Thursday, January 04, 2007

'Tis A Special Day...

At the sundown of their cricketing careers, Warnie and McGrath finished off with one thousand and one wickets between them in Test Cricket matches! What a wonderful achievement by these two men. We will miss them, no matter what anyone says. We'll miss the steady, gentle man, McGrath, and we will miss the larrikin, Warne, who at times has disappointed with his off-field antics, but never on the field. Larrikins, let's face it, attract and conduct our interest...whether we like it or not. And Warnie sure has been a larrikin! He's probably lived out and acted out many a man's dream!

It's a great day for the game. It's a great day for Aussie cricket. The crowds who have attended these matches and those who've watched from home on their sofas are testament to that.

Goodbye to Shane Warne, Glen McGrath and Justin Langer. Thank you for the games and the fun.


  1. 'Tis a sad day alright. But I must admit it was getting to the stage where I was thinking "who's going to be next?"

    However, I give full marks to these three for going out at the pinnacle of their respective cricket careers and for being wise enough to do so.

    Best of luck, boys, and long may your wickets stand (smirk)...

  2. was well-timed and lots of fun, Robyn!

    I'm crazy...that I know...I need no one to tell me that! ;) I've had a great day and I've had a lot of fun watching the Series.

    Days like the days we've watched over the past month or so...are wonderful...better than watching all the rest of the *shit* that goes on in the world.

    I feel great to be alive! :) Plus...I spent time today with a very good friend...and after he left...I spent time on the phone to another. Life is good!