Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lost For Words....

After writing "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", my mind has gone blank! I don't know what to write about next.

It was difficult at times during the telling of the incident as the memories are still disturbing. I found at certain points, tears welling in my eyes and a sorrow that, I imagine, will never leave me. Anger remains still over G's actions or non-actions and also over Q's attitude at the time. Thank you all for reading my story and for your comments. I appreciate your time and words. Until now, I'd not told many others the story of that time on the island. I wasn't trying to bury it, but it is a rather distressing story to tell.

Moving on to other matters...I'm perched on about 2 inches of my computer chair as my female cat, Shama, (pronounced "Sharma") is curled up on the chair also. She is commanding and demanding the greater portion of it. She has her legs planted firmly upon my lower back as a warning for me not to consider, for even one minute moment, of moving further back on the chair! So here I sit perched on a precipice! Luckily my feet touch the floor! I dare not get out of the chair because as soon as I do, she will take it all over.

Last night, finally, I came to the conclusion (I'm slow...I should have come to it much sooner, I know) that I will never understand men! I've come to that conclusion before many times, but I've always tried again and again, thinking perhaps it was just me and they really are easy to understand. Men certainly do inhabit a different planet than women.

I can think of nothing more 'manly' than a man who isn't afraid of expressing his feelings, his love for his lady, defying all male taboos by doing just that. I admire a man who openly admires his lady and doesn't care who notices his admiration.

My mind works in mysterious ways, I can hear you saying. I freely admit that it does. These thoughts were prompted by something I read somewhere, said by someone. I can't remember where or by whom, but the male concerned spoke tenderly of his lady love and it struck a cord within me. I thought to myself (it is very hard to think to someone else, but that's by the by)...I may have the hide of a rhinoceros, but my heart is as fragile as a flower. (I was going to say 'egg' but that might crack you up!)

I believe it would be the greatest compliment of all, to have a man who thought so highly of you that he was not afraid to admit his emotions.

We discussed sexuality/sensuality the other day to a small degree and music was mentioned. While reading some of the comments in that post, The Commodores began playing on the radio, singing, "Three Times a Lady"...now that's a very sensual song. So I started thinking about songs and here are but a very, very few of the thousands that strike a tender cord within me.

You Are So Beautiful
Always On My Mind
I'll Go On Loving You
Help Me Make It Through the Night
When We Make Love
Keep On Loving You
Slow Dancing
If Tomorrow Never Comes
If You Don't Know Me By Now
Sometimes When We Touch
The Dance

As I said these are only a few...where does one start...there is no end, I'm sure!

I had to complete and 'publish' this post quickly as a friend of mine arrived, unannounced. Ordering him (nicely) to grab a bottle of white out of the fridge until I finished what I had to do...I then opened a bottle of red for myself, hastily put together a platter of cheese, salami, olives and crackers and then sat down to join him around the dining table. At first, I was not in the mood to see anyone, let alone have a wine, but it was quite amazing how rapidly those two bottles evaporated!

Unexpected fun....


  1. Wow you are an incredible writer. Love your stuff.

  2. Thank you, Shelly and welcome to my blog...my door is always open, feel welcome to pop in any time you feel that way inclined. :)

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  4. If it's any consolation, I'm not sure mem understand men either.

  5. I believe that, Lee...I really do. I think men are afraid...afraid to let themselves be seen to be sensitive and caring, when they have no reason whatsoever to feel that way.

    How easier life would be for men and women...men and women together, if they allowed themselves to be open. Fear, in whatever form, is a terrible affliction.

  6. Those thoughts come directly from Venus Lee and carry no weight on Mars... good song choices though.

  7. Hahahaha...of course they do, Peter...for the planet of thought, emotion, feelings, loving and the verbalisation thereof...from the great planet of women! From a place where fear of expressing one's self is unheard of! :)

  8. I wouldn't worry about us men. We're just not that deep. I'm glad you had some fun.
    See you this weekend, I'm out of town on business for few days.

  9. I can think of nothing more 'manly' than a man who isn't afraid of expressing his feelings, his love for his lady, defying all male taboos by doing just that. I admire a man who openly admires his lady and doesn't care who notices his admiration....I fear that I may be that type of man and it got me in trouble the last time because she (the Ex)was not a romantic like I. I fear sometimes I was born in the wrong era. I don't feel it a tabboo...I think it should be the norm. An expression of love and feeling should be a frequent pastime of both :) Good Post Lee

  10. I think I must have been born in the wrong era, too, Scorpy.

    I don't understand why some have to be so blase' about feelings/emotions. Why it is so difficult for them. Do they see it as a weakness? I don't think it's a weakness. To me, it's a strength.

