Monday, March 08, 2010


We’ve all experienced an embarrassing moment or three. I admit I’ve gone over my quota! Far too many inglorious disasters to list!

You know those episodes –you’re as red as a beetroot, standing on one leg amongst a group of people! You’re posturing on one leg because your other foot is placed securely in your mouth! With eyes bulging, it’s quite a balancing act, particularly if you’ve got a drink in one hand and a canapė in the other, with no where to hide! Where is that rock when you desperately need it? Moments of major embarrassment when we feel sure that we could glow in the dark!

Humans are colourful beings. We are creatures of many hues, and I’m not referring to race. Homo sapiens can be green with envy; purple with rage; cowardly yellow. Some are black and white; some are grey; and others blue! Many are brown as berries; tanned as leather (or orange from artificial tanning gone wrong)! And, at times, flushed more than that porcelain bowl in the bathroom! The human palette is a kaleidoscopic spectrum greater than the variegations of a rainbow!

Mingled with our mosaic patchwork, we seethe, simmer, boil, rage, rant, laugh and cry, interspersed with periods of calm, peace, empathy, love and mellowness. We humans are a potpourri of ever-changing, mobile ingredients. We go white from shock; ashen with sorrow; scarlet in shame; blush crimson at flattery. When we want to become invisible, we can’t; but we can become transparent when lying – or become dim when unable to understand the punch-line of a joke or when attempting to decipher a mathematical equation!

On top of all of those talents, we’re also adept at making spectacles of ourselves.

What a feat - it’s hard to beat!

Painting by me - for a niece's new baby girl!


  1. Yep, I can relate.
    Two days after my 60th birthday in Jan. I was at a party. A big party. I was there for a get together for our friends son returning for the weekend.
    About 45 minutes into the party they handed me a card that 'sang' surprise to me. They got me.

  2. Cringe-worthy moments, Cliff! We've had them all! Happy Belated Birthday, by the way! :)

  3. It's a rough world when a lady runs off from blogworld for 18mths and then accuses me of abandoning her!!

    Cheeky possum!

  4. Ahhh! Cosmo, my dearest! You'd broken my heart so I had to go away to have it mended! ;)

    So good of you to visit, causing me to still my palpitating heart!

  5. Lovely painting - how big is it in real life?

  6. Ha, Lee, your telling it sister. I blush more than I'd like to admit.


  7. Dear Lee ~~ Good post about the trials and tribulations of life and
    those moments we'd rather forget.
    Loved the painting - so bright for a nursery.
    Thanks for your comments and I was so lucky to dodge all the major drama.We had 3 inches of wonderful rain, but the damage bills are going to be huge. Melb. quoting $220,000,000.
    Shepp of course won't be anywhere near that.Lots of trees down and a
    mess everywhere.I hope you see some more blue skies. Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  8. Ah, how aptly put about the color of humans. I lol at the balancing act of embrassment.As the saying goes "Been there, done that." A bright and cute painting for a childs room. Peace

  9. Lee...the painting is 20-inches x 16-inches.

    G'day Janice, Merle and Lady Di - I've struck a common nerve with this post, I do believe! :)

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

  10. Great painting. I always like paintings with vibrant, bright colors. Tropical settings are my favorite.

    I always try to be careful what I say, abiding by that piece of advice, "Better to be silent and let people think you're dumb, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

  11. Hi Dave...sometimes heeding that advice is impossible and when you're not looking or prepared and without anticipation that damn foot creeps nearer to your mouth! ;)

  12. I love your take on the human condition. It is what it is, best taken with a large measure of humor. That baby is going to love that painting!

  13. Only way to go, Serena, otherwise we'd drive ourselves crazy (or crazier)!

    Yep...they love the painting. Of course, the bub is still a little to young to know, but she does love the colours even at her young age.

  14. I have experienced the ultimate "Please Earth Swallow Me Up" moment. And it was such a cliche. I congratulated a woman I knew slightly on her pregnancy. She wasn't pregnant, just fat.

  15. Nice to meet you, Voyager...thanks for popping by. Please do so again and don't be a stranger.

    Great moments that we bring upon ourselves!!!

  16. Katfish5:10 AM

    MsLee there's not enough bandwidth for me to share all my foot-in-mouth moments!

    G'day darlin and we hope yall are well.

  17. Same with me, Katfish...but I find as I get older, I really don't care much! ;)

    All is well down this way with me and I hope the same is with you and your good lady. Thanks for popping by.

  18. Lee,
    So what's a colorblind chap like myself to do? :)

    We humans are a melange to say the least. The worst, or best depending on ones point of view, is being forced to eat crow.

    I'm off to the Caribbean for 10 days sans computer. See you when we return.

  19. Love the painting, Lee. It's good enough for me to admit to my second childhood, just to get one!

    Yes, we are a colourful bunch, aren't we? I hate to think how many times I've made a complete dope of myself by not putting brain into gear before engaging mouth...

  20. How wonderful, Rel. I'll be looking forward to some good stories upon your return.

    Hi Robyn...I think like me, you're still on your first childhood! ;)

  21. Rhichard (CbR)7:52 AM

    Top of the day to you lovely lasy. Just passing thru to say hi and say I've no idea where to start.

  22. Richard (CbR)7:55 AM

    It's obvious with the time change here this keyboard is still a little fuzzy on correct spelling. Not to worry, I shall whip it into shape before long.

  23. Well! Well! Well! One never knows who one will come across in here! ;)

    G'day there, great to see you. Thanks so much for coming by!

    I'll excuse any wrong spelling - you don't know how much it took me to say that!!! ;)

    Don't be a stranger - with that other mob riding off over the horizon like the ending of a John Wayne movie - it'll be nice to see you when you have a spare moment or three!