Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bully for him! I'm Not Afraid of Him...I Pity Him!

I'm referring to Osama Bin Laden. Who? You may well ask. Once more he proves what a coward he is. I feel so sorry for those who follow his philosophy of life. And that is really saying something for I feel sorry for so few. But, he...yes, I do feel sorry for this weak man, because he hasn't got the guts to face the rest of the world. He remains hidden away, unable to stand up and face the rest of the world. He has chosen an easy existence and believes, albeit mistakenly, that he will be held up as a 'messiah'. Poor fool him! And even more foolish are those who follow him and hang on his worthless words. What does he have to say? Nothing! He is a clown without a circus in which to perform. And clowns, we know, within themselves, are sad and sorry persons.

I've often thought about those I would like to have at my table as dinner guests. I extend the invitation to Bin Laden. I'm brave enough to attend at my table..I know he isn't. But, then...of course...I my dinner table, those who are in attendance have the right to be. To be free and have the right to express one's self...the right to have fun...the right to never quit...the right to never stoop to the lowest depth of human behaviour...the right to have moral integrity. I don't believe Bin Laden has any rights...he's made his bed...and he has only himself to blame. I think he knows that already...otherwise, why would he hide himself away? It's not because he has values or he has an honest belief in himself and mankind...he is distorted. He has a distorted view of the world...a view he wishes all to share. Sorry, will never happen! The only people who will follow you are those as ignorant as yourself.

Our virtue is our have none. We fight for our do not have you have lost the fight will never win the future you desire. We have already won that battle and are prepared to move on! It's time you put away your toys like a good little boy. It's time you lived in a world of responsible beings. Somehow, I doubt you are able to do, stay in your cave. It's where you deserve to be...and you are not missed.

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