Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who Do You Trust?

A disturbing report in today's 'Sunday Mail' shows just how low some women can go.

Partners/wives/girlfriends/de factos (whatever name and status they give themselves...I can think of a few other names I could call them but then I'd have to censor myself!) are fleecing Australian troops in war zones. The Defence Department is now, because this gold-digging, callous practice is so widespread. giving departing troops advice on how to protect their cash while they're overseas. Some of the guys are losing up to $50,000.00... and homes...the money is being greedily stolen by their so-called 'partners'.

It's sick, isn't it? I really don't know how these women can live with themselves. I've never asked anything of or from any man in my life...two ex-husbands included...and I never will...let alone stooped so low as to steal from them! I'd rather be broke, have my independence, no matter how fragile it may be and have a clear conscience!

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