Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm Sure Some Fairytales Do Come True!

Although I've not been successful in the 'happy-ever-after' stakes, it doesn't mean I'm not a romantic at heart. I am...the biggest. It's just that no one's ever searched hard enough to discover this secret I now share with you in a moment of weakness! Promise me you won't tell a soul! Memorise this message, chew it up and then swallow it at the threat of 'The Rack'!

I chatted with a young lass at the check-out of my local supermarket this morning, being one of the first in the store it was still quiet, which enabled us to pass a bit of banter back and forth. She told me her fiancee is arriving from Alberta, Canada in June. Naturally, she is very excited about this prospect, finding it difficult to contain her eagerness, her warm zest for life. Her joy, anticipation, impatience, hope and excitement were contagious. Her effervescence made me happy, too. I said to her that the year will probably fly rapidly by for me as is their wont to do these days, but for her, it will seem the next five months or so will take forever, passing by at a snail's pace.

Her eyes sparkled as she spoke with me. Her smile was intoxicating. How could I not be touched by her genuine joy? It was enchanting. It was a wonderful beginning to my day.

Love is grand. And there should be much more of it!


  1. Ah hah! Another closet romantic! I must confess to being one, too, underneath all the external brick walls I've built up over the years.

    How lovely for that girl to have the anticipation of waiting for someone she loves. Sigh...

    Actually a few days ago I met up with someone with whom I could have had something really nice if I had but given the word. Trouble is he was married and I was not going down that road!

    I hadn't seen him for about five years and the other day, we continued chatting as if it had just been yesterday. I know my feelings hadn't changed and by subtle nuances, I knew his hadn't either but...yep, he was still married.

    So...regretfully, I walked away - again. C'est la vie!!

  2. It's amazing the walls we erect around ourselves. I think I should have been a master-builder! ;)

    I understand you not wanting to go down the path with a married man...they don't leave their wives in most case...and then, would you want them to? I don't believe would be a hell of a responsibility...a hell of a guilt-trip...and you would never trust them, feeling they could do similar to to walk away and let someone else deal with that problem, I believe. Relationships are difficult enough with adding more hurdles to them. I'm too selfish anyway...I don't like sharing! lol

  3. Anonymous1:58 AM

    To be young and in love. Nothing better. Well perhaps being older and still in love is just as good. Nice post, I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Hey there Steve...any age is a good age for love, I believe...I'm glad you enjoyed the most...the moments spent speaking with the young lass made me feel good, that's for sure. :)

  5. Hi Lee ~~Amazing how a little chat with a check-out girl can make the day brighter. Love sure is grand. At
    any age. I am glad I am not the only one who gets behind reading the papers. Often it is the last thing I do, and today I caught up with the weekend ones. Glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care, Love, Merle.

  6. Hey Lee, about that "easy to please club" you mentioned looks like we wouldn't have any trouble getting membership,
    nice story... but then I'm easy to please.

  7. re my reply to Steve, replace 'most' with 'post'!

    My habit, Merle, is to read the weekend papers soon after they're first 'chore' of the morning but as I had guests arriving around 11am for lunch I had no time to spare...I always grab the paper after I hear it land in the yard and then with a cup of coffee jump back into bed to read it...funny the habits one gets into.

    Hi there've lost me on the "easy-to-please club". In the words of Pauline Hanson, "Please explain!" ;)