Saturday, October 07, 2006

Maniac At Play...Someone Please Take His Toys Away!

North Korea's Kim Jong-il is out and about again playing with his war toys.

Not that I'm an Al Gore fan or what he's running around world sprouting about at present, but perhaps Kim Jong-il should sit down and view a screening of "An Inconvient Truth"...and then have a meeting with Gore and his cronies so they can convince him (Jong) about man's part in global warming!

The US....(no one takes any notice of the UN anymore) must sort this maniac out once and for all. But, the US is between a rock and a hard place. If they act powerfully and strongly against Jong, they will be criticised severely...if they don't take action, they'll still be criticised severely. It's time to prove might and use force against against this little 'Hitler'.

Washington has to stand up and be countered on this one...and soon. This guy Kim Jong-il is a megalomaniac of the first degree (amongst other things) and must be stopped.

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  1. I read an article saying that Kim depends on the threat from the North Americans to maintain his grip on power. So just when the US' attention is turned toward Iraq, Iran, whoever else, he tests a missile. Or a nuclear warhead. Then the US starts rattling their swords, and he can say to his people "I am protecting you from the evil foreigners".
    And now, whenever I hear about Kim doing something, it's usually becausethe world's attention is elsewhere. Just watch - that's how it works.