Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beyond Comprehension...

This crazy thing called "life".

81-year old Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor, Katherine Schweitzer's body was found last week, dumped in a 'wheelie' bin outside her Bellevue Hill, Sydney unit. Police believe she was killed, strangled, inside her unit.

Katherine Schweitzer survived the horrors of the Holocaust. She lived her life under the shadows of its memories only to have her life ended by the hands of callous cowards who have guts only to attack and kill an elderly woman. They must be feeling very proud of themselves, if they have any feelings at all, that is. I don't believe they do.

What wasted spaces these low-life scums are!


  1. Put the cricket on and stop reading the news Lee, you will only get depressed, there are people out there who make Ned Kelly look good.

  2. It's anger I feel when I read articles such as that one, Peter. To think the woman survived the Holocaust, reached the age of 81, only to have her life stolen, to be murdered by some drug-addicted no-gooder/s who are leeches on society, and who will never be of any use to anyone, not even themselves.

    Depression is what I will feel if the Aussies don't win this Fifth Test! ;)

  3. that's horrible, that more woman she deserved better from life than that.

  4. That's awful! I thought crazy crap like that was only found here. Sheesh. I guess crazy travels far and wide.

    Try to have a Happy New Year!

  5. What a horrible way to go after suffering so much in the past. When I heard that piece of news, I felt really sad for Mrs Schweitzer, she was the only one left of her family to survive and then, as you say, Lee, some low life crawled out from the slime and murdered her.

    Hopefully what goes around comes around...I like to think so, anyway.

  6. Hi Janice, Corn Dog and Robbie (welcome back from your trip, Robbie)...crazy crap goes on everywhere, unfortunately. Humans enjoy being unkind to each other, I think.

    One would hope what goes around comes around but I often wonder, rarely seems to...or if it does, it takes far too long!

    Humans really put me right off, sometimes! The lack of respect shown to another...and as I commented, there are so many wastes of space out there, looting and sucking the life out of others. They can't get off their own butts to go out and work for a living, opting to bludge off those who do and have...and when it suits, steal from them and murder them.

  7. If it happened here in Texas, I'd be wondering if the perpetrator was an illegal alien. I know you have your share of those, but I don't think they've yet gotten to the point of being organized criminal gangs, like they are here in the States.

    I could be wrong, though.

  8. Don...these most likely were low-life, hopeless druggies who care about no one. The only thing they care about is their next 'fix' and how to get it...and it doesn't matter who stands in their way. The older and the weaker the better...unless in numbers,they don't have the guts to stand face to face with anyone else.

    We don't have as great a problem here with illegal aliens as you do our borders are a little different!

    1:42 PM