Sunday, July 15, 2007

Love...The Whole Damn Catastrophe

Not Me

Someone is crying could it be me
Every ounce of my love I gave to you
In haste and in panic you did flee
Sadly you must know this to be true

I thought I heard your name today
Echoed faintly through trembling trees
My heart asked why you didn't stay
One day I pray you'll tell me please

Neither the sun nor summer breezes
Soothe the pain of love's lost passion
I hurt I cry when the moment seizes
I'm not to blame my love I can't ration

(Poem written by me in a moment of weakness)

As I sit here waiting for my floors to dry, I began to ponder on "love". Don't ask me why. I won't tell you. Just humour me...come along for the ride!

Love is strange
It's heartache and pain
Love is controlling
It's rarely a many-splendored thing

I didn't mean that to rhyme, but does, sort of...don't you think?

What is "love"?

Is love more often confused with infatuation and passion? Does lust hoodwink us into misunderstanding our true feelings?

Your heart pounds and does cartwheels. Butterflies take up residence in your stomach. Your knees grow weak.

Wherever possible you slip your lover's name into conversations, whether it's appropriate to the subject of discussion or not.

You stare at the phone, willing it to ring, only when it does it's someone with an unintelligible accent trying to offer you a better deal from a communication's server or a "free lunch" of some other description.

"Messenger" rings in the deep of night, stirring you from a dream-filled slumber...only it isn't him or her. Disappointingly and annoyingly, it's some lonely, lost stranger you have no desire or interest in getting to know.

Love is never like it is in the movies or novels where the scripts are already written.

Love can be harsh, selfish and cold. Love can be heartless.

Love can be all those things and more, but it can also be warm and wonderful...if you find the right person to love....and who loves you.

The floors are I can re-enter my kitchen and make myself a much-longed for cup of coffee. I think I'm going to love this cup of coffee...I've waited all morning for it!


  1. I think love is hearing Mr. Corn Dog snoring in the middle of the night and waking him up only to realize it was the big dog. That's true love.

  2. lol Hey there CD...takes you to know the real meaning of love! ;)

  3. Hi Lee, glad that floor dried, you sounded like you needed that cup of coffee.

  4. Ha! It does one good to question life, Peter! ;)

  5. My heart asked why you didn't stay
    One day I pray you'll tell me please

    I have an unresolved situation like this. From 50 years ago.Sometimes I still think about it.

    Ah but there's nothing like the early days of being in love.

    Good poem, Lee very moving.


  6. Hi can be so painful at many tears are shed. We all have had our "moments"...but we move on...

    Thanks for your comment. :)

  7. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Nice poetry. Love is when my wife calls me to take care of a spider.

  8. lol or a bat, Steve! ;)

  9. lee,
    Love is like the can gently caress you one minute and cuff you upside the head the next.
    Personally, I wouldn't want to live in a world without either. ;-)

  10. I think love has usually been like a gale force wind whacking me on the head, Rel! ;)

  11. I think we would all be poorer for not having experienced our own versions of love...whatever they may be. Sometimes it's a catastrophe, other times it is so wonderful, that you would be prepared to go through the pain of heart ache just to feel that wonderfulness again.

    Shrugs...what can I say? We humans are a complex species.

  12. Yep...that we are, Robyn. As Chrissie Amphlett sang..."There's a fine line between pleasure and pain."

  13. When I fell in love with Marilyn she was different from all of the girls I had met up to that point... she'd go out with me.
    I appologize for not being faithful but like a lover, I'll make promises to do better. A family reunion and then a wedding are in our travel plans and so I must bid you farewell for about 10 days. Your name will be constantly on my mind as I journey. OR when I get back and see your name on my blogroll I'll think, "Oh yeah, I remember her, the dame from Austrailia." You know, one of the two. And no I'm not currently under anyone's care for a 'disorder.'

  14. Love is a many splendored thing ... that would be a song ... what, you say it is ?? OK !!
    True love develops out of a wonderful friendship, at least that's how it worked for us ... my hubby and I. And that love, and friendship, continues ... aawwww.
    Sorry to be soppy
    Take care, Meow

  15. Hi lee
    I don’t think your poem was inspired in a moment of weakness, rather the delightful realisation of past thoughts, capturing your moment in space at that time.

    Love is to the beholder can be many different things?!
    Like happiness I think it is at times elusive, but above all I think love is a decision.

    We know who we are and what we stand for!! And part of that is to show love where we can, given our human frailty!

    Read you last chapter and look forward to its continuance.

    You might like to try listening to the blossoming talents of Katherine Jenkins at I’ m listening to it as I post this
    Best wishes

  16. will I last ten days without you, Cliff? You'd better remember us Sheilas from Down Under! ;)

    Never apologise for being soppy, Connie...soppy is good. I'm a sop! It sounds like you've got your soul mate...cherish what you have. :)O

    I've listened to your daughter,Lindsay...she's got a lovely voice. You must be very proud of her. :)

    Love has many facets.

  17. Lovely poetry, Lee and a good way of waiting for the floor to dry! Strangely I have just linked to you in a post that is, in a way, about love.

  18. Thanks for your link, Welsh. I just read your post and have commented.

    There is a vast difference between being lonely and alone, as you say.

    I'm never lonely, but am mostly alone...and I enjoy being alone. I have yet to find someone to change the status quo...I think it's an impossible task! ;)

  19. Hi Lee ~~ Lovely poem, but so sad remembering. I like the quote in comments, "There is a difference to being alone and being lonely." I
    relate to that and am not lonely.
    Thanks for your comment about the cows. Giving them a rest for now.
    Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.