Thursday, May 11, 2006

I can't seem to help myself when it comes to 'restaurant folk'...something inside me switches on and a common bond is found. Today, I visited a local restaurant here where I live, owned and operated by a lovely young couple. 'Belvedere On Main' has a long and interesting history. It opened way back in the 1920's. Little has changed to the original building, other than new paintwork etc. The original timber and ironwork remains. It exudes a magical ambience. On perusing the menu, I found it to be very enticing, indeed, and priced well in today's market. The chef appears to be catering to the tastes and desires of the populace, not going overboard with 'new' fads...which I think is a good thing. They also look after the 'locals', appreciating their patronage. The owners have formed the 'Belvedere Club, which already has160 members. The members are treated to a special cocktail party every couple of months in appreciation of their support. Down a few stairs at the rear of the restaurant is a gift shop filled with lots of tempting goodies. The aromas wafting from the spotless kitchen and those from the gift shop below (scented candles etc.,) make one want to linger longer!

I think 'Belvedere on Main' is not only 'on Main' but is on the right track, as well.

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