Monday, January 15, 2007

About Time...

I wrote this poem a few weeks prior to Christmas. It's been a while since I posted a poem, perhaps today is the day I should embrace the moment and include one of my ramblings in my posts. I sorted through my file that contains my mental compositions, prose, verse and other sometimes inane scribblings and garble. Some are excluded from public display and critique. I've levied a boycott upon them for one reason or the other.

A Taunting Dance

You tempt me you tease and taunt
Seduce perversely with a cold heart
Your silences in my face you flaunt
False words continually tear me apart

My wounded heart battered and torn
Am I walking through your treachery
No longer can I bear your surly scorn
Nor your injurious mean mockery

I am drowning waiting but no more
Sick of living in someone else’s skin
Your continual deceptions I abhor
I cannot keep taking it on the chin

Did it ever occur to you in your deceit
Eventually I would see the light
My dance with you is at last complete
Will I be missed as I fade into the night


  1. Very nice haunting lyrics. I do like your poetry.

  2. Thanks Neo...I hadn't posted any for a while so thought I'd better do so! ;)

  3. Hmmm Lee, does that come from the heart? Methinks you get rid of a lot of angst by writing about it and it's too raw just to be plucked out of thin air - I think those feelings have been experienced.

    But that's what great poetry and prose is all about.

  4. Do I dare bare my soul and answer your question, Robyn?

  5. You don't have to, Lee. Some things are too private to talk about.

    It's great poetry though, because I feel it's straight from the heart.

  6. An interesting poem, well constructed and I liked the alternate line rhyming.

    I am inclined to agree with Puss-in –Boots.

    The reasons to endure discomfort, or sustain false hopes, if indeed that be the case need not form part of your poem.

    Best wishes

  7. My thoughts as I opened the comment box match Robyns...
    "Ouch .. Lee .. that comes from the heart"

    It's good to look back at where we once were - reflect on the times behind the sentiments - good thing these days is - the further back I go, the more I realise how MANY 'sentiments' I have enjoyed.

    Love your poetry ..

    just popped in to say goodnight before I head off to bed.
    p.s. yep - a feast of Sport, I see the poms finally got a win - against the kiwis.

  8. I'm not too good at analyzing prose and poetry but this one conjures up some intuiguing imagery.

  9. Thank you for your comments, Lindsay, Della, Robbie and Dave...poetry is doing what it's meant to do, if it causes one to think, I think! ;)

  10. Thank you, Lee...ummm, I mean Cosmo...thank you for your words, which are appreciated! :)

  11. I like it, Lee and it's obviously heartfelt. Does it help to put it into words? I imagine it does. I'm sorry you've been so hurt.

  12. Ahhh...I'm not hurt, Welsh...have the hide of a rhino! ;) I just like putting emotions into words...for whatever reason! :)