Sunday, March 18, 2007

Everything's Back In Order!

I managed to put everything back into its rightful place without the help of a maid! Just as well, as I didn't win the Lotto! Other than cleaning up, I had a very, very lazy Sunday. For some reason or other, I was moving pretty slowly and even though I had a nap in the afternoon, I went to sleep very early last night! Must be something in the drinking water!

Now, I can revert back to my quiet, peaceful self and lifestyle and not see anyone for a while. I've done my bit for a while for the social set.

Still, today I'm feeling a little jaded. The calm after the storm, I suppose. Just before waking this morning I had a very frustrating dream in which everything I tried to do didn't work out. Upon waking, I felt frustrated and annoyed. I hate when that happens and then it continued into my waking morning. Why annoying dreams have to come true and not the good ones, I do not know or understand! Grrr...even the thought annoys me!

I've not posted any poems written by me for a while, so I'm letting myself off the hook in writing a lengthy post at this point in time and shall share with you a couple of my verses, instead. I hope you like them.

Faceted Love

A lover’s caress in a moment of despair

A friendly smile when none seem to care

Simple understanding to listen to share

Affectionate devotion a feeling so pure

A melodic inspiration forever to endure


A mother’s enchantment at baby’s first cry

Contentment profound as it suckles her breast

Its grasp of her hand as she lays it to rest

To witness a smile a trembling first step

First words to be spoken tears that are shed

Eagerness and anticipation of what lies ahead

Is a love so complete it can never be compared


The balmy showers of spring

Laying the dust as they pass

The scent of freshly cut grass

On a crisp clear summer’s morn

Tender green leaves proudly adorn

Tall trees stand patiently awaiting

Their debut at summer’s dawning

Gossamer clouds in skies of blue

Sparkling white sands are only a few

Of the loves of life that I pursue


The books have been written the poems have been read

There are no words to describe the moments we share

The warmth I feel knowing you are close by my side

Together we stand united in love ready to conquer

All obstacles as we explore the dark corridors of life

Your hand in mine your confident touch gives me strength

The power to be to understand who I am willing to give

Able to receive not feel uncertain to enjoy peace of mind

You are all that I desire you are the air that I breathe

You are life you are love I am life I am love…we are


  1. "Must be something in the drinking water!"

    yeah... right!

    Lee, do you know (remember) about S.O.L.? An expression my mother used to say when we felt 'seedy' - meaning shit-on-liver. It was only when I got older that I realised the meaning was literal.

    Indulgence (not to say over) causing the liver not to cope too well, requiring a dose of Epson salts, or Ford pills - treat the liver, improve the disposition.

    Love Poems - beautiful - I am glad you share them with us, even if every time I read something you wrote, I get inspiration to write, but it doesn't work, I stay blank - maybe one day.


  2. Hi Lee ~~I guess you are happy to be back to peace and quiet. By the mess, it must have been a god party.
    Thanks for the comment, I expect Peter tomorrow - -I hope as he only has days before he has to be home.
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  3. Hi Lee.. I've hear S.O.L. too.. but around the states it means "shit outa luck" lol..

    I know what you mean about waking up "in a mood"...strange how it happens and stranger still that we recognize it and can't seem to make it go away for most of the day.

  4. Hi Lee- Very Nice poetry;

    So I attempted a quick reply in verse !!

    Best wishes

    Lees Verses

    Poetry grand, so post must wait
    Youthful verse one can relate
    Relections by your window sill
    Sunrays may a heart fulfil

    Words of wonder, past doubts dispel
    Words we heard from a sweet jezebel?
    Awaken know to a sprintime beat
    Sands soft grains beneath your feet

  5. Sure do, Della. We used to always tease Mum that she had S.O.L. when she was in a cranky mood and it used to make her worse! ;) I'm glad you liked the poems, Della.

    Hi Merle...ah...the mess wasn't too looked worse that it really was...and of course, how I was feeling made it even seem worse! ;)

    I guess you've settled back in at home after your holiday, Deslily. I've not spoken to another soul today, other than my two cats, so the world was not burdened with my mood! ;)

  6. Thanks for your verse in reply, Lindsay. :)

  7. Beautiful poems, thank you for sharing. I have not had dreams that things don't go right. I seem to cut to the chase and have those sorts of days where everything I do is very hard work. It is as you say very frustrating. I am not having a lot of time to post at present as I am packing for a move. I hope everyone will hang in there for me if I am a little slower to read and post..
    Cheers Margaret

  8. Thanks, Margaret for your comment. Where are you heading off to? Not leaving the coast, I hope!

  9. Maybe it's not a coincidence that your poetry seems to radiate a gentle peace today. I have dreams too like you have. I can't remember exactly the situations involved, but they're ones that make me feel frustrated and powerless. And I wake up feeling the same way.

  10. Lovely -- both the poems & your peaceful day.

    The dreams -- not so lovely. I have dreams like that occasionally and I find them very disconcerting. They can so affect me that their ambiance can ruin an entire day.

  11. Hey there Dave and Serena...I know...those kind of dreams are disconcerting....I was out-of-step all day yesterday because of that one particular dream penultimate to my waking. It's very frustrating when that happens as it's totally out of one's control.

    Glad you both liked my poems. :)

  12. You must have been dreaming you were me just before you awoke. That's a downer.

  13. I was actually dreaming about myself, wonder it was a complete stuff up! ;) I was trying to install and connect a computer and nothing was going right for me. I blew a fuse, literally (in the dream) and I was trying to find a phone number in the telephone book, to no avail. I can never make phone calls or find phone numbers in is very frustrating! ;)

  14. Hi Lee

    Just been catching up on your posts. Now I know where the rowdy noise was coming from on Saturday night! It was you lot on the mountain. Sound like a blast...does you good to let your hair down every so often. I have landlords like yours, noisy buggers when we have a "do".

    SOL...yep, one of the doctors at work suffers from that complaint quite regularly...according to him. He doesn't take it out on us but announces loud and clear that he has SOL. We just laugh at him.

    I saw that questionnaire in the Weekend Mail, too. You picked a number of guests that I would have chosen. Ahah...great minds.

    Hope all is well up on the mountain. Things are pretty good down here.

    Talk soon :-)

  15. Things have quietened down considerably, very considerably, since Saturday night, Robyn! Everyone is laying low! ;)

  16. Hi, Lee. I go through exactly the same stages as you after a dinner party I have given! I clear up slowly the next day - have to do it in stages - and bits of me ache that I didn't even know I had! And I swear, "Never again" but of course I repeat the experience! It's such a relief when all is back in its place! Your poems are delightful and I can really identify with them: love, spring and the touch of a familiar hand. And the last one has me crying. Thank you so much for posting them. Hope you're relaxing now. Lol from Sicily.

  17. Well, not exactly relaxing, Welsh. I've a load of laundry in the washing machine. I've just washed the floors and I've got to finish an article...well, two, actually and I should be thinking about writing a new post in here. And I've got to tackle the bathroom later, but I think I will leave that until I'm ready to shower. (Too much information, I think!)

    It's nice of you to comment on my poems. I'm glad they resonate with you. :) Didn't mean to make you cry, though!

  18. Anonymous10:41 AM

    You write and we enjoy.

  19. Thank you, Steve. Good to hear that you are enjoying my ramblings. :)