Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just To Clarify Things! I Love Men!

Well, not every single one of them...but you get my drift!

Blame my absence from blogging on Kitty....I've been learning all I can about her.

In doing so, I noticed that I raised the curiosity of Google Adsense! During the course of today, I discovered, at one stage they had put up an ad., about some club or whatever for lesbians! I'm not a member of the "Rosie O'Donnell Sisterhood". Don't misunderstand me, I'm not judging in anyway. 'Tis none of my business, but being a person who hates those who assume or presume, I wish Google Adsense wouldn't assume about me, just because I chose to call my new lappy, "Kitty"!

Wonderful, beautiful wet rain has been falling upon my roof since last night. How I love it! What an incentive to lock myself away from the madding crowds on days like today. I've been nestled inside most of the day other than when I was forced to go out to check the switch on the water tank. The wet weather has caused it to short-out...and there is little I can do about it other than to put a make-shift cover over it, which I have done. It's happened before, often. I managed to become drenched when attending to the problem. I've water stored in the meantime, even if only a dribble is coming forth from my taps. Until the switch dries out, the pump won't work. I will survive. With no immediate neighbours to terrorize, I can always stand out in the rain with a bar of soap if I need to shower!

Tomorrow I hope to start on Chapter Eleven of my story "Reaching Out To The City Lights".

Firstly, I have to write my food article for the local paper up here on the mountain, and then I'll tackle Chapter Eleven...now that I've become somewhat familiar with Kitty. (Did you read that Google Adsense?)


  1. Darn, it's gone now. I missed it.

    Tank water, something I've never understood that they don't do here, where we have so much rain. It seems they'd rather dig a well instead.
    Long time since Chapt 10

  2. I know it's been a long time between chapters, jmb...sorry...but other things came in the way...things like the present! ;) Real life has a habit of popping in every now and then...but I promises...I'll put my "writing-cap" or "writing-cloak" on and get cracking on Chapter 11!

    Here on Tamborine Mountain we are dependent upon our own water supplies...on this property I have both tank and bore...the bore water is the purest of pure mountain water...the water here on the mountain is great...so much so a lot of it is transported off the hill...Coca Cola and one of the beer breweries, Castlemaine take truckloads of it...I'm afraid I believe in the old saying "there are only so many slices of the cake..."

  3. Hi Lee...Kitty! I love it, but...it's obviously given Google the idea that you bat for the other side. Oh, well that's life.

    Lee, once again, thank you so much for being there. It was good to be able to let go. You're also right...I really appreciated the messages of love and support. I've posted on Kat's Cradle today...the Oscar blog will be closed down soon.

    Once again, Lee. Thank you for being there.

    Love and hugs


  4. Me again. Isn't this rain just wonderful? I love it, I got wet going to work this morning...woohoo! My car looks pristine after a good downpour today.

  5. Hi Lee ~~ Glad you got some rain, and we have had a nice lot lately.
    Sorry Google have hasselled you - no
    better things to do. Thanks for your comment - sometimes life gets more important than blogging, and you did have to get used to Kitty. Lovely to work on I'll bet. Mine is. Take care Lee, and see you later with Chapter 11. When YOU feel like it.
    Love, Merle.

  6. Robyn....I know exactly what you are going through and it upsets me when I think of Oscar...and I've never even met him. But you know how much I love my two rascals...and I know how upset I was when I lost Pushkin, my beautiful ginger cat who had been everywhere with me and stuck by my side through thick and thin, When he died I was heartbroken and had similar thoughts as you have at the moment, but then one day about a month after he died, I saw a picture of them on a notice board at the local little shopping centre...I memorised the phone number, raced home and rang it...within the hour I came home with TWO kittens...brother and sister because I didn't have the heart to separate them. That was about four and a half years ago. I wouldn't be without these two now...I love them dearly and that feeling is reciprocated.

  7. Robyn...this rain is wonderful...I love it! I got wet this morning as well...but hey! Who cares? Doesn't it feel great to get wet? lol

    Hi Merle...yes...I love my new laptop...as you say, it is great to use...my computer plays such a huge part of my life. I'd be lost without one.

  8. Anonymous3:07 AM

    The rain sounds good. I missed the post, but wouldn't have put 1 and 1 together and gotten any ideas about it. Glad you are having fun with the new computer.

  9. I know, Lee, I've done it in the past, too. Swear that's it, no more! But...the Universe usually has other ideas and I find myself with another cat companion.

    Still...we'll see. It's far too early yet.

    Have fun with Kitty...

  10. hi Lee.. yes, I already knew how you love rain.. haha.. I don't hate it, it's just that around here it almost always is with Lightening and destructive winds.

    It sure is amazing some of the "connections" google can come up with.. duh..

