Sunday, October 01, 2006

Say You Want a Revolution....Yeah! Yeah!

I could say I won't gloat...but I won't say that! Because, right now I'm 'over the moon'...I'm gloating...I'm going absolutely insane!

THE BRONCOS WON!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I am stoked! Debbie and I have had a wild night of eating cheese, salami, crackers, followed by home-made pizza, washed down with champagne, wine and the odd glass of water to balance whatever!

Now...wait for it...we are about ready to indulge in strawberries which have been marinating in brandy, orange juice and sugar (as per one of my earlier posts) and whipped cream, which Deb is presently whipping! It would have been far easier for us to have had the strawberries with ice-cream...but...hey! It's Grand Final night...and in case you haven't noticed...the Broncos won! So, whipped cream it is! ;)

Oh! How wonderful it is to be a Queenslander!!!!!!!!!! Eat your hearts out Phil Gould and Peter Sterling!


  1. heehee .. the bookies had the money on the Storm 'I hate those Melbourne players'
    go the brocos!

  2. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh! What a game!

    Yippeee! Life is good up here on the mountain tonight! ;) I reckon life is good up here in Queensland tonight...and every other night! hahahaha!

  3. It's sooooo good to be a Queenslander, isn't it? The Shane Webcke ad "I hate those Melbourne players" is very right at the moment.

    Go the Broncos and Wayne Bennett!!