Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Morning After!

Wow! That was the wildest dinner party I've held for a while!

My two extra guests only stayed for champagne, margaritas and 'pickies', having to head off back to Brisbane to share farewell drinks with a friend who is leaving for Christchurch, New Zealand.

The party kicked off with a huge bang right from the beginning...5.30pm...everyone was in party mode. This morning my cabin looks like Cyclone Larry or Hurricane Katrina went through it! And I'm sure my appearance matches it! By midnight everyone, fearful of turning into pumpkins, departed the scene of destruction! I took one brief look at the debris and repeating the words of Scarlet O'Hara..."Tomorrow is another day", I threw myself into bed, pulling the covers over my head.

What a crazy, fun-filled evening it was! A noisy, boisterous bunch of revelers were we. The laughter, rowdy debates and general mayhem continued from drinks outside on the deck to around the dinner table. At one stage, I put on the soundtrack music from Michael Flatley's original "Riverdance". Lyndall and I performed a "Kath & Kim's" version of Irish dancing! I wish someone had filmed it. We could make a career out of this....not!

My landlords can't complain about the pandemonium as they were amongst the rowdiest! Fortunately, they could walk/stagger home. I think they made it back to their house, but as I've not yet checked, they may be floating in the pond between me and "The Manor"! My other guests live just around the corner not far from me and if they got into strife, Peter, the husband of Lyndall, is a barrister so he can bail himself out of prison! As for me, the cats aren't talking to me. They're an anti-social pair! They hate it when I have visitors and high-tail it to the nearest hiding spot, only to re-appear again when everyone has left.

So we celebrated St. Paddy's Day in flying colours! He would have been proud! It was a great evening and a wonderful time was had by all.

First, I'm going to read the Sunday paper, check to see if I won the Lotto and if I did, I'm going to hire a maid to come and clean up all this mess! Needless to say, it will be me who will being tackling the battlefield. By the look of the dishevelment, it may take me a week!

I've been to Bedlam and back again and can even spell its name!


  1. Ah Lee, you know how to throw a party. We agreed to babysit two grandkids tonight so Mom could go have fun. We too shall have fun. I'd prefer staying here to milling with the party crowd. Seems the bars here are pretty smokey and I have a problem with that. Later.

  2. I don't like big parties, Cliff...I prefer dinner parties and luncheons, mainly here at my own home. I prefer that to going out to dine in restaurants or to others homes. I'm a real home-body! ;)

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Happy Sunday Lee. Is the battlefield a beautiful pasture again? Lovely to hear that you had a fabulous friday night. I cannot say the same unfortunately as my friday night was the same as any other. I live to dream another day. Be good!

  4. The dinner was Saturday night, Nicole...last night....don't take any notice of the date on my's in US time.

    Yep...I've cleaned up the didn't take me long and the tablecloth and napkins are soaking! ;)

  5. lee,
    If I ever get off call and outta the OR, I'll be over to chat. ;-)

  6. Good work, Lee bring in St. Paddy's!

  7. That's right, you're working this weekend, Rel...I'm in recovery today!;)

    Hey Corn Dog! How was your trip...I'll pop into your blog shortly. Welcome back! :)

  8. Glad you celebrated in style, I didn't do anything special this year, I will try and make up for it next year. How was Bedlam? Will your return again do you think? Must say I have been there once or twice.....
    Cheers Margaret

  9. Lee, sounds liked a good time! BTW, did you dye the food green? I would have loved to see a picture of that!

  10. I'm sure I'll make many returns to Bedlam, Margaret...I'm a regular visitor! ;)

    No, green food colouring this time. I learned my lesson well!

  11. Now that sounds like my kind of party! St Patrick would, indeed, have been proud of you and I'm sure his spirit was there [in all sorts of ways!] Love the bit about hiring a maid if you win the lottery - I hope you did!

  12. Hi Lee,
    The best parties are the ones you give yourself, despite the work and the mess. You know all the guests and you don't have to drive home.

    I don't remember St Patrick's day being a big thing in Australia when I was young (50 plus years ago), even though there were some Irish, although I think most of them were priests or sisters. Has that changed?

  13. win, no maid and I was made to do the cleaning up Welsh.

    Any excuse for a party is the Aussie way, must remember that! ;)

    There are a lot of Aussies who are of Irish stock, jmb...together with Scottish and English. The only things Irish about my dinner was the mashed potatoes and an Irish type of liqueur...oh...and Lyndall's and my bastardised version of Riverdance! ;)

  14. Sounds like an awesome dinner party. Has the house (and you) recovered yet???
    Hope you have a great week.
    Take care, Meow

  15. Yes, Meow...everything is back to "normal" now...even me! ;)

  16. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Sounds like a party not to miss. Good on you.

  17. I hadn't planned for it to be quite so crazy but it turned out to be a total blast. Somehow my luncheons or dinner parties tend to go that way! ;)