Sunday, June 24, 2007

Farewell, Lawsie!

'Tis a sad day in radio today. John Laws, the man with the Golden Microphone...the man of the "golden tonsils" announced his retirement after more than fifty years in the broadcasting industry.

I will miss you, Lawsie. Your dulcet tones, irreverent logic, music choices, humour, wisdoms and, at times, acerbic wit no longer coming across the air waves is a scenario difficult to believe. I feel like I'm loosing an old friend.

John's influential relationship with his listeners is both as friend, confidante and teacher. The influence was recognised by former Prime Minister Paul Keating when he said in an interview with The Bulletin (July 1997) that, 'If you can educate John Laws, you educate middle Australia'

John Laws sees himself as entertainer and salesman. His morning show delivers a mixture of both regular features and the unpredictable to more than two million listeners on around 70 stations including Brisbane's 4BC, and his velvet voice is as well-known as his relationship with the products he endorses. His live reads are persuasive, educative, interesting - even witty - and form an integral part of the morning show's structure.

For virtually all of the 45 years he has worked in radio, John Laws has been the undisputed king of Australia's talkback airwaves and has remained at the top of the ratings - an achievement many say will never be obtained again.

Since his career began as an 18-year old announcer on 3BO in Bendigo in 1953 - John Laws has won more radio awards of excellence than any other Australian broadcaster. They include a special award from the Federation of Australian Radio Broadcasters for his broadcasting excellence as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Producers and Directors Guild of Australia.

Thank you for the years of pleasure you have given, Lawsie. Your leaving is the end of a "Golden Era" Thank you for the laughs, the music and thank you for sharing your golden tones with us all. Bye! Bye! John Laws.


  1. Even though I have never heard this man on the radio you describe him really well. I can also say he is a good looking man in those photos. I think the heat down here in Texas is getting to me I usually don't talk about men that way. ;)

  2. It's strange, the "normal" standards, John Laws wouldn't be classed as a handsome man, but I've always liked his looks...but it's his voice, his principles, intelligence,good humour and wit, I've liked the most. He's got a good taste in country music, too. He's a tall man of around six-two or three...I've been a fan from way back when.

    Nothing wrong with talking about men that way, Sandra. Credit where credit is due, I say. :)

  3. Yes, radio just won't be the same without John Laws around...he has a very distinctive voice and he could be extremely witty.

  4. He certainly is a legend, an icon, Robyn...there will never be another "Lawsie".

  5. Hi Lee ~~ I heartily agree.
    Lawsie will be greatly missed.
    I enjoyed listening to him for many years and that voice is wonderful. And he does so much good for folks too. Loved all
    about him and he still looks good at 71. Great Post Lee.
    Thank you. Take care, Love, Merle.

  6. Hi Lee, Lawsie is at that age when all his best qualities were focussed and.... whats that?... the same age as I am... who would have thought.... Onya Lawsie.

  7. Hi Merle & two doing a duo act? ;)

  8. Lee
    What a great tribute. I am sure he will be missed by so many.

  9. I'd not heard of him, either, but you make him "real" to me. I can understand that you will miss him, as I'm a fan of radio voices too.

  10. Here is John Laws' announcement:

    Most likely a cut and paste.
    I remember him from my time in Aussie land in 1990. Lee, did he do the news sometims?

  11. P.S. make sure you highlight the whole is longer than yhe width of the column.

  12. Hey Lady Di...he will be missed byn many...there will be some who will be glad to see him go...he upset some...but that's to be expected. ;)

    He and his wife holiday frequently in Italy, Welsh. If you run into him say "G'day" from me! ;)

    Thanks for the link, Marc. His decision was high on the television and radio lists of news segments yesterday. I especially put the TV on in the morning to watch his announcement. You would have heard his "Talk-Back" programme, Marc. He didn't read the news, but his programme was the highest rating.

    Thanks for the link...:)

  13. Hiya Lee thanks for hanging in there for me. It is a very sad day that John Laws will not be on the airways anymore. I am a great fan. I guess one either loves him ot hates him though I am one eyed and cannot understand how he could be disliked.
    Cheers Margaret

  14.'s great to hear from your Margaret. Yes, the airwaves won't seem the same without Lawsie. I'm very "one-eyed" when it comes to him. :)

  15. It will be a sad day when we can no longer hear John Laws on the radio. He has a wonderful voice.
    Have a great week.
    Take care, Meow

  16. Hi Meow...yes we all have grown up with Lawsie's won't be the same. He is unique. :)

  17. Gidday Lee,
    Yep, Lee I'm sure John will be missed. He can be very one minded sometimes but that's the "charm" of him. One either likes him or dislikes him. I've listened to John quite a lot and I've enjoyed his show. I even like his singing.

  18. Hay how you going lawsie is it hard being a news person i'll recken it will be hard . Our pool is muddy we still have not hade it fixed we tried but did not work we seen how much dirt is in it its abut one foot. Most tileswas lifted my mum brung me home from school earle so the water does not block us from our home . By lawsie i'll talk to you later my name is dominic geipel my age is 11 iam from nsw .