    Don't work too hard, Cliff...see you when you get back. Safe trip.

  11. I must admit that I like a man to express his feelings and who is not afraid to show his feelings for his lady. To me, that is more manly than all the macho posturing that goes on. (I think that is why I have been on my own for so long...no tolerance for machoism).

    Good song choices, and I can add the whole soundtrack from "A Star is Born"...the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson version...oh boy, that brings back rather lovely memories.

  12. PS: I'm glad you had an enjoyable time with your unexpected visitor. You deserve it.

  13. Robyn... I loved "A Star Is Born" I've always been a fan of Kris!! Ummmmmmmmm and what a poet that man is. He has written some great music. I loved that adobe house they had in the movie...I adored that house. I must see if I can find that movie again at the video store. I did have the soundtrack at one stage...it was a great soundtrack...I agree.

    I can't stand 'posturing' in anyone, to be honest. I guess because of my expectations is the reason I've been alone for so long, too...but that is the way it will stay...I will not accept second best just for the sake of having someone in my bed or by side.

  14. Reading the comments, I thought you were talking to yourself there for a while, Lee!

    Holly, Daughter's dog is very possessive of me. She doesn't like Harvey geting a look in. And she loves to sleep under my desk. Which usually means that I am sitting in my chair inches away from the desk and stretching over because I don't want to disturb her!

  15. It gets a bit confusing with two "Lee's" doesn't it, Liz? There is a slight difference in our appearances though...that's the give-away!

    Holly's a fine looking dog, Liz...I really do have a soft spot for the English Setter as I've mentioned to you previously. They have a wonderful disposition.

  16. Hi, Lee. Unexpected fun is always the best!
    Talking of songs, before I forget, "Always on My Mind" is one of my favourites. When I hear that line, "Little things I should have said and done" I think of my mum. And talking of her, like many women when they think of their mothers, "Wind Beneath my Wings" also does it.. With regard to men, "Sometimes when we Touch" is my all-time most sensual song..., That line, "The honesty's too much"... I must stop!
    Lee, I can understand how emotional the writing of the "G" story must have been for you, and how upsetting it must have been to remember it all. You must feel drained. I hope writing it has helped you , though, and I know that we, your readers, appreciate it very much. No one else writes like you and I mean that in the most positive way. Hope you are feeling calmer and happier now, whatever time it is over there. Auguri.

  17. Thank you, Welsh. I do appreciate what you have written regarding "The Good, the Bad, And the Ugly". It was a little like a spring-clean of the attic of my mind.

    Song lyrics can leave such an impression upon one. I'm an incurable romantic, I know...and so many do affect me. I don't if any knows of Katy Meleua but she sings a most beautiful song, "The Closest Thing To Crazy"...I melt every time I hear it. I bought the CD especially just for that one song.
    The Amazing Rhythm Aces's "Dancing with the One You Love" and "A Heart To Come Home To" and another two of many that really get to me. I admit...I'm a big softie when it comes to heartfelt, beautiful words.

  18. Hi Lee... you've been busy... I popped in to say a quick hello and see what you were up to - I'll be back, I want time to read this all properly ::smiles::

  19. Your mind wasn't blank after all, Lee. You had a LOT to say. Love your list of songs. And dang, you had wine. And ... unexpected fun. The unexpected is always the best, I think. I do love surprises.

  20. Look forward to your return visit, Della...it's always good to 'see' you. :)

    I agree, Serena Joy...spontaneous is the best usually, particularly when enjoyed with a wine or three!

  21. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Why men should be afraid of showing their feelings is beyond me. They should be proud to let others know just how they feel about their wife / partner / girlfriend. And also, vice versa.

    As for the music; great selection. Shirl and I have a special place in our hearts for "I'll Always Be Right There" by Brian Adams and we had it as the main piece of music at our wedding.

    Listening to the words of that song just tells it all.

    Lovely post again, Lee. I'll be calling by again soon.

  22. Beats me, too, Pete...thanks for popping by. It's wonderful to have a song/s that you both can share. :)