Saturday, September 19, 2020


As much as we’d prefer life to be otherwise, things aren’t always black and male cat, Remy, being the exception, of course.  Shama, his sister, is grey, black and white...a tabby, just to mix it up a bit.

Shades of grey...perhaps not as many as 50...frequently lighten the black and, darken the white. 

Life would be much easier, I guess, if we could please others all of the time...but that is impossible.  Also a part of life...a part of we don’t always have to agree with another, or others...on all topics.. all of the time.  We each have our own individual feelings and thoughts...or should have.  I’m sure life would be pretty damn boring if everyone agreed on everything. 

Keys on a piano are ebony and ivory...until the piano grows as old as I am, then the ivory keys turn a shade of mellow yellow, or extreme cream.  I’ll bellow and scream if I turn cream.  If I turn as sallow as a tallow candle, I’ll behave like a callow, uncouth youth!   

My hair has turned grey, though...but I don’t mind at all. It is what it is what it is meant to be. 

I doubt there is one among us who hasn’t told a fib.  You know you have.  You will do so again when cornered in a situation that calls for one.  To be honest, like you, I’ve fibbed.  I’d be fibbing if I said I’ve never told a fib. 

For’re feeling like “excreta” (you know what I mean without a further detailed explanation) and, someone asks; “How are you?” 

“I’m fine, thanks!”  Is the perky reply you give with a smile, even if you...or I...are/am...feeling like death warmed up!  (I wonder what “death warmed up” feels like. If anyone knows, please enlighten the rest of us.  Perhaps a séance is needed). 

Speaking on my own behalf I have no desire to reply in lengthy detail.  No doubt an extended, detailed report would bore the enquirer, making him/her feel sorry he/she asked the question.  So, a fib it is, if we're not feeling like the sharpest knife in the drawer at that particular moment.

Actually, by fibbing, one does the person who asked the question a favour!  Their relief is almost tangible!  Did you hear their sigh?  If the truth need be told, they really don’t want a long-winded, protracted account.

When I managed the resort on the tropical paradise, known as Hinchinbrook Island, I learned quickly not to ask a particular young staff member how she was. Without fail, never missing a beat, the 21 year old lass’ reply was always given in minute, maudlin detail, taking longer than a minute to relate. She had every ache and pain under the sun....and there were many sunny days on the island!  

Her woeful reply, always told in a whiny voice, was enough to bring tears to the eyes of the enquirer.  Dodging asking how she was, her workmates fibbed, and gave excuses to make their quick exits...rapid escapes...when in her presence.   

The young woman had no ailments. The only malady she had was she loved to whinge in an effort to receive sympathy, I imagine, as she’d shuffle into the staff room for breakfast still dressed in her flannel or chenille dressing gown, with fluffy slippers on her feet...on a tropical island, for goodness sake! 

That was taking “different strokes for different folks” to a whole different level!

There’s nothing new about a fib.  It’s much older than your years and mine combined. 

The word “fib”, and its meaning, originated in the mid-16th century when “fib” became the short-form for “fibble-fable” aka “nonsense”. 

And then, there is the “white lie”...a step-up from a fib.  A white lie is told out of politeness so as not to hurt the feelings of another, or others.

Again, I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t told a white lie when a situation begs for one.

However, in my opinion, blatant, deceitful lying is abhorrent.  If you’re thinking of telling a lie, take a Bex, and have a lie down before doing so. Hopefully, the urge will disappear.

Lying is offensive and demeaning behaviour.   

So is littering.  Seeing litter on the roadside...and elsewhere...makes my blood boil!

Both are blots on society...and that’s no fibble-fabble!

Laughter, kindness, generosity of spirit, consideration for, and goodwill towards others are not fibble-fabble.  That’s no fib,’s as simple, and as clear as black and white....


Creamy Chicken with Spinach and Bacon: Heat 2tsp olive oil in pan over med-heat. Season 6 boneless, skinned chicken thighs/chicken breasts on both sides; sear in pan 5-8mins until cooked through. Once cooked, remove from pan; set aside. Melt 2tbs butter in cooking juices. Add 1 small, diced onion and 6 finely-diced garlic cloves; fry 1-2mins. Add 1/3c chicken stock (or dry white wine); reduce slightly. Add 1/2c chopped crispy bacon; fry1-2mins. Reduce heat to low; add 1-3/4c heavy cream; bring to gentle simmer;; lower heat to avoid sauce separation. Add 1tsp Italian seasoning; add salt and pepper to taste; add 3c spinach leaves; add 1/2c grated Parmesan. Simmer 1min until cheese melts. For thicker sauce add cornflour mix (1tsp cornflour plus 1tbs water).  Add the chicken to sauce; sprinkle with crushed chilli flakes (optional); serve over pasta or rice.

