Monday, October 02, 2006

When And Where To Draw the Line!

I came across an article in 'The Australian' about dogs being entrusted with ceremonial roles at their owners' weddings, some (the dogs, that is) even wearing matching outfits! I was reminded of a wedding years ago in which I was one of the attendants. During the rehearsal, the bride-to-be carried in her arms a dog basket decorated with tulle, ribbons and flowers, bearing three or four chihuahua puppies. The mother dog ran around our heels at the altar. I, of course, jokingly and with a touch of sarcasm, made a crack about having them at the wedding ceremony. To my shock, this is what the bride was planning!

On the day of the 'great' event as we strolled down the aisle, the mother of the brood, with ribbons around its neck, nearly got stood on by me a few times (purposely a couple of times!). The basket with the puppies in it had already been placed in front of the altar! When the wedding party congregated outside after the ceremony to get our photos taken, the dogs had pride of place in every photo taken. I think when the photos were developed I was in none of them as when they were being taken, I kept easing myself out of the frame! The whole thing was a joke and an exercise in bad taste, to my way of thinking! People really do go overboard sometimes. By the way, the marriage lasted only six months! I wonder why! I guess the groom wasn't prepared to take on a ready-made family!

Don't misunderstand me...I love my two cats...but there is a limit to everything!

graphite drawing by Lee



  2. Some people have strange ideas thats for sure - not as strange but on the note of weddings, we had a family wedding a few years ago that took part at a local beach.

    The setting was lovely, bright sunny day, blue skies, sparkling ocean, white sands - deep white sand, but unfortunately also quite a nice stiff breeze.

    The problem was, the bride had chosen to be just that, a proper bride, with a long dragging train and a full veil. The guests were dressed accordingly, fancy hats and fashionable shoes. We had to walk quite a little distance along the beach to reach the little rocky place where the ceremony took place - can you imagine? It was a very dishevelled mob that joined the bride and groom at the happy event!

  3. Why! Oh! Why do they insist on doing that? When I was cooking professionally I catered for lots of weddings and there are only two that have stuck in my mind as being done far as the bridal party etc., was concerned, that is!

    For Heaven's sake...if you're going to have a beach it accordingly!!!!!!!!!!! People never cease to amaze and surprise me...even though I think I've seen it all! ;)