  11. Hi Lee, the rain has been and still is falling steadily for about 30 hours and with more forecast tomorrow everything has taken on a new glow... even getting some in the catchments!!!!

  12. I missed the ad, but for some reason I never assumed that you belonged in the Rosie sisterhood club. Shame on Google for assuming things. You know the saying about assume and now that Google has made an A$$ out of themselves maybe they will learn their lesson. Waiting patiently for the next installment.

  13. Satan ate comments. Evil laptop.

    The short version. Because you are aware of my blog name I am very indignate concerning the assumtion made of google.

    Secondly, I envy the rain and water. We are 8-12 inches behind in our rainfall.

    Wonderful flashback from the water there. Growing up in the country we always had spring water. When a child was old enough, their task became going to the spring to bring back water to the house. I loved the task, because I would always lower my face into the spring and take a long drink before getting to the task at hand.

    Please go out and get wet again for me and belt out "Singing in the Rain" and do a little dance.

  14. Well, I've just been reading up on some of your posts: it's no wonder google misunderstood your leanings given the way you planned to get up close and personal with Kitty, while sharing a bed with - who was it? Shama! Google probably thought, 'These women up in the hills are getting up to all sorts!'

    Anyway, glad you've got some rain up there.

    Lee, I often call in your blog, see the length of the post and think, 'I'll call back later,' because I'm just flicking through. But I don't always find the concentrated time to read all the way through your chapters. I do enjoy them and always intend to, but I apologise if I don't always make it or comment. I'm an idle blogger: short posts suit me best!

  15. 'Tis all in fun, Steve...who cares what Google (or anyone else for that matter) thinks anyway! I know who I am. I just have to look at the name tag I wear all the time! ;)

    I know it's too soon, Robyn ...but I know you have a heart of gold, too...give it time. :)

    Hiya Deslily...my reputation will be in ruins! ;)

    Peter, it's been so great this rain...how wonderful it would be if it stuck around for a while...but I don't think it will...then let it pays us a few return visits.

    Hey there Sandra...your patience shall be rewarded soon. :)

    lol Lady Di...I do understand your indignation! What's it matter anyway...Ms Kitty is proud of us both! Rain water is oh, so wonderful...it makes one's skin and hair feel like silk. I'll have a few glasses for you, Lady Di. :)

    Yep, Liz...us mountain women are tarts...that's fer shure! I forgive you...if you're an "idle, flicking blogger" that's okay...I don't mind...it's nice to see you when you pop in, either which way. :)

  16. Goodness me, I didn't know Google Adsense operated like that! What peculiar technology they must have! I, too, feel all cosy indoors when it's raining outside - though I have to say that was easier in the UK, cool, tiled floors not being conducive to cosiness! Looking forward to chapter 11.

  17. WOT???? they tagged you as gay becuse you named your computer Kitty? I am not judging either..hello I have a big family with all types of members.......but good grief!!!!
    I am waiting anxiously for the next chapter.

  18. Lee, I live outside of San Francisco. IF I had seen the ad, which I didn't, I would not have even blinked nor assumed anything. The #2 pull on my blog is people searching for porn in the form of a picture of mine entitled mygirls.jpg. It is a picture of my 2 dogs. The intraweb is a funny place.

  19. Hi Welsh, Rebecca and Corn Dog...Oh! It didn't concern me...it made me laugh. At least I no longer get emails giving me clues as to how to increase a certain body part which I don't have or offering me viagra! ;)

  20. We are also refreshed by recent rains and it is a delight to hear the steady drumming of rain on the rooftop. The characters were all larger than life to me in your last chapter of your story. I remember lunching at Double Bay (we called it double pay then!!) with clients when working in the eastern suburbs (Bondi Junction). A particular restaurant called Eliza’s, was frequented by MT. I look forward to hearing more about your endeavours and life with those icons in the fashion industry.But I know know why you don’t catch any colds or flu......it’s must be the fresh water and clean air where you live!! Or is it all that delectable home made food that builds up your antibodies ?

    Best wishes

  21. Hi Lindsay...I eat a lot of fruit and always have...I believe that stops getting colds. I can't remember the last time I had a cold. And as you say, the mountain air up here is pretty pure...that must help. Maggie T. is quite a lady...she is a survivor, that's for sure. I hope to have my next chapter up and running soon. :)

  22. Lee standing naked in the yard with a bar of soap singing in the rain.
    Man, this blog just keeps getting better and better.

  23. Adsense can be hilarious! I post the rhyme Oranges and Lemons and they're advertising fruit. London Bridge is Falling Down and suddenly minibreaks in hotels overlooking the Tower of London are on offer ... there's nowt so bizarre as the www that is for sure. I've only had Adsense for 2 weeks or so. Isn't it frustrating when something really intriguing appears and you're not allowed to see what it is ...

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