Thursday, March 25, 2010


Will people ever start accepting responsibility for their own actions? It’s disheartening, but “probably never” is the realistic answer!

Reading a “Hints and Money-Saving” article the other day, I had a little grumble (as opposed to my many major grumbles). One bright spark wrote in saying that years ago toothpaste companies made the holes in the toothpaste tubes smaller, whereas these days the holes are larger forcing the consumer to use more! What a lot of hogwash - or tooth-wash! When cleaning my teeth, I’m the only one squeezing the tube, which places me in charge of my individual destiny, and of the amount of toothpaste that oozes onto my toothbrush!

There are many, too many, who find it much easier to blame others if something breaks or goes wrong. Will some never cease passing the buck?

Many parents hand parenting onto teachers. If their child falls behind in class or misbehaves in the schoolyard, it’s the fault of the teacher or the education system.

If a car thief is being chased by police, it’s the fault of the police if the criminal (and yes, folks, car theft is a criminal action) crashes the stolen vehicle. If the political correct “do-gooder-civil-libertarians” jumping up and down waving their arms around and sprouting hot air get their way, soon they, the thieves will have free rein to do whatever they like! It’ll be legal to steal a vehicle! Ummm...I do need a new car!

After the recent Chilean earthquake tsunami warnings were issued. Fortunately, no tsunami eventuated on our shores or elsewhere; instead, those who issued the warnings copped the lashing! If no warnings had been issued and a tsunami hit all hell would’ve broken loose! It’s a case of “damned if you do - damned if you don’t”! That "between a rock and a hard place" does get over-crowded at times.

People have to be accountable for their own actions; for behaviour that causes harm and/or distress to others!

In the home, parents must teach their children well; teach their young to face their responsibilities from an early age; to own up when in the wrong; to face the consequences.

Stop casting blame like the sun casts shadows! When did commonsense go out of fashion? Can anyone tell me?

(The "Alice" theme in this post and my previous is purely coincidental, although some people do appear to live in their own "Wonderland"!)


  1. If you steal my car, please take the mini-van. The horn doesn't work, the back-up lights are out, and it has over 200,000 miles on it.

    Personal responsibility is gone in this country too. Entitlements have taken over. And, yes, my favorite is teachers who have to take the blame for poor-performing students.

  2. Amen sister Lee. I too think "Common Sense" has left the country to other worlds. I guess people like to take the easy way out -blaming others.
    I lol at the Wonderland comment. Good post. Peace to ya.

  3. Hi Big Dave and Lady Di...I get so frustrated and angry sometimes at the modern day expectations of's little wonder I live the life of a recluse most of the time!

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  4. From one recluse to another... Here Here!!!!!!

  5. Hiya Peter....yep...I poked my nose out of my rabbit hole for a few moments! :)

  6. I so agree with you, Lee. And I could add a lot more, but I won't. I think we all know that society is going to hell in a handbasket because no one likes taking responsibility...especially in business!

    Damn good post...

  7. The habit of shifting the blame has been a peeve of mine for as lon as I can remember. It has become so common place that when someone accepts the responsibility for their own actions it gives onlookers pause; like finding hens teeth.
    I'm afraid it's a sad fact of life and it's up to us to rail against it from time to time, and set the example of course.

  8. Hi Robyn and is very frustrating, but with the way of the world today, I can't see the situation changing in a hurry! Values have changed, unfortunately.

  9. Katfish5:30 AM

    Words of wisdom to be sure MsLee!

    Sadly not near enough modern parents pass along these simple facts to their children!

  10. Hi Katfish! A lot of parents just don't want to parent, and have no desire to learn how to be one. And if that's the case...that they're too damn lazy, they shouldn't have kids in the first place. Bring back the kitchen table, I reckon...and all should sit around it, eat together...and talk!

    Always good to see you, KF.

  11. I've wondered the same thing myself.


  12. We are of kindred minds, Janice!

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