Friday, May 19, 2006

And the merry-go-round, goes 'round and 'round...and 'round again!

The 'culture of fear' continues as does alcohol-induced violence and child rapes within Aboriginal communities. (We know it happens in the white community, too...but it's a easier for whites to escape from the abuse than it is for indigenous women and children living within Aboriginal communities).

'Political correctness' has outlasted its welcome. It's never been welcomed by me. So what if the arrested and jailed perpetrators of these despicable crimes choose to commit suicide in jail? That's their choice, so be it! They chose to commit the crime. It's 'political correctness' gone totally wrong and overboard to keep these mongrels out of jail. They must be jailed for their crimes. Their victims must be have the right to live a life without fear of retribution. A decade ago the Royal Commission into Deaths in Custody found jail for an indigenous person should be the last resort! Unbelievable, but true!

The 'talk' about ending violence in indigenous communities goes on and on as it has done for years. Let's take our heads out of the sand....let's throw the boomerang so it doesn't keep on returning! The problems have to be eradicated, once and for all. The proposed 'summit' is just more rhetoric...over and over and over again it goes...over and over and over again nothing is solved. Over and over and over again the rape of innocent children, the beatings of the women, the murders continue unchecked!

Law and order have to be strongly implemented and upheld. Those who do not abide by the law, are tried, convicted and jailed if found to be guilty. It's black and white...(yes, pun is intended!) No political-correctness...just plain old 'law and order'. Do the the time!

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