Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Just Have To Do This!

For those of you who may have missed the clip of this guy on TV...please do yourselves a favour and click on this link

I posted on FauxNEWS about him, but felt I had to spread the joy here as well.

This guy has an amazingly, beautiful voice. Note the changes in attitude and looks on the judges' faces from before his performance to after it!

And just when you thought it was safe to wipe those tears's another to stir you!

UPDATE: Thanks to "Granny" mentioning's another song by Paul Potts


  1. I'm a big opera fan and a friend sent me the clip of Nessun Dorma this afternoon.

    He's wonderful on Time to Say Goodbye as well.

  2. Thanks for those links, Lee. How can that fellow had hidden his light under a bushel for so long?

  3. Hi Granjny and jmb ...he's wonderful, isn't he? What a voice! I must look for "Time To Say Goodbye". I have Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's verson on a Bocelli CD...and I love the song, so I look forward to hearing it.
    Thanks for the tip, Granny. :)

  4. Hi Lee, unlike Granny and possibly yourself, I'm not a fan of opera normally but Paul Potts is fantastic theres no doubt of that.
    And for a six year old to perform so well is also fantastic, she may run into trouble finding more songs she can handle that well though, we'll see.

  5. OMG, that voice doesn't really go with that face, does it LOL.
    But what an amazing singer.
    I'm not usually a fan or Opera, but he's impressive.
    Take care, Meow

  6. I see he didn't win the judge's vote in the semi, but went through on the popular vote. Says something about the UK public that they will support an opera singer. The final's tonight, UK time. Good luck to him.

  7. Hi Lee ~~ Great music videos, i loved
    the 6 year old ~~ Another Shirley Temple? Paul has a lovely voice.Those recipes are to die for
    Thanks ? for sharing them.
    We sure could do with Jezza back at Carlton - even at his age. Tell him if you run into him again. Take care, Love, Merle.

  8. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Like Peter, I'm not an Opera fan, but that was one hell of a performance. Good for him.

  9. Hi, Peter, Meow, Merle, Lee and Steve...I'm a sucker for a good tenor voice...they get me every time. I hope he goes far...he deserves it.

    Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the link. :)

  10. Nice to see Simon Cowell so blown awaym, he can be such a bastard at times...but, wonderful singing. Nessum Dorma always makes me cry..and that six-year-old Connie...unbelievable!

    Thanks Dagny...a great post.

  11. Beautiful links Lee, it's so nice for someone to get 'a break.'
    Blogger wouldn't let me comment friday night and sat. so I did want to say something about your dessert post.
    You....are an evil woman.

  12. gads, they were both fabulous! and like many here, I'm not what you'd call an opera fan..

  13. Paul Potts is fabulous isn't he? I caught him and the tiny 6 year old earlier in the week. I guess the prize is they get to sing for the queen. Simon doesn't seem as nasty on the British version as he is on the American version.

  14. Oh, thank you, Lee. I'm still crying! Ah, well, Paul is Welsh - that explains it! And, as you say, the looks on the faces of the judges as he sings say it all. And that little girl - well, I'm going to listen again and cry some more!

  15. NEWSFLASH: Paul won the final.

  16. Now I am aware that there are those unkind people who say that Queensland is somewhat behind the rest of Australia but... it really only 2:44pm there now?

  17. Lee
    What a refreshing post. I love tenors too and have a habit of turning it up in the silver bullet(my car) and even conducting Nessum Dorma by Bocelli. The Trucker on I40 just shake their heads as I roll by.

  18. Hey Robyn...Simon definitely had the bored expression wiped off his face, but it was the look on the other male judge's face at the beginning when Paul said he sang opera that was a classic....the voice that came out of Paul Pott's mouth soon changed his attitude.

    That's some excuse, I've heard it all...tell us honestly, you were too busy eating all that chocolate to comment, we know! ;)

    Thanks for the newsflash,Lee...great decisions. Let's hope he goes on to further his singing and reaps the rewards he deserves.

    Hi doesn't have to be an opera fan to appreciate a good voice. :)

    Hey there CD...yes, both are wonderful. The tone and quality of the voice of little Connie is so amazing. There's nothing Simon could be rude about in the performances of those two.

    Tears definitely came to my eyes when I watched these performances too, Welsh...incredibly moving.

    j cosmos newbery...those who misquidedly and incorrectly think that Queensland is behind, are backward themselves, in their manner of thought. It's quite perplexing that some think this way, and yet, in droves, they cross the borders and choose to live or holiday here in this beautiful state. Their ignorance is surely fueled by envy. Now that I've loyally defended blog was set up on Texas, US (not Texas, Qld) time...hence the disparity in time.

    It's good to see you j are only a shadow of your true self! ;)

    I'm like you, Lady Di...I do similar. Don't worry about the truckers, they probably enjoy watching your performances! I've even been known to moo at cows while driving past their pastures! ;)

  19. I loved the video, what an awesome voice. Gave me goosebumps!

  20. And now the Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins has invited Paul to sing with her!

  21. It did me, too, Shelly. :)

    That's great, Welsh...I think he's going to be a busy young man for a while.

  22. As an opera fan I was delighted Paul Potts has been announced winner of Britain's Got Talent. An amazing tenor voice

    Thanks for posting it !

    Best wishes