Friday, March 16, 2007

On The Couch...

In the colour magazine that comes with the Saturday "Courier Mail" is a questionaire given to somebody of note. Well, I'm not of "note", only within my own household, but I thought I would do similar here in my blog. As you know, this evening I'm hosting a dinner party. It will be a table of five. Over the years, I've often dreamed up guests with whom I liked to share my table. Part of the questionaire in the magazine is the question of whom one would like to share a dining experience with. So, here goes. I will try to be as honest as possible! UPDATE: It now appears my "table of five" will be increased to a table of seven! Not my doing, but I kinda got cornered and couldn't say "No"! It's just as well I always cater enough to feed an army! AND....I'll still be the "odd-man" out...well, odd-woman out. I sure would make an odd man (even that doesn't sound too great!)

If there were ten people, living or dead, I would invite to dinner, they would be:

Ayn Rand, David Bowie, a Long, Tall Texan, Jamie Oliver, Billy Connolly, Orson Welles, Anais Nin, Gregory Peck, Salvador Dali, Maria Callas....Abraham Lincoln.....I'll set an extra place!

A book that means a lot to me: Atlas Shrugged

A movie that resonates with me: The Horse Whisperer

A song that speaks to me: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Someone who makes me laugh:

My worst fashion moment: I guess when I went to the service station on Wednesday!

The best thing about living: Being alive

My worst habit is
: Impatience

The weirdest place I've been recognised is: Way out in a pub I was temporarily managing in Normanton, in far north-west Queensland in the Gulf Country

The last time I cried was: Watching "The Horse Whisperer" again, on DVD, last Sunday afternoon. Oh! I welled up with tears when I was chatting with a friend yesterday, too, but didn't actually "cry".

My first job was: As a legal secretary in Gympie

If my house caught fire, the first thing I'd grab would be: Three things, two cats and my computer

Five years from now, I will be: Still happily writing this blog, I hope!

My favourite toy as a child was: My dolls...all of them

My secret skill is: Sorry...I don't know if I have a secret skill...this one needs more thought...perhaps I don't have one! And if I told you what it was if I did have one, it would no longer be a secret!

You wouldn't know it but I'm no good at: What a silly question!

My biggest regret is: I leave regrets behind...I've had a few but I try to move on from them

I wish I had: Lots of things...but I don't dwell on them...or at least, I try my utmost not to do so. I try to face reality. On the material side of things, I wish I had a new car and well-equipped, well-laid out kitchen with a large walk-in pantry!

I wish I hadn't:
Stayed up so late last night!


  1. Anonymous1:30 AM

    This is an interesting post. I like it, but couldn't do the same.

  2. Hi Lee ~~ Well done - great look at your life. I loved The Horse Whisperer too (and Robert Redford.
    Glad you try to leave any regrets behind - all nice answers.
    I hope you have a great time tonight at your dinner party, and I am sure you will, after all the work.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  3. Well, I didn't see MY name on your list. (folds arms and turns away)
    Studying your list, let me make a suggestion. Don't mention going to the theatre afterwords. One of your guests might decline. He didn't like the last play he attended I suspect.
    I liked a lot of your answers, they tell a lot about you. All good.
    Advice from someone who's family lost everything in a fire (I was only 4)...get the old photos if nothing else.
    I'm with you on regrets. I just look at them as a mistake and forget it. Why worry about something you can't change.
    Good stuff here Lee.

  4. Impatience is a big problem fo mee too. And I'm getting very tired of it. I wish it would go away. Soon. Very soon. :)

  5. It was cool to see a little different side of you. I hope your party of seven went well. Airmail me the leftovers, please. :-)

    I'd love to converse with Ayn Rand myself. I've read a great deal of her writing, Atlas Shrug included. I don't agree with everything she says but I like her sensability.


  6. Now I feel I know you a bit better.
    Enjoy your dinner, the more the merrier.

  7. Steve, Merle, Cliff, Robbie, jmb,'re all invited to my next dinner party...I didn't mean to leave you out, Cliff! My list is long! ;)

    Thanks for commenting, folks! :)

  8. I am a little late on reading since it has been a really hard weekend,I drank way to much for the pig races. I loved being able to learn more about the things you enjoy. Sometimes I think to myself that when and if we ever do meet I will know you really well.

  9. Nice post. I like your choices! I'd like to have a dinner party and invite all my blogging friends, including, of course, you!

  10. As long as you had a good time, Sandra...and didn't lose your new t-shirt! I should explain that...I don't mean the one Sandra was wearing...but the one she was given for winning Wino's give-away.

    That would be a ball, wouldn't it, Welsh! Whooohooo! :)

  11. Good questions, Lee - and good answers too - you'd think after we've been blogging together for so long that there wouldn't be too many new things to learn about each other - seems like you'd be wrong... very interesting snapshot.

    I think I've learned about not inviting people to dinner - it's been a long long time since I've tackled that. Mind you, I have been telling people I am planning a 'welcome to the Gold Coast' party for my son... I have a feeling I might 'regret' that one!

  12. Oh! I have to lash out every now and then, Della...I prefer entertaining at home to going out...I relax more at home. I think I had enough of long days and nights out when working in the hospitality industry...sitting in restaurants doesn't do much for me...I'd rather be at home where I can do what I like and listen to what I like...and take as long over a meal as I like! ;)