Creamy Tuscan Prawns: Sauté 1 chopped onion and 2 minced garlic cloves until golden and translucent. Add 700g peeled prawns; fry until pink and opaque. Don’t over-cook; remove prawns, leaving onion in pan; add 1-1/4c heavy cream, 3tbs dry white wine, 30g finely-chopped sun-dried tomatoes, and 1tbs Italian seasoning; add 85g shredded Parmesan; lower heat. Simmer until creamy consistency; add 2tbs chopped fresh parsley, 85g spinach and prawns; simmer just until everything is warm. 

Liquorice Bread: Combine 130g soft liquorice, chopped into small pieces and 3/4c water in saucepan; bring to a simmer; cook until liquorice is soft (about 10 mins). Blend to a smooth-ish puree; cool.  Preheat oven 160C; line base and sides of loaf tin. Beat together 2 eggs, 1 egg yolk, 100g caster sugar, and 165g brown sugar. Beat in 150g golden syrup, 100ml vegetable oil, liquorice puree and 2tsp activated charcoal powder. When combined, add 200g S.R. flour; mix until just combined. Pour into loaf tin; bake 70mins, or until centre is cooked through. 





  1. I don't agree with myself all of the time much less anyone else. However (except when arguing with myself) I do my best to disagree with others politely and respectfully.

    1. Hi, EC. I disagree with myself frequently.

      I will, naturally, as I am sure we all do at times, disagree with others...but never in an aggressive, impolite manner (unless of course they deserve that bloke on Newry Island did...the story about whom I related a couple or so months ago.)

      I believe, like the other person, I have the right to my opinion. If there is cause to express it, I will do so...but again, as I said, not aggressively, or impolitely. Others equally have the right to do so...and do. The majority of the time, I bite my tongue, and keep my own counsel.

      Thanks for coming by. :)

  2. How I love seeing pictures of Remy and Shama! They are indeed such fine looking cats! Yes, we do say white lies from time to time but intentional deceit from people has always been disturbing to me. When my boys were growing up they knew how I valued honesty and they would get in much more trouble for lying about something than they would doing something wrong and admitting it. When you admit your mistake you learn from it. When you lie you learn nothing but to be deceitful.

    1. Hi two beloved mates will be celebrating their 18th birthday in November! Those photos above were taken a few years ago, but they are both still in very good condition. They have fresh meat every day, plus packet moist food...always of a fish variety...and, of course, Remy loves to have some of whatever I have for lunch. Today he shared my grilled salmon fillets! :)

      Being honest, and not telling lies was impressed upon us from where my brother and I were old enough to understand...and that was from a very young age. Similar to admitting the error of our ways rather than lying was a line we were taught to follow.

      Thanks for coming by. :)

  3. I do believe that’s the first set of photographs I’ve seen of your much loved Remy and Shama. Look at those lovely white blazes on their noses....and their white bibs look almost equal to each other. There has to be a story to their names....maybe you told it so maybe I’ve missed it.
    I wonder what happened to you this past week to provide this topic for your post today. I hope you weren’t ‘hurt’ in any way.
    Lies - white or otherwise- we’re not allowed in our house (mine growing up plus mine when our children were growing up) and were punished quite severely.
    Fibs were discouraged but often provided a smothered grin or giggle when one of the children came up with an inventive ‘excuse’ that we knew darn well wasn’t true. Punishment depended.....
    Take care Lee - stay safe - keep on washing those hands!

    1. G'day, Cathy.

      The day my two little mates came into my life, Remy was almost called "Tuxedo"..."Tux...because he looked like he was wearing a tuxedo. However, I always liked the name "Remy"...and once upon a time..the times I would have a cognac...the cognac I loved the most was Remy Martin. Shama was named after the Shamans...she is special. They both are. :)

      Actually, I wrote this post the week before last, Cathy, and only got around to publishing it today. No...I wasn't hurt in any way...thanks for your concern. I appreciate it.

      As I commented above in reply to Bonnie's response, from when my late brother and I were very small children it was impressed upon us the importance of being honest. It was the way of life...and we were expected to abide by that way...the rule of honesty. Very soon we were able to recognise dishonesty...lies, And, the silly part of lying is, the person telling the lie is oblivious to how obvious he or she are in the telling. Lying is a weakness of character.

      But, I am sure we all tell a harmless little fib every now and then...with no malice intended or implied.

      Thanks for coming by...take good care. :)

  4. I liked seeing pictures of Remy and Shama. They are beautiful cats.
    Well I think sometimes you have to fib. If someone is fat - you don't go around telling them they are fat - or if something looks bad on them - how can you hurt someone's feelings?
    I have even told lies I am sure.
    Life is hard.
    And yes when someone asks how you are - do they really want to know?
    No, they just want to hear fine!

