bit tired of blogging at the moment and am doing it only intermittently. These things become a priority and then they don't.

    Take care.

  12. Hey jmb! Great to catch up! If you like reading the Morse books are great. Colin Dexter, the author has won numerous awards for his crime writing. He also is a champion cryptic crossword doer! He's quite a wordsmith and has a great command of the English language.

    I'm a bit like you regarding keeping up my blog...other things have gotten in the way, but I am going to try to blog more frequently.

    Take good care.

  13. Hello Lee. Darn nice to 'see' you again.


  14. G'day Gto! So nice of you to pop in, sir!

    How did you know I was home???? ;)

  15. Hi Lee, it's lovely to hear from you again after so long. And I agree with you about the Morse books, but must confess I have not read them, only seen the videos.

  16. Hello, Ellee...nice to see you, too. I'll try to be a more regular blogger than I have been! But it's been so nice that I've caught with so many of my old mates through here! :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by Kitty Justice. For awhile I kept popping over but then in despair, I took you off my list. Looking forward to your future post. I have 2 books in progress. One downstairs and the other in the bedroom. Hope you find another good author to dive into his many words. Peace

  18. I apologise for being so tardy in my blogging, Lady Di. I just felt I needed a break for a little while and then that "little while" grew into a big while.

    I just started on my last Morse book last night. A friend of mine bought 12 of them from a second hand shop before Christmas and he has been loaning them to me, two at a time. I'll be savouring every word in this one.

    The one I'm presently reading isn't the last in the series of the books. I've already, read the last one, out of order, but I knew how it all ended anyway having watched the adaptations of the books via the television series.

  19. Hello, crashed into your blog via sicily scene - I have not read Colin Dexter but I feel the same way about Commissario Guido Brunetti in the Donna Leon books set in Venice - have you come across them? I will look out for Colin Dexter now - thank you!

  20. Welcome, Kitchen Queen...nice of you to drop by. No...I've not heard of Donna Leon's books, but I'll definitely keep my eye out for them.

    Being a lover of most things Italian, I'm sure I will enjoy them.

  21. Great come back here Lee. You had me leaning a long way out there. I'm not familiar witht the author but should be it would seem.
    I am really glad to see you back. You were one of my favorite folks here abouts and it was not well taken when you went off to be by yourself. Now I'm okay. The recipes are next on my list. Welcome back.

  22. G'day Cliff! So nice to see you again! I know...I was a bad, bad girl for disappearing on you like that! I feel duly reprimanded! I'll try to behave from now on! ;)

    Thanks for your kind words.