    1. Hey there Sandie. Remy and Shama know they are beautiful, too! They tell me every chance they get! :)

      Yes...I agree...harmless, little fibs to not hurt the feelings of another are that...harmless. Hurting the feelings of another is not a fun, enjoyable pastime, or habit to have.

      Yes, life is hard...we wish it were otherwise...but the road is always difficult to navigate...many pot holes, twists and turns. Most of us do the best we can considering others as we do so.

      I'm fine...I hope you are, too! :) Thanks for coming by. :)

  5. Your two cats, Lee, pose like famous models do. Lovely photos!
    White lies, fibs - are not to be encouraged, yet they frequently come up in all kinds of situations, and embarrass us.

    1. G'day DUTA...Remy and Shama are both little posers! lol A very special, loved and spoiled pair! :)

      Sometimes it's best to tell a harmless little fib than to hurt the feelings of another. We've all done it, I am sure.

      As for blatant lying...well, that is another thing entirely, in my opinion. Liars...lying...does not sit well with me, nor do those who lie...And liars are so full of themselves they don't realise they will get caught out, and they don't realise what a fool they make of themselves.

      Thanks for coming by. :)

  6. shades of grey, reminds me of line in a Gregg Allman song, multi-colored lady, licorice bread, never heard of it, must be wonderful in fragrance, I used to love black licorice as a kid

    1. I still love black liquorice/licorice, Linda. A jar filled with it has permanent residence on a kitchen shelf. I always buy the Darrell Lea Batch 37. Darrell Lea is an Australian company based in New South Wales. And, Christmas for me is not complete unless I have some Liquorice Allsorts on hand, ready to be devoured! :)

      Thanks for coming by. :)

  7. You have beautiful companion cats, and that's no fib. When i do not want to tell the whole truth so as not to offend, i attempt to tell a truth that gets around it. Sometimes that isn't easy.

    My standard reply to the "how are you" that is meant as a greeting more than a question is, "Doing well, by G-d's grace, how are you?" and when i say it, i do want to hear how the person is, if they choose to share. After all, that tells me what prayers that person needs. Yes, i'm weird, but i own it.

    1. You're not alone in the weird department, messymimi. I freely admit, always have, that I am weird. We won't fight over position in the line, though! :)

      If Remy and Shama read what is being written about them, their heads will swell even more. I'd better not let them near my computer today!!

      Thanks for coming by. :)

  8. So nice to meet your cat family. They are all lovely.

    Fibs are usually used when trying not to offend someone, but it is usually better to tell the truth in a kind way. . Lying Is different and never acceptable.

    So how are you, Lee?

    1. Hey, Arleen. I'm fine, thanks! How are you? lol

      It's harmless...but lying isn't. As you is never acceptable, no matter what the excuse.

      Remy and Shama say "G'day!" (That's a fib)! :)

      Shama is sitting here screaming at me to pay her some attention...and that is not a fib, nor is it a lie. :)

      Take good care...thanks for coming by. :)

  9. I do the "I'm fine" fib often enough but there is the occasional day when I'll say "today is not a good day to be asking", most often followed by "we'll talk tomorrow". People seem to accept that.
    Nice to see Remy and Shama.

    1. G'day, River. 99.999% of the times asked, I respond with a smile, and an "I'm fine, thanks!" It makes life so much easier that way...for me...and for the person who asked the question! I guess a couple of times I've replied with "Up to shit!" That seems to help the person asking to move along quickly! lol

      Both furry rascals are curled up on the bed with the sun streaming through the window onto them.

      Thanks for coming by. I hope all is well with you and yours. :)

  10. So many things are black and white, yet, so many things are not.
    Always say I'm good when asked, and those people you ask and they tell you their life story, not many do but some do - so you listen and sometimes you wish you hadn't asked :)

    1. Hahahahaha! True, Margaret. You didn't want their whole life story and medical history! :)

      Oh! Dear! We humans are a funny lot...complex, indeed!

      Thanks for coming by. :)

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  12. I'll have to get my comments in more quickly to avoid that d-head above. I have to admit I've forgotten most of what those nuns tried to drum into us little sinners when I was at school but the lecture about lies has never left me to the extent that I still reply, "I'm well, thank you" to enquiries as to how I am or sometimes "I've had better days but I'm still standing" with a smile when I'm definitely off colour. I've never been so ill that I haven't been able to at least try to smile. But, even now, I feel guilty if I say I'm good because that nun convinced us that would be a lie, every one in my class was definitely not good in her eyes and therefore in the eyes of God. Her lecture informed us there were no fibs or white lies, only wicked lies. No wonder I carry a good load of Catholic guilt.

    Your fur babies look lovely and well loved. Stay well.

  13. So nice to see your cats.

    All the best Jan

  14. They are beautiful. And look at those healthy, shiny coats.